New CDC Report Destroys Scamdemic: COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate of 0.26% (Like the Flu)

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This is crucial to shattering the scamdemic. The CDC has published a report which themselves confirms previous analyses of a realistic infection fatality rate (IFR).

The latest data compiled by Dr. John Ioannidis showed an IFR of 0.02% to 0.40%:

Results : Twelve studies were identified with usable data to enter into calculations. Seroprevalence estimates ranged from 0.113% to 25.9% and adjusted seroprevalence estimates ranged from 0.309% to 33%. Infection fatality rates ranged from 0.03% to 0.50% and corrected values ranged from 0.02% to 0.40%

Lo and behold! The CDC finally comes to the same conclusion for the range of the IFR! The CDC now concludes that the Symptomatic Case Fatality Ratio (sCFR) is between 0.2% and 0.4%. The current percentage of COVID-19 infections (PoI) in the US between 20% and 35% respectively for two ranges of scenarios they did calculations for (Scenario 1 and 5).


A tweeter calculated the infected case fatality rate (iCFR = IFR) from the sCFR and the PoI above.

The Infection Fatality Rate from the CDC numbers is 0.26%.

The eminent authority on infectious diseases confirms that this is not a real pandemic. It's a scamdemic, through and through! Why? Because it's not even worse than the high-end of the flu which has an IFR of between 0.1% to 0.3%. The CDC still calls this a pandemic though. Yet, the flu NEVER was a pandemic. It's bullshit. At least we can be thankful that they actually put out this report.

In addition, knowing that the death counts are inflated/bloated drives the IFR down even more. Will we ever know what the real death counts are? Probably not, since no autopsies are being done to confirm the death, nor are tests done to even confirm an infection.

But at some point they may revise the number based on a percentage estimate to correct for the blatant deception that they "died from/by/of COVID-19" when it was only assumed they "died with COVID-19", or didn't even have it at all.

I know someone who's grandmother had dementia and died of dehydration due to neglect of care. That's a death from neglect, someone wasn't doing their job to even keep someone alive. But, the death certificate said that it was a "COVID-19 death". This is happening all over the world. The death counts are bullshit.

If we end up saying that only 50% of "COVID-19 deaths" are actually from COVID-19, then that makes the IFR drop to between 0.1% and 0.2%.

If we look at nursing homes, they are the most vulnerable areas. Nursing homes accounted for for 1/3 (33%) of all US COVID-19 deaths. In some places it was 50% of deaths from nursing homes. To apply this to the non-nursing home population, an IFR would again be lower as only 66% of the current death count would remain.

In 6 US states where the governments purposely didn't protect the elderly most at risk by forcing nursing homes to take COVID-19 infected, you find the majority of all US deaths. These 3 states, NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA and MI, account for only 18% of the US population, but have 62% of the total US alleged COVID-19 deaths.

In Spain, which is probably the hardest hit country of alleged COVID-19 deaths, the average IFR for those below 60 is 0.036%. There is a risk of dying every year, and COVID is another illness that can increase that risk. Only the oldest people in society are the most at risk. The government policy to respond to COVID-19 with draconian measures has been disproportional to the risks of the majority of the population.

In Canada, four infectious disease doctors estimated the risk of dying from COVID-19 for those under 65, is about 0.06%, "roughly equivalent to the risk of dying from a motor vehicle accident during the same time period."

Where's the media on the CDC report? Nowhere. This can destroy the false information that was used to justify a hyper-fear response for some alleged terrible pandemic. But, you won't find this being repeated on the news, nor other sources about the realistic fatality rates of COVID-19 being like the flu. It goes against the narrative for control they rolled out, and are continuing to roll out to lock us into a tyrannical future.

It's time to end this deception. People are living in an unreality created from falsity, if not an outright lie pervaded by some who know it's untrue. It's about time we get back to reality. Time to wake up and end the scamdemic! Get off the corona-phobia scamdemic bandwagon.



All true about the purportedly false and blown up figures which are now coming down to almost real numbers.

later I'll add some local figures to underline your claim that the same approach was in use all over the world.

Yeah, it's atrocious that they even admit it and no one even knows about it, the media doesn't think it matters... it's a joke, we're the joke...

The devil will be in the detail when the fat lady sings.

From the outset I said the way they are handling this looks more an economical (politically motivated) reset to world finance. Break system, to fix it later, making rich even more affluent.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I will most probably never live to see the truth on this one, this smacked of Y2K type BS when it started to evolve.

Yup, it's a huge transfer of wealth. The push for surveillance and control of society is bigger than 9/11. This is the biggest con on humanity since government.

The rate at which false reports regarding the numbers of Covid patient in most countries is alarming and their actions is usually been traced to greed

Yes, it's tragic and people die all the time, but to attribute COVID to the death when it isn't or hasn't been determined is a manipulation for an agenda.

Exactly I hope we learn to actually value life and not really enrich our pockets

Great Post, it inspired me to create this image

Yes, fire is warm, vaccines are all totally safe, feel safe by the fire... :P

The flu has a vaccine. It doesn't. That's the big issue. The old powerful guys can protect themselves against flu by taking vaccines but they can't with the corona. Hence they are scared.

One of the flu vaccines has a documented death rate of 0.5% for those over 65 in studies. That's more then COVID with the inflated numbers...

I have never had a flu vaccine in my life of over 50 years, they are bogus and unnecessary. I get a flu twice in 10 years for a few days and that's it. Vaccines are nonsense.

The point is, the old guys running the governments are scared. Boris Johnson changed his tone about the virus after it sent him to the ICU. They are scared of their own lives and that is driving them to choose the current policies.

I wish we had a transparent government where we knew what was really going on. But that is a pipe dream, as it is probably on a need to know basis.

Hahaha lol. I don't blame you. Who knows what's actually going on among the decision makers.

Wow, imagine knowing you got in a fist fight over toilet paper and then you see the CDC say this.

Hehe, I buy TP in bulk all the time, I had lots left when this madness started.


While this may be true, there are still too many unknowns at this point to take this thing lightly. Once we have empirical evidence of things like these, people will start things a little more easy.

A CDC analysis of NYC shows a mortality rate of 1.4%

I don't believe the US numbers are accurate. I think there are incentives to classify every death possible as being a COVID-19 death.

There are indeed

Fatality rate will vary, we'll never get a real number after a few years of studying the virus... Even so, its not like the flu, at least yet... There are vaccines and very effective proven treatment for the flu, its a disease we know well, there is no vaccine or treatment for covid-19, that's the big difference...

The death rate is "like the flu". The virus or whatever it is differs in many ways indeed. Vaccines for the flu cause injuries, even deaths. You can look at the DOJ report on vaccine einjuries for 2018 and you will see deaths from the flu vaccine confirmed by them. There is also a study for one type of flu vaccine, fluzone, where deaths occured at 0.5% of elderly above 65 with pre-existing conditions.


But people keep believing flu shots are safe, no issues. Right. COVID-19 and flu shots... which one do you want to take your chances with?

Dude, that data does not provide evidence for a causal relationship between deaths and vaccination with fluzone, its written right there... If i get vaccinated and then i die in plain crash, does it means the vaccine killed me?, you get my point right?, you cant conclude that vaccines are dangerous from that kind of data...

Dude, are you ok?, are you having problems in your life?

I have given you information with the links, you haven't check anything, or given any other information or argument to prove im wrong... You are just angry because i debunked your conspiracy theory... The only thing you left to do is to tell insults to me... In any case, i hope you get well, i dont blame you, i know you are suffering from some kind of illness, really sorry for you...

Hope all is ok at home dear baah... Here is some info you may need:
Vaccine for the flu:

Treatment for the flu:

Hope you get well!

Thats an opinion article, not a proper study or paper... Someone's opinion on a random website is just that, again, that's not evidence... Sorry mate, good luck next time, you made a good try tough... Keep trying! 😋😋😍

Vaccines for flu are something I have never taken in my entire lifetime of over 50 years. Vaccines are a bogus requirement. I have had one little flu in the past 5 years. What a joke. That's the real difference.

Your particular anecdote doesn't count as proof or evidence of anything...

My anecdote is myself, I am proof that I don't need a vaccine. In my world I am proof enough to myself. Though it may be different for others. But I would recommend avoiding vaccines, based on my personal experience, as they are apparently lowering the natural immune system capabilities.

Thats not scientific at all, personal experience is subjective...

Particular anecdote doesn't count as proof or evidence for anything 😍... Thats a fact, im pretty well my friend, thanks for your concern, hope you get well soon too... 💋

Baah hahaha what can I say... there are so many diverging opinions, perhaps because thee are so many different individuals and requirements. Ideally a vaccine should be voluntary if anything.

And some people are still too scared to even believe you when you tell them. The propaganda machine scared the life out of some folks I see. The con is bigger than 9/11 for sure. What a scam.