The Biggest Lie!

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I have written before about my thoughts on lying. Mainly about, how I really strive to have an open and honest relationship with my girls. So that they hopefully feel no need to hide anything from me or lie to me, especially as they get older .


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The ages they are at now, especially my eldest 2, well it is only natural for them to tell small lies. It’s a natural part of growing up. of experimenting and discovering who you are. Whats most important to me, is that i am I not lying to them and how I choose to react if they lie to me or someone else.

It’s hard, not to think about the subject of lies, with all that is happening in the world right now. It’s hard to know what information to believe, what people to trust. As most things are tied into some sort of agenda.

Don’t even get me started on history, the fact that so much of what we were taught in school is totally biased or untrue.

I read a while back, that in 1953 the Rockefeller foundation was responsible for changing the frequency of music from 432hz to 440hz which is more conscious suppressing. I can’t find that article now, but it wouldn’t surprise me, nothing does these days.

We have been manipulated so much, down through the ages, all with the aim of keeping us suppressed and in line.

I have been thinking some of the most harmful things we have been lied about and to me, one of those has to be,that god or the divine is something external from us.

That people need to look outside themselves in order to achieve greatness or to connect with the divinity. This has been a wonderful way in which to disconnect people from their inner power and from nature.

To have them looking for external solutions to all of their problems, believing that they do not have the power to heal themselves. There is big money to be made in this belief.

Because when people are disconnected, then they are more easily manipulated and controlled. Handing over their power to others. Allowing inner knowledge, inner knowing to disappear and becoming reliant on certain systems and people to guide them. When the only thing that you need to guide you is what is within you already.

Hence my passion for rewilding, for helping people reconnect with their intuition, with their power.

But even now, as the lies and manipulation gets stronger and stronger, some people still can not see what is right before their eyes, because they have never needed to see, they are so used to being told, how to think, how to live!Their lives carved out, so that they support the system that suppresses them. That promotes shit food and dependency on a health system who's aim is to keep them unwell.

I can't sugar coat things anymore. Where once I like to plant little seeds and let people discover things for themselves, now I just want to shake them. Because shit is getting real now. And we need to find our voices, find our strength and come together.

There is so much we have been lied to about, but the one thing that is the truth, is that we need community. We need to support one another and we need to take back control of our lives.

All of this shit is happening, because it is being let happen! Freedom is something we are all born with, it is within us, it is our ability to make decisions, to think for ourselves. We really need to hold onto that, for us, for our children and future generations.

So lets, let go of the lies and embrace the truth!


That's true in so many ways and it's relatable around the world, I guess.

Thinking on your own is the best lesson one parent can give to a child

Yeah for sure @creativemary, thank you xxx

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Glad to see someone mentioning the change from 432hz to 440hz that's a pretty esoteric and vital mind opener, and jives with the fact that the universe is based off frequencies.

It's just the tip of the iceberg really, but yeah so important, there could be a whole other post just on that. Thanks @zydane xxxx

Im 100% with you on this!! I am not playing that stupid game anymore, I ain't gonna let government condition my children, and destroying their cores.