Something strange about the IDF arrest of a "Hamas militant" who is free moments later

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On Oct 12 2023 a video of a arrest was shared around the world.

In the video above - a Fox Reporter (Trey Yingst) states that a IDF “Senior Commander” has confirmed that the IDF has arrested a militant that was involved in the Oct 7th attack i.e., hiding in a bush days after the massacre at the music festival - thus implying this person is in fact Hamas - this is important because it frames the event.

If this is true that this person was in fact a Hamas militant (or implied) then why is the individual seen shortly after his arrest getting changed into new clothes with no guards now around him. i.e., the same person who was confirmed after the fact to be a militant likely involved in the Oct 7th Hamas attacks.



It is worth noting that the blindfold can be seen on the ground beside the “Hamas militant”. Although there is a cut in the video - little in terms of time has passed between the two events i.e., the arrest and aftermath. Note, it would be highly abnormal for a potential Hamas militant to be left unguarded with hands free shortly after an arrest, unless he was not a Hamas militant.

But if he was not a Hamas militant then what was he?

By the behaviour at a guess it would be logical to theorise that he was an IDF soldier that was paraded for propaganda reasoning.

Shortly after the arrest a black material was placed between the crowd of “journalists” and the event for the reasons of obscuring the view.


The initial story was picked up by numerous publications including places that usually cover celebrity gossip like TMZ - however I doubt any questions regarding the video will be covered with the same enthusiasm.