There has been 0 deaths caused by make believe covid-19 infections

in Deep Diveslast year (edited)

I had all my mainstream social media accounts wiped offline for saying exactly what these 2 people in the video said. All deaths being reported are deaths with or assumed to have covid-19, even those that fall down stairs and break their neck will be listed as covid-19 death.

There has not been one death caused by covid-19 because covid-19 is a hoax. covid-19 has been written in on admission forms in order to claim thousands of dollars per patient.

This was orchestrated to create a casedemic and spread fear so that the medical establishment could blow up the system and make people so afraid they beg for a defective gene injection drug that got rebranded as a safe and effective vaccine.

This simple test kit trick has allowed select industries to collect trillions of dollars while billions of people suffer agonising pain of mental and physical abuse.

There never was a highly contagious deadly virus organism chasing after people but there is a world economic forum that wants to depopulate the human race.

Sadly the more who take the defective gene injection the more money these sadistic psychopaths will earn and more they will get away with.