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RE: Controlling Consciousness

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well done. I have been noticing how politics of left is becoming more polarized as well as the right.

both sides can't even fathom how the other believes what they believe.

by traversing both sides I've found much about both sides to loathe and see no chance either will work towards the good of the people.

and both sides 'censor' horribly to avoid any sort of free thought that might go against the grain.

we have no choice in america, and perhaps none in all the world of politics as both sides are played by the same force.

every year I get the undeniable impression who the winner is, and that it could only be that.

while they continue to take freedom from those that are willing to give it.. for protection from demons created by our leaders.

maybe this time people will snap and wake up. but they are ooo so careful to avoid that.

woke vs theGreatAwakening .. both sides think theirs is the answer to 'save the world'

the real answer is we must save ourselves.

each of us must take responsibility for cultivating our minds to be free.


The far political spectrums are imbalanced indeed, but even the regular ones are imbalanced. The original Liberal in the US was more on the right in philosophy, but the party was shifted or hijacked and the Republican party into being to uphold the abandoned principles. But it's all pretty much bullshit now :P

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