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RE: The psychology of denial, and being happy living the dark ages…

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You may not be far off in your thinking except I think you could have considered a deeper dive into the control mechanism of electricity. I've wondered at times why the push towards everything being on the electrical grid, a grid that in reality isn't capable at the moment to be that reliable. I remember a few years back there was a huge failure that left a number of certain area's in states in complete darkness for days...thank goodness it just barely missed encompassing my area. Currently our infrastructure can barely handle the output as it is. In the summer months manufacturers and grocery stores are asked to cut way back during weeks of extreme heat. They now even incentivize people with reductions in rates if they cut back certain hours of the days during the summer. You'd really think they'd take this into consideration before opting to want to place millions of vehicles on a grid that can't handle the load it already has. All in the supposed name of carbon reduction which any said reduction again would be reliant upon upgrading the system with the newer technology that doesn't involve SF6 emissions, a much more potent gas that stays in the atmosphere forever. Maybe the move forward is part of the control mechanism. Once people are totally reliant upon the grid the government has control of every faucet your one's life. Currently they have the ability to shut down the supply of electricity to a select few houses on a block, I know because the summer before last I sat for four days in darkness after a tree took down the line a few houses down, my house sat within the six houses they were able to cut off from where ever it is they control the flow. Smart meters enable them to do that, they no longer have to come out and shut everyone off individually. Think about it they could potentially use the same mechanisms to cut off your money flow, stop your car in it's tracks, looking at it that way that would pretty much encompass complete control over one's life. It's probably not about global warming, global warming is just an excuse.


It's probably not about global warming, global warming is just an excuse.

Of course, it always has been (& wealth transfer).

My scenario was more about understanding the fragility of the system, rather the control aspects - that are most definitely real.
(i.e no access to using crytpo, and the potential of it having no value - at least in the short term - medium term)