Vaccine Worship, Propaganda Campaign to Overcome ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ & Experts Confirm AstraZeneca Blood Clot Link

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Norwegian experts confirm link between vaccine & blood clots, as it is deemed 100% safe & effective by the establishment, and multimillion dollar US ad campaign push to win over vaccine skeptics prepares to kick off as part of global effort to overcome ‘vaccine hesitancy’ and other related News, including free doughnuts for taking the jab and big time evangelists pushing the vaccine on Christians.

We are being told to blindly trust in the rushed, unapproved, experimental mRNA injections being marketed by proven career criminals with massive profit motive, to put our faith in corrupt career criminals & liars, ignore all the evidence of serious adverse effects coming out, shut off our brains and blindly believe the authorities, and just bow down at the alter of the almighty god & savior of the new world religion, the mighty Jab. There’s countless reasons to question the ‘vaccine’ narrative, and I for one am not falling for the establishment propaganda and mainstream lies about corrupt criminal profiteers caring about us, and this video I share just a few of these reasons as I go through some of the latest vaccine news and fakestream propaganda.

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