Thanks for bringing up my video in your news roundup!

no problem man!

I have an interesting op coming up in a few days. I think it's going to be shocking to some people especially in the realm of deceit we've been exposed to. It would seem to imply that once they decided to move forward into the new world order that no "trinkets" from the past could be allowed. It's a rather interesting perspective. Once you look at it as a whole in comparison to the changes of younger leadership in the US happening, which is no coincidence, Bibi on the other hand making his way back would be an old trinket that wasn't suppose to survive the tear down. It's going to take me a bit to finish it as it will run simultaneously to another op as quotes from one op will be incorporated into the other. It took me two days (of free time) just to transcribe the speech from which I took part of it from, there are two more videos yet to work my way through. That's the easy part though, lol, finding quiet time to put it all together is another question, lol.

Look forward to the op! If you are having trouble by the way of doing a transcription a speech - if it is youtube - you can use - that is, you can upload it to youtube and just use the transcription feature above - or the plugin - its down at the moment though with an error, but usually it is up -