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RE: A Personal Note -- The New Socialism, the Death of Jimi Hendrix, and More

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It's so weird people speak about capitalism and call it socialism. The corporation paradigm is the most powerful structure in the world. Corporations have always mingled with governments and state institutions in order to have more power and manipulate regulations to their advantages. It has always been like that. You say this is a pattern that has arised until recently but maybe y ou do not know history of your own people.

On the other hand, socialism comes from workers movements to defy the ruling capitalist class, the owners of means of production.

So when you say that this traditional corporation power is the new socialism it's so weird because that is exactly what socialists have been denouncing for decades: corporations taking over state institutions, the power of the big capitalists that endangers the whole world, from social, political and environmental issues.

So in part it's great to know that some ignorant libertarians agree with basic socialist ideas. But it is so fucked up that they don't know the basic concepts of what they condemn the most or even that they don't know some basic history.


Apparently you didn't understand the article