If you want a few examples of 'Quantum Entanglement' in real life... just follow this thread and see where you end up...
Live Long & Prosper Humans 🖖 #TheQuickening Accountability

will check it out, have not come across this before. Thanks!

I dunno who these psyops are entraining, but anyone that thinks it's reasonable that babies can exit the human penis probably thinks pee is stored in the balls. Each segment gets weirder than the last. Kids in middle school being charged with sex crimes for calling each other names - or not, as the case may be. MAPs working with children that have been sexually abused. Are those pizza related MAPs?

Next thing you know Madonna's coochie will be full of bugs, and growing trees.


sorry for the late reply mate, I was in the hospital for a little while. On the mend now hopefully - ill update in the next video, but taking a week off. Yeah I agree the world has gone sick -the line has moved so far, that what would have outraged in the past, is now just normal - haha, yeah no doubt about Madonna!