Children aren't driving covid spread, leave them be, stop forcing them to wear masks

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The LA Times recently wrote about a large national study that looked into the spread of covid-19 in child care centers. Assumptions from the media, government and some health "experts" were that children need to be forced into the draconian measures imposed on everyone to protect everyone from the not super deadly, only flu-like risk of death of covid-19.

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Looking at the social engineering plans to ruin children's lives showed them sitting in circles at recess and lunch, playing at a distance, eating a lunch tables separated and alone, in classrooms with desks apart, and forced to wear masks most of the time. Some even had ridiculous plastic from the floor to the ceiling sectioning off student desks, or with plastic cubicles around their desks to "block" covid. What a pathetic sad joke and misery being forced onto children.

Well, just like assumptions that people who aren't sick (allegedly asymptomatic) were the main spreaders of the virus turned out to be false, so too are the assumptions that children a key vector in spreading it to teacher and their parents.

In all, data from "57,335 providers serving almost 4 million children in two-thirds of the counties in the U.S., including Puerto Rico" was collected. Even at the height of the actual pandemic during the first three months, those who worked with children were not more likely to fall ill compared to those who didn't work.

“We found there was absolutely no relationship” between working in child care settings and contracting the virus, Gilliam said. “Working at a child care center did not put these providers at any increased risk of COVID-19 than if they had stayed home.”

“In influenza, we see that children are a main vector and schools are hot spots,” Dr. Nava Yeganeh, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at UCLA. “What we’re trying to do is find out if it’s the same for COVID-19. And we’re seeing that they’re not.”

And that was the actual pandemic which was over in May. But the media, government s and fraud health experts want you to think with only a few deaths each day that it is still a pandemic, and that increased testing finding genetic material means there is a "second wave" of a pandemic which never ended. The reality is that it's a concocted "casedemic" with no correlation of near the amount of deaths as the actual pandemic in early 2020.

This is the study "COVID-19 Transmission in US Child Care Programs", which again, many of the mainstream media outlets often refuse to put the source material to studies for us to go look at ourselves. They expect us to be sheep and just believe whatever they tell us, as if they are more qualified to read and understand a study than us.


i think we should stop pretending this is real.

there was no pandemic, only a planned-demic.

people got rich off this. billionaires are even richer than before.

bill gates lead the charge on core initiative. .. math/reading scores down 20%

instead of repealling it immediately..

we are now taking his advice on more life choices.

the man literally gets rich by being necessary only because he has removed alternatives.

he is NOT a self made man.

bill gates is a pawn to a much larger game.

a game we all need to familiarize ourselves with.

because to get out of the game, first you need to realize there is a game.

finding God inside the self is the only cure.