The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis: Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

in Deep Dives3 months ago

There come certain points of view which articulate incredibly complex matters in such a brilliantly precise, condensed way...

Outlooks which shine light into dark caverns, illuminating dynamics which can be daunting and outright terrifying without a clear, objective perspective on the larger picture in which they are playing out.

This short 16-minute video is one of those.

While it may or may not have been produced with intention to speak to what's been unfolding in our world as of recently, drawing many examples from throughout history without connecting dots to specific events we've been all too familiar with the last year, it could not be more pertinent to the situation we've found ourselves in.

A thorough look at the nature of totalitarianism and its manipulation of mass psychology through the use of propaganda, this is an incredibly well-produced presentation one might expect to be found in a college history or sociology class - yet is profound in how powerfully its explanations align as accurate descriptions of what's gone down in the last year and has been accelerating on our planet.

Well worth the watch and passing on, as it is this type of logical analysis that is much needed in these times... 🙏