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RE: Growing evidence Oregon fires started by organised arson

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Thank you for touching on this. There have been multiple arson arrests and the media is completely hiding it. The Sheriff Deputy that claimed Antifa, was suspended and apparently can't talk anymore on it. Fire Marshall? Wtf, I am still trying to find out why he was suspended then resigned. We are getting NO INFO from local nor national. Only 'Be ready to evacuate'.

Arsonist arrested in phoenix caught red handed was lighting the fires AFTER the evac of the area.

I am going to write a much more detailed piece later. But thank you for getting this on the chain.


Fire Marshal Jim Walker had this to say about his resignation:



Nice story, but has an odor to it, that is kind of, fishy.

It does. Why would Gov. Brown put him on leave for that?

However, given the investigations ongoing into the arsons that are finding political supporters of Gov. Brown are responsible for setting the state ablaze, I suspect the truth is that Walker just wasn't as willing to lie and hide the facts as his assistant was, and that made him a political liability.

This, despite the farcical nature of firing someone for being a hero, and a true leader, goes down a lot easier to the apparatchiks in power in Oregon IMHO.