The David Pakman Show, again

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Some readers of this community may remember him.

David Pakman was a Hive user. He got a lot of votes, and at one time he was always getting $10 or more. However, at some point, several malicious accounts with strong voting power came to downvote him, and his reward kept going down to zero. Somewhere along the line he stopped updating.

Is there any way we can do something about the downvote feature?

He called himself a leftist when he introduced himself in his first article in the former Steemit. I regarded him as the conscience on the blockchain.

His show goes on and he continues to upload videos to YouTube. Unfortunately, my listening skills are not good at all. I understand what he says some if it is subtitled in English; when I watch this video on YouTube, the subtitle shows up, but what about here?

To my horror, he has informed people around the world that a former President Donald Trump intends to end Obamacare. I learned from Michael Moore's film "Sicko" that the U.S. does not have universal health care. What will happen to the American people if Trump is re-elected in this year's presidential election and repeal Obamacare?

I wish David Pakman was in this community. I will at least try to show videos of his show from time to time.


Hello, I also have been getting downvoted by malicious actors, some people on Hive have a political agenda to quiet adversarial minds on Hive, if he posted about covid or anything that deviated from mainstream narratives it is very likely that the downvote mafia on Hive targeted him. One ways to combat this is to support witness gtg's proposal #0. Let your friend know that he is not alone and many people have been impacted by downvoting on Hive. I encourage him to come back and post even more because while he may feel as if it is a fruitless effort, to stop posting is giving these cowards exactly what they want. Downvotes can be done for a variety of different reasons and most of them aren't because they dislike the content, some may feel it is overvalued and downvoting adds rewards back to the reward pool to spread out the rewards among Hive users posting. However, there is small powerful group of bad actors who seek to downvote just because they don't like the content or feel like throwing their weight around, this small group has one goal, to weed adversarial voices they don't agree with out of the Hive ecosystem.

Please tell your friend to come back and continue his post there are far more people on Hive that appreciate truth tellers than there are people who seek to silence them.

Peace and love

Thanks for your comment. I myself lost the desire to write on Hive and stopped updating for several months. I finally found a way to contact him. I will pass on to him exactly what you said.

I had the same concerns, but the beauty of Hive is that it cannot be censored as other community members have brilliantly explained to me. I have also been planning a discord community of Hive users to combat malicious downvotes with upvotes. If you are not part of the Hive discord, you should join because I think you will see that Hive really is free and open, but that openness also leaves the community vulnerable to bad actors. Please do not feel as if there is no solution to the issue, after all, we are the Hive community.

Like to Hive discord server

Thanks for the link to the Hive discord, I will try to join, but I am not very good with machines to begin with, so there is a lot I don't know.
"Hive really is free and open, but that openness also leaves the community vulnerable to bad actors." Reading this reminded me of the Weimar Republic in Germany. The most democratic country at the time was transformed in an instant into a dictatorship, not that I am suggesting that Hive will become one.