From Stage 4 Cancer To No Cancer

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This is the story of Mr. Guy Tenenbaum, who was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer in August 2018. The oncologist told him, "It is too late. We can do nothing to help you. You will die in three months, maximum." Even though despaired, Mr. Tenenbaum started a quest to find the solution. The path was full of roadblocks, but Tenenbaum refused to give in. After a while, he stumbled upon simple solutions on PubMed. In his own words, "I don't understand why an oncologist doesn't know that (solutions)." Soon, he realized that (and the conclusion is his) "his oncologist is not interested in solving problems and helping people."

Indeed, Mr. Tenenbaum is right. There are tons of research and documentation confirming cures for cancer do exist (read my article on the health benefits of honey), however, the mainstream media and the pharma industrials are not looking at those. There are protocols medical staff must follow. Some protocols do not allow doctors to get out of the box, which explains why most doctors keep quiet rather than publicly recommend solutions that work. Alternatives are ridiculed and put out of business.

Mr. Tenenbaum's lymph nodes have come down to normal, holes in his ribcage bones have healed, and his PSA is good. In other words, he beat cancer. How did he do it? Mr. Guy started fasting. We are talking about prolonged fasting "on steroids," triggering extreme levels of autophagy (self-eating process). His longest fast was 45 days. Fasting aligns all of our immune system cells to fight off the intruder. One type of ketones generated from fasting is therapeutic, making it impossible for cancer cells to survive. Fasting triggers a self-eating survival mechanism (autophagy). Important: if fasting, don't forget to take Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin D, and electrolytes.

The second thing is a fascinating nutritional protocol documented by a French scientist, Mr. Maurice Israel, a master in biochemistry. An enzyme in the body called "Scot" (Succinyl-CoA:3-ketoacid CoA transferase) feeds cancer cells. Maurice's theory says we can eliminate cancer cells by inhibiting the "Scot." By inhibiting Scot, we prevent cancer from building its membranes. Without firmly established membranes, cancer cannot survive. There is a whole series of natural non-toxic SCOT inhibitors, such as cruciferous vegetables, garlic, and onion.

For more information, please, watch the video and visit the following websites:

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"We are not far away from finding a way to save the people." Guy Tenenbaum


The so-called "Doctors" wants patients to kneel before them and ask for any expensive treatments the doctor can give or recommend. In the end, it's still pharma and money.

We wouldn't complain if the pharmacy offered functional solutions. What they offer is slow and expensive death. People go bankrupt while buying drugs (and still don't recover their health).

Same with EpiPen and other breakthrough treatments ranging from HIV to cancers, etc. It's overpriced. Gambling one's savings to live a second life.

The medical system needs a massive overhaul. It's great that this guy didn't give up and managed to recover. Do your own research!

Once upon a time, doctors were treating the causes of illnesses. Since Rockefeller and Rothschild took over, doctors treat symptoms (unsuccessfully, most of the time). I agree with you. The system is not working. An overhaul is much needed.

There's not as much money to be made with cures when they can sell you treatments and drugs for the rest of your life.