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RE: Systemic Racism

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victim ment.gif

When you look at the world through the filter of victim hood, everyone else is a victim to...
Victim mentality encourages cowardice, not courage.
Victim mentality promotes infantilism, not maturity.
Victim mentality is self perpetuating , and will fight anything that tries to alter that paradigm.

The answers are easy - asking the right questions takes courage.


Imma White Supremacist...
According to my Roof!


I also Play Pool.


Ah, so you're the infamous Frank 'the kkk' Bacon !

Accordin to my roof... 😐

I've been called racist so many times, (by people that can't think) that I have to keep asking my Asian g/f, and emailing my Hispanic and black, ex's g/f's.... just to be sure..