THE WAR: History of Fascism [eng/срп] РАТ: Историја фашизма

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Source: RT Documentary

This time I will not bother you with long text. There is a documentary movie you should see…

It is an excellent documentary movie titled “Fascism: A History” showing that fascism existed before and after Hitler. Nazi Germany was only one form of its manifestation. A historical overview of this vicious ideology not only explains its roots, but also helps to view contemporary events in a completely different light:

Овог пута нећу вас гњавити дугим текстовима. Пред вама је документарац који треба да погледате…

У питању је одличан документарни филм под називом „Фашизам: Историја“ који показује да је фашизам постојао и пре и после Хитлера. Нацистичка Немачка била је само један од видова његовог испољавања. Историјски преглед ове злокобне идеологије не објашњава само њене корене, већ помаже да се савремени догађаји сагледају у сасвим другом светлу:

Fascism: A History at Odysee (Full Movie) Duration / Трајање: 55:04 (енглески)


Fascism: A History at RTD (Full Movie) Duration / Трајање: 55:04 (енглески)


00:00 - Intro
01:38 - The resolution against the glorification of Nazism will never be approved
03:14 - Colonialism caused ruined lives, slavery and exploitation
05:15 - The genocide of Native Americans has been going on for centuries
07:25 - Fascism is not only about the Third Reich
09:11 - US industry gave the Wehrmacht support
11:55 - In March 1939, the Soviet Union proposed an anti-Fascist alliance
14:46 - The plan was to destroy the Soviet Union
17:33 - A resolution stated Germany and the USSR started WWII
22:55 - Churchill proposes Operation Unthinkable
25:45 - The allies need the Red Army in the Far East
28:39 - Operation Dropshot was scheduled for January 1, 1957
31:31 - After the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia was vulnerable
35:12 - Operation Allied Force in Serbia has been called a genocide
37:55 - People got cancer due to exposure to depleted uranium
41:17 - The USA is surrounding Russia with ‘a belt of hostile nations’
43:57 - Bringing order and democracy is the justification of modern wars
46:11 - Almost no one covered the situation in Ukraine
48:55 - America’s politicians deem America exceptional
50:12 - New colonialism is about destroying societies
53:40 - People don’t want war, but war is business
54:32 - People should learn from history, but they don’t

Fascist platform Google/YouTube have removed this documentary
Фашистичка платформа Гугл/ЈуТјуб уклонила је овај видео

There are disturbing scenes in the movie, watching of this movie is a stressful experience. But also necessary.

I’m sorry I don’t have a Serbian translation. If he shows up, I’ll post him anyway.

У филму има узнемирујућих сцена, гледање овог филма несумњиво је стресно искуство. Али и неопходно.

Жао ми је што немам српски превод. Ако се буде појавио, поставићу га свакако.

Please never forget that Julian Assange was the first to expose global criminals /
Не заборавите да је Џулијан Асанж први разоткрио глобалнe злочинце

* * *

THE WAR — step by step:

ХИБРИДНИ РАТ: Манипулација страхом (Serbian)

HYBRID WAR: Manipulation with Fear

Невидљиви рат (Serbian)

Revenge of the Empires or the Decentralized World

The Roots [eng/срп] Корени

AI Against Humanity

Creating a Fake Reality

Hypocrisy as a Prelude to a Hot War

USA: Falling Apart…

An American Gulag

THE WAR: Financing Terrorists [eng/срп] РАТ: Финансирање терориста

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THE WAR: ‘Nuclear’ Option in a Trade War

THE WAR: Terrorism as a Tool II

THE WAR: How Corporate Media Hides the Truth

THE WAR: Terrorism as a Tool

THE WAR: Iran Crisis Q&A

THE WAR: United Corporations of America vs. Iran

THE WAR: Provoking a Great War

THE WAR: OPCW or Destruction of the International Law

THE WAR: Wrong Learned Lessons

THE WAR: Use of Sports in a Hybrid War

THE WAR: China Defends Sovereignty

TRADE WAR: Burning Down the Planet

THE WAR: Monkey Wrench Out of the U.S. Policy

TRADE WAR: The Law of Unintended Consequences

THE WAR: Cyber War

THE WAR: The Final Step — Attacking Iran

THE WAR: The Glory of the American Experiment

THE WAR: Nuclear Tripwire

THE WAR: India and Pakistan Adds to the Rising Chaos

THE WAR: Expansion


THE WAR: The Thucydides Trap

THE WAR: Defining the Battlefield

Eisenhower's military industrial complex speech

THE WAR: Corporate Media Wants Blood!

THE WAR: Peace is Not Good for Business!

THE WAR: Deadly Corporate Media Blindness!

THE WAR: Holding World a Hostage!

THE WAR: US vs China — Raising the Stakes!

THE WAR: US vs China — Trade War Retaliation!

THE WAR: US vs China — A Chances of HOT War!

THE WAR: US vs China — Trade War!


Empire of Everlasting War

* * *

Sport is Politics:

Football Leaks Affair

Novak Djokovic’s Blood Money

WORLD CUP: Sport IS Politics

Doping in Sports — Hiding the Truth Much Worse Than Doping Itself!

The Last Revolution (Part 5)

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The Great Olympic Swindle

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