Think about this. Why is it hate speech? Simply because you hate it?

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These days we hear a lot about hate speech and some countries have gotten more tyrannical about policing it than others. What is it? It isn't really anything that existed a decade ago even if we consider some of the darker times in history. It is a label that seems to have been created to justify stripping the rights of people and controlling speech. The thing is. Who gets to decide? That is one of the big reasons we have the 1st amendment in the United States. That one simple question.

Who gets to decide?

As soon as you pick such a centralized power that gets to decide then their opinion becomes law.

How much power do you give them?

They accuse you of hate speech. What did you say? Can you identify it so you know what not to say in the future?

These days you likely didn't advocate for genocide, murder, or even violence. You most likely didn't use the word hate anywhere in what you said.

Where is the hate?

How can this be hate speech and thus you can learn how to avoid it so you are not punished?

I think people eventually realize that hate speech is anything that those have been given the power to define it don't want to hear.

Do you disagree with them on something?

They likely will find a way to label it as hate speech or use some new repurposed label to justify why you cannot speak of it.

If the person you disagree with happens to be of some group of people they have arbitrarily decided is "protected" then you will be accused of racism, or some other form of bigotry for your disagreement and that is why it is "hate speech". Yet that means you are not allowed to disagree. If an individual in a "protected" group is wrong, and perhaps even dangerously so you cannot challenge what they are saying because doing so is "hate speech".

The truth of the matter is that hate speech is not really a thing. Short of saying "I hate X" there is not truly anything that qualifies.

In the case of saying what is hated. Do you know who the people I hear telling everyone about all the things they hate actually are? The people pushing the "hate speech" label.

Example: "They shouldn't be able to say that. It is hate speech. I hate people like that."

If we actually look at hate. Where is it?

It isn't in the speech.

It is in the minds of the would be censors.

It is in the minds of those that think they have the right to be our rulers and dictators.

It is also in the minds of those that are just following the "in thing" and running with the herd to "fit in" because that is what the propaganda has told them they should do.

In reality, if these people truly wanted to eliminate hate we would see a massive amount of suicides all over the planet.

I don't want that.

Do you want to know why?

I don't hate them. I just want them to truly think for themselves and think about the things they are pushing. Think long term, not just about how it emotionally feels.

When all of this began I asked myself who I myself hate.

I only found one group of people. They are also not part of any "protected" class.

The only people I personally hate are those who have agreed they were wrong about something, and acknowledged the truth somewhere and then they keep pushing the same thing they already admitted was wrong. I call these people the willfully ignorant. They know the truth and have admitted it but they still push what is wrong. This is called a lie. A lie requires intent. The willfully ignorant have that in abundance.

Those people have shown they are willing to push lies and people that don't know better will likely hear the lies, think it is truth, and shape their life with that information. This is mental poison. I do hate such people because they are intentionally harming and manipulating the minds of others.

That's it. That is literally the only thing I can think of that I personally hate.

Everything else that I might dislike I know given time and opportunity there may be a chance to change it. There are a lot of things I dislike. Those things are not at all like the poison that is the willful ignorant.

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Indeed, labeling somethingh as "hate speech" means they just disagree.

And they increasingly pass laws designed to imprison, fine, etc. people they disagree with.

We are entering back into a "right" feeding frenzy while exiting the left's feeding frenzy, mass formatting, call it formation if you want, call it so called "winning" because the losses in the midterms wasn't enough, they were intentional losses but those perpetrating the mass formations knew the slim winning in the midterms wasn't going to be enough winning to keep the right from getting aggressively angery so they have to pacify them with something else so they bring out the old tape (that trump supporter being pulled away from the police after being beaten to death is not new), bring Elon Musk aboard creating the "twitter" files to distract them from the severity of the losses that were intentional.
No one wants to admit it who are deeply engaged in their perspective group formation that they are all working in unison to transform government as we know it. They've been working together (which, they just announced as having decided to do a few days ago) for the last two years in NY setting up the new government that will be deployed regardless of who wins the next presidential election. Logic fails many of them but you don't spend two years, go through all that expense, interviewing for government jobs, also coming together on who'll get vetted in positions that need vetted, all these people coming in and out of front and back doors in NY setting up this "America first" initiative not knowing if you stand a chance in hell of being re-elected in the first place. It's going to be the coup of coup's against the government. You don't plan to seat a whole new government into place on what is being described as day one if you have no idea what so ever you'll win....the only logical conclusion to that is it doesn't matter who is going to win, it's going to happen regardless. Go read my op I did a week or so ago, titled Giving Them What They Want, that's how they are doing it, pitting each side up against each other in moments of giveth and taketh. It's lengthy but insightful, good food for thought.

I do think a lot of what you are saying is likely. However, I also know we tend to try to simplify things as human beings no matter how complicated the situation is. I do not think ALL of these people are working together, colluding together, and planning together. I instead there are a lot of self interested people who covet power that happen to be often heading in the same direction because that is the direction to increase power. There definitely is a lot of overlap. Some of them are also obviously colluding and working together. I see it as highly unlikely that all or even close to all of them are working in concert. Thus, every time someone does something that is out of the norm my immediate knee jerk reaction is not to think they are controlled opposition. Could they be, yes. I simply don't assume by default that they are. I watch. I may have a sliver of hope. I remain vigilant.

If this was just about energy, the budget, national security I'd tend to agree. With those within the pubic political sector I think the vast majority are working in conjunction with what's going on. The high rates of exits prior to the midterms of those choosing not to run again, to me, speaks volumes to the kind of pressures that are coming down from somewhere. Those are probably the people we wanted to keep regardless of what side the political alignment. The vaccines injuries and deaths should be the top talking point, the top of the agenda list and the fact that it isn't speaks volumes in their collusion, there's like half a dozen of them that have been vocal about it but it's been crickets from the rest. When people are dying in the numbers that they are, when young people are dropping dead and yet the vast majority aren't even blinking an eye there's something terribly wrong with that.

When people are dying in the numbers that they are, when young people are dropping dead and yet the vast majority aren't even blinking an eye there's something terribly wrong with that.

This is true. You can put most of that up to what I said if you consider people are not particularly honorable or brave these days compared to what they were in the past. That is not a culturally important anymore. I think most people get that fix for thinking they are brave from living vicariously through movies of videogames. In reality, they are cowards.

Fear of those they likely know are perpetrating these acts. Speak up and they know what these bad guys can do to them.

I think there is some collusion but just because so many horrific things are being gotten away with doesn't mean they all are colluding together.

Keep in mind 6 corporations (may be less now) control most of the media that is traditionally consumed by people. If you want to say those 6 and those that direct them are in collusion I'd say you are likely 99% correct. (I'd do 100 but I tend to avoid absolutes if there is even a small chance of an exception).

As to many other people. They could be on a rail of their life and not want to acknowledge anything that would make them have to do more work and disrupt their routine.

There are many ways it can look like they are colluding without them actually doing so. Apathy is a bitch.