Malice of Forethought: Rockefeller - Gates, Big Pharma, Pandemics, Vaccines, and Allopathic Medicine

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The medical profession was designed not to cure the sick but to benefit doctors, Big Pharma, and ultimately the Rockefellers who have controlled medicine at least since the turn of the 20th century. The Rockefellers were able to accomplish this feat through the use of philanthropy and what the Rockefellers began, Bill Gates has joined, linking his fortune to theirs and modelling his foundation after theirs -- what one might call philanthropic capitalism.

Prior to the Rockefeller’s involvement, homeopathic, or empirical medicine was the prevalent means of treating diseases using natural methods -- herbs and other things found in nature -- that cured diseases. Allopathic medicine called for radical surgeries, toxic drugs, and things like radiation, that only treated symptoms… not very good for the patients, but profitable. It shifted the focus of medicine from cures to treatment. It also gave the Rockefellers a way to turn toxic chemicals left over from oil production and refining into massive profits, giving birth to what we now know as Big Pharma. This video from James Corbett shows how it was accomplished:

The Rockefellers were also responsible for the “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918 through the manufacturing of a Typhus vaccine by taking a virus from swine and injecting it into chicken albumin used as a host, as I’ve reported previously. Whether this was done purposely or not, it has given rise to the influenza outbreaks that occur almost every year (particularly election years). It has also given rise to the myriad vaccines forced on millions per year.

“The 1918 virus pandemic was the direct result of TYPHUS FEVER VACCINES injected into millions of soldiers during the Great War (WW I). John D. Rockefeller labs and factories in China produced these Typhus vaccines in 1916 by harvesting pus from infected humans, injecting the infectious matter into pig hosts, then mixing the harvested contaminants into chicken egg albumin to be injected into human hosts as a “vaccine”.

“Rockefeller, always a shrewd businessman, supplied both sides, (German as well as Allied armies) with his toxic and lethal vaccine brew. Immediately after vaccination, many soldiers fell ill with what was called at the time “Para-Typhoid” infection — i.e. nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and killing pneumonia. Subsequent waves spread across the globe, killing as many as 50 million innocent souls worldwide. (Source: The Horrors of Vaccination – Higgins, 1921) Only much later did the world’s medical establishment wrongfully label and name the deadly recombinant virus accidentally spawned by Rockefeller’s vaccine the “1918 Spanish Flu”. Of course, Rockefeller’s multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical empire could not afford to label it what it really was: “Vaccine-Induced Disease of 1918”.


“Western medicine has some good points, for sure, and is great in an emergency, but it’s high time people realized that today’s mainstream medicine (western medicine or allopathy), with its focus on drugs, radiation and surgery, is at its foundation a Rockefeller creation. The Rockefellers, of course, are one of the most rich and powerful families of the NWO (New World Order) black nobility. Behind their spurious facade of philanthropy, they are power-hungry tyrants intent on owning the entire world, and depopulating it through eugenics-based programs like forced sterilization, water fluoridation, abortions and vaccinations. They have either majorly or fully created (and still dominate) the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Planned Parenthood and many, many other organizations that either rule the world or influence culture to a large extent.”

The Rockefellers have used their money and influence not only to control medicine, but politics -- it was the Rockefellers who founded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) -- journalism, and education -- “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers,” J.D. Rockefeller. What the Rothschilds are to the UK, the Rockefellers are to America. The CFR is the American branch of the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. Also, closely related to these institutions is the Tavistock Institute that specializes in social engineering.

“The Rockefellers and other elites use philanthropy as a tool for control. It’s social engineering with a nice PR sheen. A free lunch is not really free, whether private (Rockefeller-style western medicine) or public/governmental (Obama-style socialized medicine), because even if you get something at no cost, you are required to give up your data and your privacy. They want you dependent on their system – then they’ll raise the rates once you’re trapped.”

Using medicine for social control is only one facet of the Rockefeller social engineering schema, one that Bill Gates has assumed a prominent role in. The United Nations is another creation of the Rothschild/Rockefeller diaspora, one that has evolved from “ensuring world peace,” ostensibly by supporting every communist dictatorship, branching out into fields such as climate change, medicine, “sustainability,” (a catchphrase for global totalitarianism), and children’s rights (another catchphrase for the destruction of the nuclear family).

The ultimate goal of the Rothschild/Rockefeller/UN is a Chinese communist-style global government that controls every aspect of human existence. Medicine.Big Pharma is one of their most useful tools. They use a plethora of early childhood vaccines to destroy the human immune system, along with toxins in water and food to make everyone sick and then offer “treatment,” (other vaccines and toxic medicines). It’s problem, reaction, solution, from a medical perspective, and it’s not only effective, it generates enormous profits for Big Pharma. Also effective are plandemics… pathogens developed in labs and released upon the unwitting public. This is where Bill Gates and the WHO,and China play a prominent role.


With the exception of Bubonic Plague and smallpox, most of the world’s pandemics have occurred after 1918 when the “Spanish Flu” took millions of lives. It is also important to note that it was the first manmade pandemic, as I’ve written before it came about as a result of a Typhus vaccine manufactured by the Rockefeller Foundation in China. As James Corbett reported in his video, the Rockefeller-China relationship goes back over 100 years. Another key point is that influenza does not exist in nature -- it was manufactured. Influenza has been used as a weapon and “golden goose” for Big Pharma simultaneously, both culling the herd and producing huge profits from ineffective vaccines.

“In addition to such spontaneous mutations, we must, since the terrorist attacks of September and October 2001, consider the possibility of malicious genetic engineering to create more virulent strains. Sequencing of the genome of the 1918 Spanish influenza virus is nearly complete; once it is published, unscrupulous scientists could presumably utilize candidate virulence sequences. Recently, the possibility of synthesizing an infectious agent solely by following instructions from a written sequence has moved from theory to practice.”

There are no “spontaneous mutations,” as Dr. DePena has confirmed many times. All influenza viruses were/are manufactured from the 1918 Typhus vaccine, and the UN and WHO are involved, which means that Bill Gates and the Rockefellers are likely involved too.

“As the anticipated July release date for Baxter’s A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway. Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest-ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.”

Influenza has been one of the globalists’ most effective weapons for social control, depopulation, and profits… until COVID-19.

Bill Gates, Eugenics, and Depopulation

By now it is no secret that Bill Gates, like his father, is a eugenicist and proponent of depopulation. His history of spreading tainted vaccines that cause paralysis, infertility, and death throughout India and Africa is well documented. His “philanthropic endeavors” mirror those of the Rothschild/Rockefeller diaspora. It is not only philanthropy for profit, but philanthropy with a social engineering agenda as well. The Chinese communists also have a depopulation agenda to get rid of undesirables. Gates and the Rockefellers want to get rid of pesky brown people in third world countries, the Chinese want to eliminate Uighurs, the Falun Gong and other ideological opponents and unlike the more subtle philanthropic methods used by Gates and the globalists, the chinese are using forced sterilizations.

“Many leftists now claim that communism is preferable to America’s constitutional republic because it supposedly fosters “equality” and the preservation of “human rights.” But this is certainly not the case in communist China, where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is forcibly sterilizing minorities as part of a massive ethnic cleansing operation.”

“In order to boost China’s Han majority, the CCP is forcing Uighur Muslims and other ethnic and religious minorities who live in China to be sterilized, have abortions or otherwise terminate pregnancy to keep their population levels at a minimum.”

The Chinese are pushing to eliminate anyone that dissents from the CCP orthodoxy, something we can expect here in the US although the method may differ the desired outcome is identical… silence anyone that disagrees. Eventually, depopulation will manifest itself in America, particularly if the Democrats should recapture the White House in November. Mob violence and the COVID-19 plandemic will be the means.

Over 700 people have been killed by the “peaceful protests” that have been raging across America with little if any reporting by the MSM -- and whatever is reported is always a cover for the murdering Antifa and BLM, both communist front groups. A more effective method of removal will be contact tracing, isolations, and “quarantine.” Once quarantined in FEMA camps, these dissenters will either be “reeducated” or eliminated. Social media data will be used to weed out those who refuse the BLM narrative. They will then be “tested” for CV-19 and removed from society.

Contact Tracing

The contact tracing is nothing more than total surveillance of each and every American citizen (and others around the world) on a 24/7/365 basis. The Patriot Act, NDAA, and other similar legislation has all led to this. If HR 6666 passes the Constitution will effectively become null and void… all for a viral outbreak with a 0.001 fatality rate, and has essentially played itself out. The tyranny is far from having played itself out, it’s been part of the plan for years. The contact tracing itself was negotiated months before the outbreak in China.

 “Four months before SARS-CoV-2 began infecting the people of China; Bill Gates was busy negotiating a $100 billion contact tracing program to be implemented by governments and forced on all Americans. On the week of August 12th to 19th, the Gates Foundation met privately with U.S. Congressman Bobby L. Rush (D-IL) in Rwanda, East Africa. The week-long event was underwritten by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.”

“At the meeting, they discussed the rollout of wide scale contact tracing and negotiated which companies would get to cash in on the plan. They discussed how to contact trace all Americans, how to force them to submit to medical tests and accept vaccination passports in order to go about their lives. (Related: Airline industry pushing for medical testing, thermal screening, digital IDs and vaccination passports.)”

This has never been about public health, but total control of the world’s population and the destruction of the United States by enemies within and without. Medicine is the tool used by the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Gates -- Big Pharma criminal cartel to force compliance… they control 95% of doctors in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe, as well as the universities and medical schools and research labs. (the 95% is my estimation having researched this for about 2 decades and discounts homeopaths). They’ve manufactured diseases such as HIV/AIDs, influenza, ebola, hantavirus, and others, both as depopulation devices as well as a means of income. The NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, and other agencies and NGOs are complicit, as are Dr. Fauci, Tedros of the WHO, Dr. Birx, and many of the drug companies involved in vaccine research. It’s all about money, power, and control. Contract tracing weeds out the “good guys” from the “bad guys.”

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were preparing to test, track, trace, mask, isolate and corner Americans into forced vaccinations four months before SARS-CoV-2 arrived in China and six months before Bill Gates’ friends at the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a worldwide ‘pandemic.’”

Bill Gates is the number one funder of WHO and has been parading media outlets calling for government surveillance of human movement and the need for elaborate contact tracing programs to enforce it. Among these tracing efforts, Bill Gates wants to enforce medical requirements and a ‘new normal’ medical police state, complete with temperature checks that serve as a foothold into forced medical testing and isolation orders. This ‘new normal’ also includes monitoring where people travel and who they interact with, while forcing their contacts into isolation. It all leads to the rollout of vaccination passports that will serve as permission slips for people to gather, meet, travel, and interact. Corporations will be incentivized to participate or be threatened with litigation if they do not go along with a ‘safe, new normal.’”

With the exception of course of BLM looting and rioting, and other communist uprisings. Whether these vaccination passports are the “mark of the beast” described in Revelations or not is a moot point. What’s important is that they’re happening and it looks like President Trump is on board. Although he has pulled the US out of the WHO, he’s joined forces with Bill Gates’ GAVI, the global(ist) vaccine giant.

If one happens not to be a part of the communist vanguard terrorizing America, their ability to function as a member of society will hinge on their compliance to the “new normal,” COVID IDs and digital tracking.

“Gates goes on to predict that the ability to attend public events in the near future will depend on the discovery of an effective treatment. But he remains pessimistic that any such cure will be good enough in the short term to make people “feel safe to go out again.” These warnings by the multi-billionaire dovetail perfectly with the stated purposes of the aforementioned COVI-PASS, whose development is also being carried out in partnership with Redstrike Group – a sports marketing consultancy firm that is working with England’s Premier League and their Project Restart to parse ticket sales and only make them available to people who have tested negative for the virus.”

Gates is the globalist front-man for this project, along with many others. Also, oddly enough, Gates’ public image is handled by Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s “investment” group.

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Gates, and Pirbright

One of the keys that links Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Gates together is the Pirbright Institute which controls much of the research for a CV-19 vaccine. “The Pirbright Institute has close affiliations with vaccine pharmaceuticals including British Merial (originally a joint venture between drug companies U.S. Merck and French Sanofi-Aventis), German Boehringer-Ingelheim, British Wellcome Trust, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation are the two largest investors in pharma research on the planet and heavily fund The Pirbright Institute.”

This link provides an insightful timeline from the Boer War/Cecil Rhodes relationship with Burroughs-Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) to the present and their involvement in COVID-19. It’s basically just an extension of the same coalition that brought the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic to the world -- Rothschild, Rockefeller, and the UK globalists… and naturally, China. This global power-grab has been a long time in the making, just waiting for the right crisis to come along… or be manufactured as a result of the election of Donald Trump, an event that has emboldened many to threaten the hold the global elites have had on society for centuries.

Last Chance For Liberty

The globalists have gone all in on the plandemic, the riots, and the involvement of China who may have the last card to play in this game of global dominance. It is China that the global elites have chosen to replace America as the dominant global superpower. They will not stop until they are either successful or defeated. If all else fails a Chinese invasion is not out of the question, they already have troops positioned in America, Mexico and Canada. They are smuggling automatic weapons to communist groups in the US, such as Antifa, BLM, and gangs from Central and South America who have made it across our southern border -- the “Democrat Army.”

The CCP has been infiltrating our key institutions including academia, the mass media, Hollywood, our most sensitive government labs, and the government since Bill Clinton granted MFN status in the 1990s. They have invested billions in education, the media, real estate, Hollywood, etc. much too much to just walk away and write it off. We are in a war for the soul of America and many in our own government have sold us out to the enemy… all in the name of globalism, greed, and hatred for their own country. Many are a part of groups such as the Weather Underground, like Susan Rosenberg of ActBlue, the BLM money-launderers.

This will be a difficult war to win, our enemy has been fighting us for over 50 years as we’ve sat complacently under the mistaken illusion that “it couldn’t happen here.” It’s happening, yet nobody is fighting back, with the exception of “fair-weather patriots” online bragging about all of their guns and what they’ll do if their house is attacked.

The enemy has had 50 years to organize, and they’ve put their time to good use, infiltrating key agencies of government, including Congress. They even had their own president, Barack Hussein Obama who did more to divide and destroy America than any other president in history. Who do you think elected him? The globalists. Is it any wonder that he gave the Medal of Freedom to Gates and his wife, and other America-hating globalists. Like George Carlin said: “It’s all a big club and you ain’t in it.” But Gates, the Rockefellers, Obama, are -- and they’re waging war on you. What are you going to do? Wait for Trump and Qanon to ride in and save the day? They’re not coming. It’s up to you to organize and save yourselves -- the only other option is to learn to enjoy slavery.