Sudden Adult Death Syndrome And The Quest To Normalize Heart Attacks In Young Adults

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome And The Quest To Normalize Heart Attacks In Young Adults

Earlier today, I was on the phone with my mother. She likes to keep me informed, of everything that has recently occurred in and around our home town. Which I think is the norm with most families. Usually it’s about someone having a baby, or someone passing away. I don’t always know the person, but my Mum does love to insist that I do in fact know them, as they are a friend of such and such’s sister, who I went to school with. That’s generally the gist of the conversation's we have.


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Today she told me about two people who had died recently. .One was the elderly village doctor, who suffered a heart attack after Christmas and had been in intensive care since then. The other person, was a young women in her early 30’s, who my younger sister went to school with. She was found dead in bed, by her husband. She had apparently suffered from a huge heart attack, with the official report saying she died of SADS, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

This is a term, that I keep hearing about a lot recently. To be honest, I know more about SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, having done my own research about the likely cause of it. Of course, the health professionals have always liked to claim that it is almost impossible to know the actual cause, besides blaming the parents by stating it may have something to do with positioning the baby in a wrong position when they are sleeping, or being smothered by a parent if you co sleep.

But what I did discover, is that most of the babies that did past away, had recently been vaccinated. But of course we are not really encouraged to promote such ideas as these. And now, now here we are with SADS. A syndrome, that they are trying to normalize.

My first thought when I heard about that young woman back home, was whether or not she was vaccinated. Then, it was how comfortable my mother was with accepting the cause of death. I tried to ask her some questions, to try and get her to actually question what is happening, instead of just believing everything she has heard.

Like, how we are meant to be fearful of a “virus” that has the same symptoms of a flu, but not fearful about the fact, that so many young people are suffering from severe heart problems, with many of them resulting in death.

I listened as my mum explained, how many people have underlying heart problems and unfortunately some of them, only find out about them when it is too late. Which sounded exactly like what some news reporters have been saying recently.

Just like here, in the Daily Mail, where the headline reads .....

Expert warns that shoveling snow can be a deadly way to discover underlying cardiovascular conditions as straining the heart with physical activity could cause sudden death.

(I would love to know what you think about this report?)

I wrote a post in the past about the amount of Athletes that had suffered cardiac problems, to date the number is over 600 with over 300 of them resulting in death. All of these athletes had been vaccinated against covid 19.


.All names and links to reports can be found here

On top of that, we continue to see the media, push stories about how the weather, can now cause you to have heart attacks. I mean what next and really, how convenient that they have come to that conclusion now. I mean we wouldn’t want people thinking it has anything to do with the experimental injection, that is reportedly causing Serious Immune System Degradation, would we?



I am waiting for more people to begin questioning these stories, to begin to join the dots. it's all there for them to see, I just don't know what more needs to happen.







We just lost another family member (35 yrs, old) some sort of sudden and rapidly acting encephalitis. Docs opened his skull to relieve pressure and put him on life support, but he didn't pull through.

my condolenses. Stay strong.

Thank you for the thoughtful words.

I am so sorry to hear this @angryman. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones. Thank you for sharing this xxx

Thank you for the condolences @trucklife-family... Are you still stuck that short distance down the road from your destination point?

It's getting so absurd as to be funny! SADS?!

All approved explanations of illness now tell us that disease is a crap shoot, out of our control. No mention of the many TOXIC SUBSTANCES we put in our bodies, even going so far as to inject them directly into our flesh, are considered to be possible sources of disease. I now suspect all illness is poisoning, and all symptoms are detoxification. The symptoms are the cures.

You keep up the fight woman. I love you.

It's just getting more and more ridiculous, yes I don't know whether to laugh or cry sometimes. I agree with you, we are being poisoned, and illness is our bodies way of ridding itself of it. Then we get given medication that just ups the toxicity in our bodies. Everyone needs to take back responsibility for their health, if things are going to change. Love you too beautiful one xx xxx

Whoever denies a connection between the Covid19-"vaxx" (known for causing blood clots, also in the cardio vascular system) & the sudden heart attack deaths is suffering
from "cognitive dissonance".
The bigger muscular system of the athletes & young people, transports the injected spikes to the heart, especially if they hit a blood vessel injecting the "vaxx"...

Keep spreading awareness @luca1777, the truth will come out. It is crazy how so many no longer seem to be able to join the dots anymore. But then again, they have been trained well xxx

You too, my dear..😉
Yes, programming can be a bitch...😜
Better program yourself.
...the truth will come out...
Yes,yes...the light is coming through...

It’s very concerning that narratives normalizing suspicious deaths are aggressively rampant. When I hear people parrot key phrases, it makes me sad. The world is very naive. I’m hopeful that people wake up. Truth has a way of making itself known eventually.


Yes, the world has gone too far down the path of this horror and the worse thing is, the sleepers will continue to help move the narrative/agenda along, as they think it's the right thing to do.

Stay strong JNet.

Yes the truth is finally seeing the light, just as all the darkness is making it's way out too, it goes hand in hand. It's so important that we stand in our truth right now. Thanks @jnetsworld xx

Every person I know that tests positive has had a jab. Yet they will blindly go to get another, then another. This ends with microchips which people think is a conspiracy but that's the plan. They want everyone digitally controlled if they get to live at all. This is why they get the children. Parents I know are patting themselves on the back after getting their kids jabbed. One woman said she had to hold her child down while they were screaming. The mental illness is severe. No research done. Just a hypnotic voice from CNN is all that's needed. This is so clearly not about preventing people from a cold. This is pure evil!

Amen. It amazes me how some people will just blindly follow the narrative.

Seeing as its now clear the jabs DON'T WORK AT ALL against the dominant COVID strain (Omicron), even one jab related death is too many and these jabs should be banned.

Exactly, I wish more and more people would wake up to this truth. xxxx

Everything is so mixed up and so many are just plain scared. It breaks my heart. I am so very thankful for those frontline doctors and nurses who STILL are speaking out. Thank God there are some people still out there that remember their oath: First do no harm.