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RE: Freedom For Sale

in Deep Dives11 months ago

There is no such thing as freedom, only tyrants who want to control it to suit their own "freedom". The "pay-wall" freedom you speak of, is actually controlled by some of the same people who claim their freedom is being taken from them. You need to pay them for access to THEIR freedom, or you will be mocked and ridiculed by gangs of losers who love their own authority. These people then call themselves "anti-authoritarians" LOL.

It's a nice gimmick, for the new breed of dictators.

It's pathetic, and you can see and find many examples of this right here on this blockchain. All these hypocrites, who cry foul of "big government socialists", only want to create their own brand of the very same thing...but only and as long as they are at the top of the top of the anti-government fake anarchists.

As soon as these clowns find a hole they can stick their filthy noses into, they will become the very same thing they claim to "philosophise" against.

It's terrifying to see this play out first hand (my current experience).....people are animals when it comes to their own hypocrisy, and love to impose themselves on others to satisfy their own pathetic and egomaniacal sociopathy....


As much as I hate to say it... You're exactly right.

Yes, all the way back to 1970! 😂