U.S. Filmmaker Michael Moore Criticizes Ukraine Coverage "Resist the Behind-the-Scenes Forces Trying to Engage in War!"

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According to the Chosyu Shimbun of March 25, 2022,

On March 16, an American film director Michael Moore criticized the media coverage of Ukraine in an Internet podcast (audio program), calling for "not letting Americans into Ukraine or fighting an air war with Russia to start World War III."

The program guide reads, "Three weeks after Putin invaded Ukraine, the news cycle repeats endlessly. Change the channel, same story, different experts. But something more sinister is at work behind the horrific images of tanks blowing up cars and bodies in the streets, refugees fleeing in fear, American journalists being killed, etc." "We, the American people, must be clear that we are being manipulated by other Americans (politicians, pundits, former generals, corporate masters seeking greater profits) to lead us to war.” The program aired just before Ukrainian President Zelensky addressed the U.S. Congress. Here is a synopsis of Director Moore's remarks.

Zelensky's speech will be strong and emotional, but behind it are those I know. There are those who are trying to draw us into war, and it is not people like Putin.

I have visited the former Soviet Union and Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I have met with Putin several times during those visits and asked him his thoughts on Ukraine. Nothing has changed between what Putin thought then and what he thinks now.

What has changed is the emergence of someone who is trying to drag us into war. It is the politicians, the mass media, and the military companies who want to make tens or hundreds of millions of dollars from the war. We must resist the temptation from within to say, "We must go to Ukraine, we must go to war."

The United States has committed the full extent of tyranny in the world in the 75 years since World War II. Those are Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and the countries of the Middle East. In Latin America, those are Chile, Panama, Nicaragua, and Cuba. The first Iraq War and the grotesque wars that followed it in Iraq and Afghanistan are too numerous to mention.

The U.S. killed a million people in Iraq and a million more in Afghanistan, and many U.S. soldiers died. Behind the scenes are parents who have lost sons, wives who have lost husbands, and children who have lost fathers. Americans are no longer allowed to go to war.

I switch off American television except when I want to see what broadcasts are being shoved into my ears and eyes. The TV shows nothing but sad news day in and day out. It shows dead bodies in the streets and children, and it devours your mind by imprinting on you that it is terrible, terrible, terrible. The sadder it is, the more it has a mass brainwashing and war mobilization propaganda effect.

A Fox News reporter was killed in Ukraine. That is good news for getting Americans involved in war again. Now they are killing us Americans." This is very sad, but my thoughts are with all those who have died in this war. American or not, we cannot afford to go down an even more ruinous path.

What I ask of you today is resistance. It is not against Putin. It is against the mass propaganda orchestrated by politicians, the mass media, and the war industrial complex. While Ukrainian President Zelensky calls for a "ceasefire with Russia," he insists that the U.S. should go to war with Russia. We Americans should not participate in war, even if it is for the sake of the Ukrainian people. We should not engage in wars that ruin the whole world.

When Putin announced that he was going to invade Ukraine, a Russian army general looked unhappy. I then had this crazy idea. "For the Russian politicians who are enjoying a comfortable life of profiteering and money-making, as well as for the highly paid army generals and high-ranking officials in the Russian government, they must be thinking that by stopping Putin's war or unseating Putin, they can get back their wealthy thieving life in capitalist Russia. and they think that they can do it," he said.
I am against any form of war in which the U.S. is involved. I want the press to tell the truth, to tell the real political story, what is really going on. What are they planning with the Russians to get rid of Putin, what are their troops doing? That would be the real report.

We are smart people and can help Ukraine in some creative ways to stop Putin. I urge all of you to contact your elected representatives in Congress right now and tell the White House that war is not the solution and that we are against the US war.

We should have abolished NATO when the Berlin Wall was torn down. American troops should not go to Ukraine. They should not enter Russian territory and they should not join NATO forces.
Even the media? Fuck you!

Oh no, that's Michael Moore. Your thoughts?