Protests, Police State Crackdowns & Martial Law: What’s Really Going On Here?

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Today - Saturday, June 6 - massive protests continue in cities across the nation for the twelfth day in a row, the protest planned for Saturday night in Washington, DC expected to be the largest one there yet since this wave of protests first began. “More than 43,300 National Guard members are on duty on Saturday in 34 states and D.C to respond to protests, many of which have been peaceful,” CNBC reports. Martial law has finally arrived on American soil in full force.

As always there is a lot of media spin, misinformation, intentionally divisive reporting and muddying of the waters coming out of the corporate media in their coverage of the police killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis PD (officer Chauvin), the ensuing nationwide protests against that murder and the ongoing violent police response to the largely peaceful massive demonstrations nationwide.

So what is really going on?

The media is doing its best to use this story to divide Americans along racial and political lines, as it typically does any opportunity it can. They spin the story as black vs. white or left vs. right, when the real underlying issue is clearly a matter of unchecked systematic police violence and brutality, a matter of the State vs. the People. And of course now that millions of Americans are protesting all around the country in what surely must be the largest nationwide protests since the beginning of the Iraq war, the media must divert attention away from the real issue - the American people peacefully demanding justice and an end to a culture of police brutality, rising up against a totalitarian, tyrannical, violently oppressive police state.

So they’ve painted the killing of George Floyd as a racially motivated crime, a part of white America systematically “hunting” the blacks, as one mainstream media pundit described it, despite there being no evidence this is actually the case (although it is certainly possible). What we know with absolute certainty is that George Floyd is one of approximately 1,200 Americans who will be killed by police this year, that he like so many other nonviolent and unarmed Americans (both black and white) was a victim of the increasingly regular police brutality seen on a daily basis committed by an increasingly violent police force culture. We don’t know if George Floyd as a black man was murdered by a racist white police officer because of the color of his skin, but we do know that as an American he was killed because a state-sanctioned violent gang of badged and uniformed thugs who have a monopoly on force and call themselves the police believe they have more rights than the rest of us who don’t wear badges and uniforms, and enforce that perception with force and violence.

The following police brutality compilation made in 2013 demonstrates how bad this brutally oppressive state of affairs has gotten, and it has only continued to get progressively worse in the years since then.

The savage murder of George Floyd was caught on camera, released immediately and was televised, and soon millions of Americans were marching in the streets demanding justice. At first the killer cop was only fired, as is typically the case when a police killing becomes publicized. It turns out he was a 19-year veteran, and is so typical in such cases, it turns out he had a history of police abuse complaints against him. It was only after several days of protests and riots that charges were pressed, and several more days before the other three cops involved were also all charged with something. This demonstrates the inherent lack of justice and accountability when it comes to police killings. If you or I had suffocated George Loyd to death in the same manner, we would have been charged and thrown in jail immediately, but in the case of the police it was only because of the public attention and specifically the large number of protesters around the country and the fact that some had turned violent, that charges were even pressed. Time will tell if there are any convictions, and if so, how lenient the sentences will be.

As for the protests themselves, they began in Minneapolis and quickly spread to cities all across the country. They began as large crowds of people peacefully protesting, and throughout the week of demonstrations across the country, the vast majority of the protests and protesters have remained peaceful. However violence did break out in the forms of riots, at first in Minneapolis and then in surrounding cities, before eventually dying back down for the most part.

Police around the country have cited this riot violence as the pretext for initiating violence against hundreds and thousands of peaceful protesters, conducting mass arrests, imposing and enforcing city-wide curfews and other tyrannical measures. These isolated riots have also served as the pretext for the imposition of martial law, with Donald Trump calling in military troops to patrol US streets and reign in the protests, and the Minnesota Governor calling up the Minnesota National Guard for the first time ever in the entire history of its existence!

There is, however, abundant evidence that much of the riot violence was seemingly invited by the police, that some of the violence was incited by agent provocateurs, that police and/or other government actors aided and abetted the rioters by leaving entire pallets of bricks on the side of streets in the vicinity of protests, while police have even been caught red handed carrying out the very same violence they claim to be deployed en masse to stop!

The burning down of the Minneapolis PD third precinct was the first major act of violence by rioters, and this was only successfully achieved because the police presence there was completely withdrawn, leaving it as an unguarded open target. Similarly, in the majority of cases of such violence, it appears the police mostly allowed the violence and looting to proceed unhindered, while focusing its efforts instead on crowd-controlling the largely peaceful protestors.

Protesters have on several occasions identified instigators of violence as not one of their own, and in some cases even as police officers. Sometimes protesters have tried to stop those outsiders attempting to incite violence, while others, sometimes even armed protesters, stood in between violent rioters and private property in an attempt to protect civilian cars and private businesses from being vandalized, burned or looted.

Mysterious pallets of bricks have also conveniently appeared on the side of roads only a block or two away from large protests, providing rioters with easy ammunition to break window after window of cars and businesses. These bricks are not magically falling from the sky, just like the bombs and guns used by al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria against the Syrian government do not magically fall from the sky; they had to come from somewhere. They are not appearing next to construction zones. And video footage even shows police officers unloading just such a stack of bricks from the back of their truck in an ally near a protest, leading many to wonder if it is the police themselves who are anonymously supplying the bricks as a means of encouraging and inviting further violence and rioting.

As even a Rolling Stone article points out:

The underlying concerns about cops infiltrating protests and encouraging violence to justify force are certainly not without merit. In cities across the country, protesters have reported that actions have been largely peaceful until officials escalated violence with tear gas or rubber bullets.

Then, when the police go marching through the streets in response to the violence they may well have played a part in stoking, they themselves carry out the very same violent criminal acts as the violent rioters they claim to be dispatched to clear the streets of - smashing in civilian car windows as they march past. One clear instance of riot police smashing in car windows can be seen in the video below, along with much additional discussion and footage documenting the police role played in these violent riots.

World Alternative Media coverage of police potentially planting bricks:

Whether or not the government is the primary instigator of these isolated violent riots, what cannot be denied is that the police are carrying out some of the very same acts of violence against private property as the rioters which they claim to be deploying en masse in response to. It’s just one violent gang pitted against another, out to protect their monopoly on force, and for the most part they aren’t out fighting the rioters but the peaceful protesters!

Despite the rioters, the large majority of the protests and millions of protesters around the nation have remained nonviolent, however, and yet the police response appears to be directed largely towards these throngs of peaceful demonstrators and innocent bystanders rather than the minority of those carrying out acts of violence. The police response to the mass protests has been so brutal, and the police so often being the ones initiating force against peaceful protesters and inciting the violence, that even the mainstream media outlets have not been able to ignore this reality.

Even mainstream reporters have been caught amongst the crowds in the indiscriminate police onslaught, some struck with projectiles and others hit with tear gas. One reporter walking down the street sees a police officer smash out a random car window and films the cop then pepper spraying the occupants, violently removing the female passenger before tasering the male driver and then attempting to forcibly remove and arrest him as well. A police horse can be seen trampling a woman among a crowd of peaceful protesters. Police cars are even used to ram protesters at times, while in other cases officers begin randomly and violently snatching protesters in an attempt to arrest them, sometimes successfully and sometimes thwarted by onlookers. Cops have also been repeatedly filmed beating protesters repeatedly with their batons. Compilation of police violence and brutality during the protests through May 30 can be seen below, while the protests and violent police crackdowns continue...

Time and time again the police are caught using the full force of their department to violently shut down peaceful protesters, supposedly in response to the isolated pockets of violence. In almost every city where protests are taking place, the police are indiscriminately firing teargas into crowds of protesters attempting to get them to disperse.

In Portland, Oregon, police began indiscriminately firing tear gas into the streets filled with moving traffic below, supposedly in response to a few projectiles thrown at officers earlier, thought by protesters to be nothing but water bottles.

In Chicago, police broke into private vehicles and violently assaulted two different parties at the same mall on the same day on Sunday afternoon, claiming the occupants were suspected of looting; one family had simply showed up to purchase some food, and the second victim was driving by and had stopped to observe the commotion of the first incident.

First, about a dozen police officers surrounded one vehicle, smashed out the windows and violently arrested one of the occupants, leaving the others behind.


In the second incident, the police smashed out the back window of the vehicle and beat the occupant with a baton.


The victims in both cases were black women not involved in any violence, and were not even protesting at the time, but were rather innocent victims of the Chicago PD’s supposed crackdown on violent rioters.

Military troops marching through the streets have even opened fire on people entirely uninvolved with any of the protests, simply for standing on their front porches past curfew, as a means to enforce the curfew and force them into their home.

In Washington, DC, a military chopper was even used to disperse a crowd of protesters, and now armored military vehicles manned with turrets are being deployed there.


At a large protest in Houston, Texas on June 2, the police boxed in peaceful protesters and began snatching people out of the crowds, arresting as many as they could - about 50 at least - supposedly for ‘unlawful’ behavior, but their only crime was exercising their first amendment right to free speech, to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Independent journalist Derek Broze documented this police state insanity which can be seen above, and as a clearly marked member of the press was nonetheless also eventually himself arrested and held overnight in jail. He was cited with impeding a public road, though he hadn’t even been standing on the road!

After little over a week of a popular American uprising, the police have already arrested a total of over 11,000 Americans - more than the Chinese government arrested during an entire year of a similar popular Hong Kong uprising that has been repeatedly condemned by the US as a brutal communist police state response to concerned oppressed citizens! Seventeen Americans have also already been killed by police as a result of the violent police response to these ongoing protests.

This violent police response predominantly directed towards peaceful protesters seems to be aimed at shutting down all peaceful protest across the country rather than simply stopping the now almost nonexistent riot violence, taking away the people’s right to peaceably assemble. The imposition of city-wide curfews, police lockdowns, the use of military troops imposing martial law alongside oppressive police state tactics used by local police forces including repetitive initiation of force against peaceful protesters, and use of indiscriminate violence against peaceful crowds of Americans to shutdown these peaceful protests is all quite telling. This is exactly what the rise of a totalitarian military police state looks like. This is what the march to tyranny looks like. This is what the death of freedom looks like.

In the end of it all, history will show as it always has, that it is the state which is the single largest and primary purveyor of violence and initiator of force on planet earth, using any violence perpetrated by others (even if it is instigated or incited by themselves) as just one more excuse to further expand their own violent reign of terror.

Welcome to the American Police State, where the true reality is not black vs. white or left vs. right, but the State vs. the People. The only question left is, who will ultimately prevail? The predominately peaceful masses, or the violent enforcement arm of the NWO which has a monopoly on force, that tiny minority of people we call the police who think they have more rights than everyone else just because they wear a badge and a costume and work for the state?


What happened with this

No doubt there are cops who abuse their power, but when the riots start in my neighborhood they be using that power to fight the looters. The type of looting police do is "legal" methods during peacetime.