Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Nanoparticles Are Transmitted To Unvaccinated

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Big thanks to Ura Soul who shared the following document with the general public:

Read, re-read, and share it with those who still possess functional brain cells.

It's been a while since the general population rushed in to get administered with toxic components of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. Honestly, I've never cared much for the foolish. You may call it sociopathic, but I've had a good time witnessing natural selection at its finest. All of my expectations concerning the possible outcomes of getting jabbed over and over by Mr. Bill Gates & Co. turned out to be correct. Yaaay! Indeed, they've done God's work. Congratulations to everyone involved. I'm okay with them getting jabbed if they want to. Let them practice their inalienable rights, including the one to choose. Sometimes, sheeple tried to persuade me into getting rekt the same way. Usually through weak and nonsensical propaganda: "if you care for us, you'll get jabbed too!" Little do they know that I'm somewhere between "I don't care one iota" and "I couldn't possibly care less." Their doublethink still appalls me. "I'm jabbed, thus, protected, but if you don't get jabbed as well, I'll die." If so, I have bad news for you, "fella": you'll die.

Most sheeple got jabbed to travel and party. Oh, how beautiful is their democracy... You can speak, think, and do what the government allows you. Well, I'm not into partying or traveling, so that didn't bother me much. All that time, I've thought their insanity poses no threat to others. I truly believed sheeple were practicing their God-given rights until one day, sometime around New Year, I found a group of unvaccinated people on Twitter. All of them complained about having symptoms and pathologies identical to the adverse effects of anti-COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Cognitive dissonance kicked in. I instantly rejected their claims under the presumption that they're attention-hungry freaks, willing to spew lies to get someone's attention & sympathy. Oh, how wrong I was... It turned out that vaccine shedding is not a mystery but a thoroughly studied and scientifically proven phenomenon. All vaccines must be tested for excretion. However, according to Mrs. Helene Banoun, these studies have not been done for anti-COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Pfizer's documents disprove that statement. Namely, the protocol for Pfizer (phases I/II/III of anti-COVID-19 mRNA vaccines) mentions the possibility of transmission through inhalation, skin contact, semen, and breast milk. The possibility of an adverse vaccine reaction from these exposures is also mentioned. Pfizer's data also indicates that a breastfeeding mother can transmit mRNA to her baby if:

  • she is vaccinated

  • she came into contact with the vaccinated

  • inhaled nanoparticles

Studies confirm that vaccine mRNA may pass into the mother's milk. Amounts can reach two ng/mL of milk (enough to produce a significant amount of spike). It is also worth knowing that EVs cross the fetomaternal barrier and uterine cells. In other words, the fetus is NOT protected from receiving harmful containments of anti-COVID-19 vaccines. Due to their small size, these extracellular vesicles escape rapid phagocytosis. They transport and deliver RNA into the circulation, thus, crossing the vascular endothelium to target cells.

Note: these EVs can contain viruses!

Here is a quote from the document that all women should remember: a recent review by Melnik and Schmitz confirms that milk EVs survive the extreme conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, are internalized by endocytosis, are bioavailable, reach the bloodstream, and penetrate peripheral tissue cells.

In December 2021, Dr. Ray Sahelian reported cases of unvaccinated people (mainly his colleagues) who had experienced adverse effects of the vaccine after having been in contact with freshly vaccinated patients. Mrs. Helene Banoun's reaction to Dr. Ray Sahelian's testimony did not differ from mine. We both were skeptical of such claims. She gradually changed her mind, thanks to French caregivers, whose testimony was a pivot point. They observed a stroke in a 7-year-old child with no risk factors and whose parents had been freshly vaccinated.

Unfortunately, that is not an isolated case. A careful analysis of the EU, Israeli, and US data confirms that non-vaccinated aging 0-14 whose parents are vaccinated have considerably higher mortality rates than children of the same age whose parents were not vaccinated. The children of vaccinated parents have anti-COVID IgG in their noses and the difference with the children of unvaccinated parents is significant.

The excretion of nanoparticles can be done through exhalation, saliva, sweat, urine, semen, and so forth. Is it possible to use public transport and not touch contaminated surfaces? To make things worse, the anti-COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause increased sweating, as reported in this document. That's proof that masks were just a part of the show and couldn't have prevented a damn thing (excuse me, Saints).

"Inhaling CO2 and bacteria will do you good." said a tyrant, and seven billion sheeple believed him.

I have not found any studies regarding the possibility of LNPs passing into the sperm, but the toxicity of nanoparticles on male reproductive function is well established. - Mrs. Helene Banoun

That doesn't mean there is no evidence. It simply means the public has no access to it. It's confidential. Remember: Pfizer's documents mention the possibility of transmission via semen. Therefore, the transmission may be bidirectional, meaning unvaccinated men should avoid sexual contact with vaccinated women.

According to a confidential Pfizer document obtained through the FOIA concerning pharmacokinetic studies in rats, LNPs concentrate in the ovaries, and to a lesser extent, in the testes. - Mrs. Helene Banoun

Food for thought: exposure to nanoparticles can occur through ingestion, injection, INHALATION, and SKIN CONTACT. What if we've been getting "vaccinated" all along without realizing it? A claim that nano-technology is new and used for the first time on a mass scale during the "COVID" pandemic is preposterous. Why do I say that? Because chem-trailers started releasing nano-sized particles several decades ago. That is a possible way to administer the toxic nanoparticles of anti-COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. All lab tests (of chemtrails) were oriented around aluminum, barium, and strontium. We've found them all (in alarming quantities) but haven't looked for mRNA-vaccine particles.

Here is a quote from this document: mRNA or mRNA enveloped in lipid particles (especially PEG-based as in the anti-COVID mRNA vaccines) can be INHALED in an AEROSOL and transfect lung epithelial cells. (in addition to inhalation, nanoparticles can enter the body through the skin, including hair follicles)

How come environmentally clean countries (i.e., Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, etc.) are record breakers in terms of deaths caused by cancer and so forth? 🤔


Several studies show an excess of mortality in the non-vaccinated right after the beginning of the vaccination campaign, which can be attributed to the phenomenon of "vaccine shedding." EVs carrying mRNA and spikes are excreted by different body fluids. The bottom line is that sheeple just wanted to party and travel. Their desire came with a price tag that the unvaccinated have to pay. I wish all the best to the unvaccinated. May God cleanse you and keep you safe.

Vaccines are used on a large scale on healthy people - Mrs. Helene Banoun


Thanks for the info as I am "un-jabbed"...

Love your content and hopefully you can post more soon. Thank you for your work!!!!

Thank you, Boss! You're one of a kind. 😀

I've heard a lot of this before as well. If indeed it is possible to inhale the particles then the best thing we can do is still the best thing people should be doing anyway which is keep your body as healthy as you can so that it can properly fight off such nanoparticles. The other option...that we are all just "infected" with these nanoparticles...capable of being connected and controlled through electromagnetic an eerie thought.

I'm sure there is a way the body can be cleansed of inhaled and injected nanoparticles. Eventually, we will find a solution. Until then, your advice should be followed: stay as healthy as possible.

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