Free Speech Dr. Mercola and the Eugenicists.

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About 12 days ago, I wrote a disturbing article about this nefarious organization called the (CCDH) Center for Countering Digital Hate. It's a fledgling corporation born in 2018 and has by proclamation deemed itself an expert on the topic of hate. What's happened is that we've let this theory of hate speech soak into our minds like a virus. This novel virus, "hate speech," has convinced us that it's real, when in fact, this is both true and false.

First and foremost, there is free speech. It is the capstone of the American Bill of Rights. Many other countries have hate speech laws that curtail what people can say, and this effectively suppresses expression not only verbally but also mentally.

Let me try and explain that last part; If you cannot question a historical event without the threat of facing jail time. In that case, there's a great chance that you might not even like to think on the topic. And this is how hate speech is a form of mind control. In the name of the greater good, laws get passed that inform people on what they can and cannot say, and this, in turn, subtly refocuses the people's attention away from verboten topics.

We can possess a hateful attitude when speaking about a person. The same applies when we are talking to people. But all that is is words embedded with emotion. If we start banning emotions, we're staring down the barrel of a dead world. The movie Equilibrium comes to mind when thinking on that topic. It's a gem of a flick from 2002 starring Christian Bale.

Anywho, let's refocus back to the CCDH. This company jumped out of the middle of nowhere, wearing a fancy cloak and crown, and suggested that they're the sole arbiter of things that are forbidden to talk about online. Well, you can color me a tad bit suspicious about any such entity.

And sure enough, what's one of the first things they managed to pull off with the aid of several other bad actors? They got the Good Doctor Mercola to capitulate and say that he will be removing all the data from his website about the health benefits of Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C, along with all COVID-19 related data.

Dr. Mercola Predicts More Covid Deaths from Vaccine than Disease Alone

I was pretty shocked and confused to see him cave to the pressure. And I think in part, either great or small, some of this is a public relations stunt. He just released a book called: 'The Truth About COVID-19,' and the way he's drawn attention to himself by proclaiming that he'll remove all the data doesn't seem like he was in any way scared into submission. I'm curious to see if he follows through with removing such vital information at times that people will need it the most.

Nevertheless, pushing my personal opinions of that move aside, the threats are real indeed. Mercola reported that one Dr. Peter Hotez, a man with deep financial ties with the Gates Foundation, had suggested in the website that "law enforcement," "cybersecurity" groups, and "high-level inter-agency task forces" should assess "anti-vaccine aggression." He also said they should "propose tough, balanced measures."

This man, a medical doctor, wants to turn law enforcement into a weapon against your average American for exercising their right to free speech on the internet. I wonder if Dr. Hotez will get charged with aiding and abetting after the grownups take over and end this fiasco once and for all. That said if you or anyone you know works for the Sabin Vaccine Institute and you'd like to blow the whistle on the company, then be brave and contact Project Veritas at this link. The good news is, one need not become a Grammaton Cleric to blow the whistle, as all it takes is an e-mail.

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Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

Canadian Priest at Front Line of Resistance was Arrested
for, Get this, Arrested for Inciting People to go to Church.

I can't even write in a lot of places even though I have offers and pushes to do so because God Forbid in America, a person says that Ozone and O2 therapy, Ions, H202, Vitamin D (actually a hormone/vitamin) are life savers and don't get me started on what they did to the poor man who worked with the force and coined the term "Orgone".

and the culling and dumbing down continues...
I like that Dr. and many are scared to speak out, my friend has had her legal/licensed clinic raided and am not going into it on here but anyone doubting in an "Evil Cabal" has shit for brains.....not an op/ed either ;)

Oh you just wait, the worm is turning. I got the neutralizing juju on Billy boy. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, @battleaxe! It's why we need to keep intelligent women like yourself all to ourselves in the DD/IW and POB crew!

best comment I've gotten in ages, thank you
even on here I have to sanitize things lest I cause some sort of odd primal reaction
you just never know who all is behind some of the string pulling ;)
and those are the only crews save a couple others I am remotely interested in so win/win situation

Thank you! 😃 Too late in the game to pull punches. I stopped doing that when I realized they aim to kill us all. — allouttafucks and almost out of time

We are the resistance!
We are the ones we've been waiting for!

yes and yes

for many things when it gets past a certain depth this is perhaps not the place and now that at least from my info Gates/Microsoft isn't acquiring Discord it seems to now be rumored to be Sony....either way there are really no safe spaces on the grid no matter what crap is being spewed

and this year is really just getting warmed up
May-late summer much wow

We got an 11-year warning for this new incoming 911. I think that Shooter Jennings revelated the method in his music video entitled Summer of Rage. Not that he could come right out and say these things directly, he did end the video hoodwinked and all. Did you see Altiyan Childs' insider exposé on Freemasonry from his Christian perspective? If you have not yet, I'd encourage watching this and this first. Something's gotta give before their plan plays out. The good people in all countries must try and set a national precedent (or blueprint) before the entire world falls to their new system of absolute power and control. Peep the release date on the Bananarama video.

There is a fine line between anxiety and excitement. I'm feeling all the feels, and it seems like my life is flashing before my eyes. A foreboding and prolonged terminal lucidity, if you will. Only the gods know if the COVAIDS is slowly culling the lot of us. Feels like I'm either going crazy or becoming a mad genius. Or perhaps they spiked the air with nanobots and are wiring us to the cloud network as we speak. I know one thing, I'm not taking that fucking vaccine, and someone will get hurt if they try to force me. I absolutely cannot be gaslit after seeing this, this, and this..

Sorry, this was quite the shitstorm of a comment, I know. I'll leave ya with Shooter's lyrics. I don't know if he expected to survive that album's release or if he just knew they are paving the way for a post-human future. I know you're a smart gal, otherwise I wouldn't have link spammed the ever loving hell outta ya.

All the people who were all about "thin blue line", remember, the police are the first people who will come in and enforce all of the unjust laws politicians make. By default, police are no better than the mafia's enforcers giving you a shake down.

The army/police under Mao/Stalin/Hitler and all other past authoritarian governments were "just following orders so I can feed my family".

Francis Boyle put them all on notice, so unless they have an affinity for international tribunals, convictions, and rope rash, they had better get back to the informed consent model. I mean, they're doing the informed consent technically, but the propaganda is inverted enough to get people to kowtow. Boyle is the type of man who will see them tried and convicted. He's done it before. And if it's not him, it'll be a lawyer who has the grit to stand up for their dead loved ones.

NOTICE: By authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, I do hereby exercise my right to refuse to submit to or to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

The United States Government has prosecuted, convicted and executed Medical Doctors who have violated the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.

Aiders and abettors of Nuremberg Crimes are equally guilty and have also been prosecuted, convicted, and executed.

Francis A. Boyle.

[email protected]

I believe I read that it is actually now illegal to promote those substances. Mercola is trying to stay out of jail. Is that the same as caving to some club of eugenicists?

"Is that the same as caving to some club of eugenicists?"
Yes. Lel, they're going to have to wrestle my D from my cold dead hands. Also, I think that Mercola is getting just a little bit Machiavellian as a retort to their shady tactics. His perceived kowtow gesture also serves as a slick vehicle by which to promote his new book, pretty clever, right? I can see him pulling a few articles, but if he's going to zip his mouth on the entire topic from this point forward, well, that's just nonsense. I hope he's not willing to go out like that.

They got the Good Doctor Mercola to capitulate and say that he will be removing all the data from his website about the health benefits of Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C, along with all COVID-19 related data.

Good thing he’s got the info up in articles on Lew Rockwell and scattered across the web, then :)

we’ll see if he actually scrubs his own site down...

Should be interesting, but even so, he'd have to censor all future talking about it.