Did The Whole Point of Nuclear Weapons Backfire? Are we too dependant on countries like Russian and China?

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I can't remember a time when the threat of nuclear warfare was threatened on other countries so frivolously as we have seen with President Putin lately during the war with Ukraine. It is always unnerving, to say the least, to hear any threats of nuclear war because as we all know very well it can lead to the most terrible long term destruction and consequences imaginable. Not only do we have to deal with an initial strike, but also an escalation and retaliation that would kill and harm countless millions of people. I think it's safe to say that this would spell the end of the world as we know it and for a very long time.

Nuclear weapons are supposed to be the ultimate deterrent, and should only be used in the most serious of situations, if at all. That is why this world has not used them despite all conflicts that we have seen since the bombs that dropped on Japan during world war II in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now today, some 80 years later we are faced with the threat of nuclear warfare and for no good reasons at all other than as a bullying tactic and overt threat. Personally speaking I don’t think it will ever come to pass, and even if Putin gave the order to strike i don’t believe his army would pull the trigger, but this is not the point.

The point is that the threat is so severe that it has allowed a country to go ahead and cause untold destruction and harm to countless thousands and even millions of people who are totally innocent and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The threat of nuclear was is so severe that no one dare to oppose the actions of Putin and his army.

I have to ask, if we did not have weapons of mass destruction how the response of NATO and other countries would be? Would we have stopped this aggression? Would the UK, USA and others have stepped in long ago and halted this unprovoked and terrible war? How different would things have panned out if nuclear weapons simply did not exist, or if we had given then up?

I believe that this war will change many things in the coming years. I believe we have a lot of lessons to learn from this entire situation. The dependence on the world on Russian oil and gas has also prevented any serious retaliations by many countries who would shoot themselves in the foot if they took serious actions against it. That is another part of this story that i hope will lead to great changes in the way the world does business and the reliance of countries with others of dubious integrity. Things can change in a heartbeat, as we have seen, and Russia have most of Europe by both balls as they threaten them with war and by cutting off their supplies. How did we let this happen?

Whatever lessons we learn from this, I hope we learn then fast and take action to change many things about the way we deal and relate to other countries. China is another prime example of a country that is so powerful and so relied upon in so many ways that they could almost literally grind most of us to a halt! China make almost everything for everyone, and all they have to do is stop exporting to us and we wont have much left to buy! That means that if and when China decide to invade somewhere like Taiwan the world will just have to stand back and watch. What can we do? If we do anything to intervene then China can simply wreck the world and do as they please.

It's time for us to wake up and start putting some serious thought toward how we operate this world. The days of free market capitalism have to end, because things have now gotten too centralised and too dangerous for it to continue. We can no longer continue to trade and work with countries in the way that we do. They can at anytime take serious actions that could lead to more wars and harm to anyone they wish and there is simply nothing we can do about. We have to wake up, and our leaders have to start working toward a much more decentralised approach to commerce and trade. We have empowered Russia and China to such an extent that they have become more powerful than ourselves, and no one stopped to think about it. As a wise man once said, "This Shit's Godda Change!"

I hope that this war with Ukraine ends soon. I think within three months we may well see the end of it, and when that happens we can all breathe a great sigh of relief, at least for now. It will only be a matter of time until the same or worse happens, and i hope when that time comes we are much better prepared for it. I believe the time has come for us to accelerate the end of nuclear weapons because they serve no useful purpose anymore, and are in fact destabilising the world. There is no point having these weapons if your enemies have the same weapons and will not hesitate to use them when you do.. leading to the destruction of all. It is a joke really and just another sign that it is high time for us to start making better and wiser choices as our technology gets only better and more advanced. This can be said for bio-warrfare as much as nuclear warfare. Today there are laboratories experimenting with biological weapons that are so incredibly dangerous that if they ever came out of the labs it may well spell the end of life as we know it, for everyone!




Oh, it’s true, destroy nuclear weapons and there would be no war in the Ukraine. Of course you are right, but tell this to North Korea and you’ll see the real problem. Nuclear is the big stick, you can beat anyone up with it.

China fights a very clever economic war, they only threaten Taiwan with anything different. The Chinese approach is extremely clever, we are completely reliant on China for almost everything non-food related.

Russia has the oil and gas, pity the world hasn’t embraced solar and wind power.
Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe (and many other countries), that’s why Russia wants it, they will be able to set their price if they own the country.

It’s all about money. SO SAD
Fabulous analysis

Valid points, reasonably explained, and makes perfect sense... So there is really nothing I could factually criticize about it. On the other hand I have weird, unsubstantiated feeling...

I can't help thinking about a puppet theater, where the protagonist and the antagonist are confronting each other in the little stage window. It may all look very credible, until you start to suspect that both are played by the same puppeteer. But why would they do that? A world that is finally coming to grips with the issue regarding fossil fuel energy and climate change has disastrous consequences for an entire sector of industry (maybe the biggest one). This applies globally across the board, but for countries like Russia, who barely have anything else to export, it's a worse situation still.

Could it be that Putin is in fact acting on behalf of the fossil fuel industry (Russian as well as international companies)? The objective is not be nuclear war, which never benefits anyone, and not even Ukraine, which I don't see Russia being able to take, much less hold. Instead, it is simply to make sure as much oil and gas can be sold, for as much as possible, before the inevitable global shift to renewable energy takes place? At the same time outdated weaponry in both Russia and the West could be used up, fueling the arms industry worldwide? I know, this is just a conspiracy theory, but I think it makes sense, at east somewhat.

mmmm, interesting question! IT is true that despite these 'sanctions', the rise in price of oil and gas have meant that russia are making more money then they were before.. if this was all a ruse to spike the price of it and make loads of money from it then they have played their game like pros..

i dont know if its true of course.. and i do wonder if it makes sense to totally desecrate your global accessibility for this.. or to put it a better way.. if there arent better and smarter ways to make more money .. but hey anythings possible!

Hahaha, that's exactly right: pros they are, pros and cons!

So while this is all just blind speculation at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised if in ten years or so some whistleblower exposed some deep collusion and an actual conspiracy between alleged enemies. At least it would fit perfectly well into the narrative so far.

As far as smarter ways of making more money, (again, this is just my own belief), I would say we could create insane amounts of wealth by getting everyone involved, letting everyone create real wealth, with everyone and for everyone. However, that would also mean losing power and control over the masses, which is something the elites today may not want. In a way they remind me of 19th century aristocrats looking on in disbelief how mere commoners surpassed them in wealth with railroads, steel mills, and such. Their days are numbered and they know it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Alex, it is an interesting topic for sure.

I was at ground zero in Hiroshima not long ago, where they used Uranium-235 which has a half-life of 703.8 million years.

Today Hiroshima is a thriving city.

Did science forget to send them the memo? ;)

wow~! im happy to hear things are so improved today..
not sure id want to have been there 50 years ago :)

There was a reason they took him out.

Today there are laboratories experimenting with biological weapons that are so incredibly dangerous that if they ever came out of the labs it may well spell the end of life as we know it, for everyone!

Well Covid is one of these, isn't it ?

Indeed.. its true.. but there are much much worse ones!

I think the world will be best served by decentralization of power and a desire for increased cooperation between all players. I feel like one of the main reasons the UN and other organizations like it don’t work very effectively is that super powers still exist and they succeed in manipulating them.

The super powers all seem to be falling apart now, but this issue of these weapons makes it so extremely volatile and tricky…like a bunch of psychotic 12 year olds with guns pointed at each other

I wouldn't put anything past Putin. But I truly hope that Putin was bluffing with his threats to use nuclear weapons.