From Noble Protests to Violent Riots | Reframing the Narrative

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America Riots

Riots happen.

When riots break out they are in response to ongoing oppression and injustice.

Violent riots, and equally violent police response in the streets of 31 US cities, are spontaneous visceral reactions to callous domestic terrorism perpetrated by law enforcement officers.

Americans are rightly outraged and this revolting event taps into an underground river of anger and frustration that has been boiling beneath the surface in American society for many years. The anger is real and the anger is justified.

Make no mistake, the murder of George Floyd was a disgusting cowardly act carried out by law enforcement officers that all took an oath to protect and serve the American people. There's no justification of this public lynching and every citizen should be sickened by this disturbing misconduct.


Consequently, citizens began to gather in their cities to protest these heinous crimes by the state crying out for justice to be served. However, initial peaceful protests have quickly erupted into violence and mayhem in the streets, providing the state with a justification to quash voices of dissent before the situation transforms into a revolution.


This Is What They Want

The state, led by a privileged criminal ruling class, wants nothing more than the opportunity to seize increased power and control over the masses.

Employing violence is a gift to the security and surveillance state.

Once protests move from non-violent demonstrations to violent mobs, looting and vandalism the state can, and will, justify the use of extreme force to 'restore order'.

Once protesters in the streets have been recast as lawless rioters that
destroy private property and engage in senseless violent acts for their own sake, the state can label all protestors as criminal actors and claim that the state's savage response is warranted.

In only a matter of a days, there's already evidence suggesting that the protests in the streets and the violence that is engulfing the nation is being purposefully stoked by an unseen hand.

Agent provocateurs have been observed in multiple cities inciting and instigating violence. Sparking violence helps to achieve their goal of justified crackdown by the state.

A wide variety of tactics are employed in an effort to give the appearance that violence has been triggered organically. Surely, some of the violence stems from frustrated citizens getting carried away by a mob-mentality, this is inevitable. Yet once started it begins to spread quickly and becomes near impossible to contain. Whether its breaking windows with hammers, throwing rocks at police, placing bricks in upscale shopping districts, running over protesters in vehicles, lighting structure fires or instigating clashes with police, uncontrolled violence is stirred by state agents for maximum effect.

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In one instance, the Minneanapolis 3rd precinct police department was evacuated, looted, set on fire and allowed to burn to the ground. Officials claim that the situation was untenable and too dangerous for emergency workers to access the scene to put out the fires.

However, it begs the question as to why the police station was vacated in the first place and who ordered the evacuation? Furthermore, allowing the 3rd precinct to burn to the ground provides powerful imagery for the state to use to sanction any future counter measures. If there were 100 officers available to protect the home of former Minneanapolis police officer Mr. Chauvin, then there certainly could have used 50 of those officers to protect firefighters to put out the flames at the 3rd precinct.

In another video, demonstrators in Dallas discovered a pallet of bricks in an upscale shopping district unsecured in an area with no visible construction sites nearby.

Multiple instances of what appear to be organized demonstrators dressed all in black work in tandem to set fires, loot and cause maximum damage to property have been observed and described as possible psyop agents purposefully amplifying the level of violence.


Rebranding Protestors as Criminals

The process of reframing events is already well underway.

Mainstream media coverage has shifted to highlight the destruction of private property and businesses.

The destruction of American urban centers is pornified. Scenes of chaos in the streets conjure images of Grand Theft Auto. A feast for the eyes of voyeur culture who crave lawlessness and bloodshed.

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At the same time, the narrative is reconstructed in real-time. Labels are starting to be placed on groups and lines drawn between observers and those in the streets.

Blacks, whites, extremists, antifa, BLM, anarchists, agitators, thugs, looters, gangs, leftists, MAGA supporters, white supremacists, incels, bandits, hooligans, militia-members, rednecks, cucks, dissidents, insurgents - criminals.

Issues of identity, race and political allegiance come to the forefront.

The divide and conquer tactics already present in the news media will be trotted out to place blame on certain groups. Yet, the real goal is to demonize protestors and dissidents of all stripes.

Authorities will clampdown further on public gatherings and any forms of unsanctioned protest against the state for reasons of 'national security'.

Eventually, all forms of protest will be criminalized and outlawed.

Using the new instruments of the technocratic and surveillance state, people who participate in public protests, violent or non-violent, will eventually be rounded up and detained indefinitely. Technologies used for 'contact tracing' approved for COVID-19 tracking will be repurposed to hunt down and silence voices of dissent.

Soon, when the anger subsides, a neat deflection will take place where the systemic inequalities at the root of the unrest will be omitted from the public discourse. In its place, a soap opera of sensational headlines stoking more fear and anger between opposing sides will continue to redefine the nature of the protests.

Insincere familiar politicians will demand reforms and use the anger to score cheap political point. Despite their rhetoric, none of the reforms they will champion will challenge the system or alleviate the inequalities, they will simply be cosmetic aimed a preserving the status quo.

The media storm that surrounds George Floyds senseless death will be replaced by a the latest scandal-du-jour and will fade from memory. After a lengthy trial, the officers responsible for his death will not go to prison and will receive what amounts to a slap on the wrist...

If we allow them to get away with this.
If we go back to our homes and to our self-imposed lockdowns
If we cower in the face of authoritarian rule
If we forget what we have learned here, that we have real power

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Great piece that will unfortunately fall on mostly deaf ears. People want to feel that they are making a difference, even though they are not, as they are running the script they have been programmed to run. The focus their attention for a short time frame that isn't long enough to make the systematic changes necessary, but feel they have made a difference - Over and over again on repeat.

People don't get it because they don't want to get it, as it makes them feel impotent. Protests and riots are like social viagra, short lived - but the fundamental problems remain.

That is not not always true, it depends on how much the poor have been oppressed and what they are willing to do to end that oppression.
French Revolution ( ) 1789, the poor class basically killed the entire rich class, it took many years but they did it.

Boston Tea Party ( one of the reasons the USA exists today) was a riot against the wealthy English class and it started the American Revolution.

The root cause of most rioting is usually class warfare, even though the catalyst that starts the rioting can be something unrelated to socioeconomic conditions, the extent of how bad the violence escalates depends on how badly the system has broken the poor class... it unfortunately usually ends badly for many people, but there are always many more poor people who have nothing to lose than there are wealthy people.

Many people seem to have forgotten or just don't know that the reason the USA exists today is because it was created with violence and rioting.

Many people seem to have forgotten or just don't know that the reason the USA exists today is because it was created with violence and rioting.

The issue is that - it never ends. The system wasn't changed, it was just reset.

I would not consider the American Revolution a reset, it was a complete change, the English monarchy/oligarchy no longer had control over the people of the USA.

A government structure/system is never static, there will always be changes (some minor some drastic) the question is are the people in charge creating system changes that benefit the majority of the population that live under that system or are they benefiting the minority wealthy who live under that system.

When the system changes that are made by the people in charge (this can take years, decades), keep making life more and more difficult for the majority, a breaking point is eventually reached, the people at the bottom want change and they want it now. They no longer want to enact change with peaceful reform and they choose violence and rioting.

Unfortunately the wealth inequality in the USA is the highest it has ever been (not only USA this is a global problem). This violence and rioting in my opinion will continue to escalate unless drastic changes are made to improve the lives of the majority of the population...

the English monarchy/oligarchy no longer had control over the people of the USA.

And now?

the question is are the people in charge creating system changes that benefit the majority of the population that live under that system or are they benefiting the minority wealthy who live under that system.

Isn't this the answer?

Unfortunately the wealth inequality in the USA is the highest it has ever been (not only USA this is a global problem).

Scandinavia (where I live) this is far, far less of a problem - but will change as the world follows the American model or ridiculousness.

Now the system is controlled by an American oligarchy...

There have been many changes to the system in the USA since, the end of slavery, after the Great Depression FDR gave Americans, Social Security, Unemployment insurance, a 90% marginal tax rate on the wealthy, etc...

Like I said systems always change, some changes are good some are bad, when the changes get too terrible, the majority begins to wake up...

Now the system is controlled by an American oligarchy...

Not much actually changes then does it?

I wonder what happens if you compare average living standards to other colonial countries like Canada and Australia. The US likely has the greatest wealth inequalities on earth, and the lows are pretty damn low - considering the highs.

Things are constantly changing, if they did not we would still have slavery...

In order for things to change for the better, people have to constantly participate to make changes to the system that benefit the majority of the population, so we don't have to have violence/rioting.

The USA has had regressive changes for the last 40-50 years because people became complacent, people at the bottom have reached a breaking point, we will see if this breaking point will bring progressive changes, only time will tell.


History is an important element which is often forgotten. And while currently there's reposters highlighting this oppression and discrimination has been going for 400 years, we can stay in the last half decade and remember the riots in the 60s, the Black Power oppression, or even as recent as 1985 the C4-bombing of the MOVE building in Philadelphia.

My first reaction when the demonstrations turned into riots was "This is not the one yet, not enough anger yet in the system. Maybe next time there may be sufficient anger and we will see not only mixed demonstrators, but everyone also calling out financial equality. This is not the revolution yet, but we're getting closer...".


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thanks, I appreciate that.
It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The masses are easily manipulated and are playing into the strength of the state. One thing that the state is well versed in is the use of force. They will not accomplish much trying to compete with the state on this level. Lol, i like the analogy of social viagra - its spot on. Once the dust settles, the same issues will persist with the government taking away more rights and exerting greater force.

Once the dust settles, the same issues will persist with the government taking away more rights and exerting greater force.

Yep, focus will shift to the next fire, while this one still burns.

Lol, i like the analogy of social viagra - its spot on.

blockchained coinage :)

Excellent article! FYI Jacob Frey, the (Justin Trudeau, and) Mayor of Minneapolis ordered the evacuation of the 3rd Precinct. The man is a horrible actor but said he did so due to an imminent threat. All things considered, the imminent threat aspect seems legit to me. Outside of the heinous act of violence that triggered the protests and then riots, as you pointed out, a hidden force is dumping heaps of petrol onto the fire. It seems like either a case of not letting a good crisis go to waste or George Floyd was the designated fall guy even before they murdered him. I know the latter seems far-fetched, but not if you compare it against something like Operation Northwoods. Sacrificial lamb, triggering event, problem reaction solution. Nothing surprises me anymore, and I don't put it by TPTB to fight and play dirty from all ends of the spectrum.

It does seem far fetched but the way the other officer just kind of watched as Floyd was on the ground forever, I don't want to feed wild theorists that don't have enough evidence, but it looked sooooo suspicious, like they knew how it was going to turn out and just following orders. There's a guy in uniform basically just twiddling his thumbs. I think it's just something we need to be open to the possibility of without raving too much about until we have evidence of. But I do always treat it as a possibility.

"It does seem far fetched but the way the other officer just kind of watched as Floyd was on the ground forever,"

That's what I can't get over. It seemed so intentional.
And the guy did it knowing he was being filmed. It
boggles the mind.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
I heard the mayor say that but I also heard that it may have been called by police who want to make the mayor look bad/incompetent. It's possible that there are more politics being played in the background then we see on TV.
I'm not sure if this was premeditated but like many of these triggers the unseen hands are ready with their ready-made solutions - problem, reaction, solution , indeed. They have been harassing communities of color and forcing them into war-zone like inner cities with little hope of escape for decades. It's a systematic targeting of the minority communities. Just look at the percentages of blacks and latinos that make up the massive prison population! It's no accident.

"It's a systematic targeting of the minority communities. Just look at the percentages of blacks and latinos that make up the massive prison population! It's no accident."

I think some of that goes back to redlining and the way that the culture creators attempt to shape the culture. Also, if you're born black in America over the past so many decades, the most prominent examples of people shown on TV, generally tend to be sports stars and rappers. The sports stars emulate the hip-hop culture, and vice versa, creating a feedback loop.

The glowing box shows a very narrow path to "success." And if you want to make it in rap or hip hop, you have to bend to the will of the culture creators. This means rapping about money, drugs, violence, etc. There are lots of insidious forces at play. Including the fact that state assistance may only be offered to single mothers, this can encourage a fatherless environment and causes the state to become the daddy.

The various private prisons punish, they don't reform, they're designed to promote recidivism, so the private corporation can capitalize on slave labor. It's like exporting jobs (in-country) to people stripped of their rights to earn a fair wage. Civil Death. And it doesn't help that the schools are deforming the minds of children all across the board.

Police need reforming so that society is more liberty-oriented. Drug abuse should be treated as a medical problem. The control of public schooling needs to get pulled from the hands of the culture creators that are actively working to destroy minds.

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The agenda seems to be unfolding as planned. First they took the fundamental freedoms from their citizens, turning them into raging volcanoes by forcing them to stay home, to live without their jobs and sources of income, than they most certainly have directed that odious murder to trigger the already highly raged population. Through insiders riots and violent protests have been provoked and now what will the citizens of the US get? More fundamental freedom rights being stolen, more security measures to protect them against themselves and more modern slavery. It's just part of plan and this thing is major, the effects will make the 9/11 and 2008 financial crisis a baby's cry. We're being played, mostly psychologically.

“ Agent provocateurs“. I am usually able to keep a cool head despite whatever is going on but this is one of the last few things that is able to throw me off balance because it’s just such a sinister tactic and it happens every single time and people still get fooled by it every time in most countries and most movements. Its hard to convince people it’s happening to because by the time you bring them evidence they are already fired up and making enemies online, past the point of no return.

I’m gonna share this post on Twitter....tomorrow, I need to take a break and recharge.

Now it appears the police/National Guard are firing on people on their own property. Seems like they are desperate to force a civil war with their Cointelpro style operations while ordering police to stand down at the scene. Yet they have time to patrol residential areas and bully innocent people on their own property.

Almost seems like they really want to lock us down, and if the pandemic couldn't achieve this lets have some scripted violence to force the issue.

Insincere familiar politicians

Little more than paid actors. I have wondered for years now at what point there will be a backlash in the shadows against their oppression. Read a book as a kid called wasp.

Basically the story line was set on small independent individuals causing as much havok and disruption in the shadows while blending in with the population. No other person knew about them so there was never a threat of being outed by another agent.

I keep holding out hope that there will be an awakening in the police and military (like we see with organizations like Oathkeepers) that stand against their orders and remind their leaders they all swore an oath to the constitution, not the monied interests writing these scripts.

Shared all around, hopefully we can take back the narrative, thanks for this article @v4vapid!

It looks like it is manufactured to take full control over our lives.

 2 years ago (edited) 

If it wasn't manufactured they're certainly taking full advantage of the situation, yes.
It's hard to watch but I can understand the frustration and anger that people are feeling. The system is broken and still its the average citizens that suffer most.

It's easy to turn what was thought to be a peaceful protest into full-blown vandalism. You just hire someone to start the demolition and the rest will happen naturally. Maybe people are finally fed up with everything and they're just letting loose but I doubt that anyone would start destroying his own community.

It's the system that needs to be changed and not a policeman that's doing his job. Or a store owner. You're right that it's the average citizen who suffers the most. They are being fed the narrative which they don't question. It divides and cripples our society.

Only together we can grow and achieve our true potential as humans. Peace and love!

ps. what started as a simple reply, turned out as a mental discussion with myself.

lol, i have a lot of discussions with myself ;)

Yes, perhaps there's nothing easier than hijacking a protest and turning it into a full blown riot under the right conditions.

It's infinitely more difficult to have the self discipline to maintain your cool and not get caught up in the moment of mob-think and violence.

This is why I stopped being a staunch supporter of marches and the like, it's just so easy to manipulate. Put a few ideas in a few I'll mannered men in uniforms heads and they start provoking people like crazy and under such tense conditions someone does something stupid and the media is already ready for it.

I think we need to get a lot more people away from the mainstream narrative, a bit more able to stay calm and discuss things calmly and engaged in a peaceful way with people across the political spectrum before we can have the upper hand in a movement like this. We can't do shit divided. We need to be bridging the gaps before things get hot so that this divide and conquer tactic doesn't work.

People love to release their anger!

No matter how much harm it causes.

Thanks, for your in-depth analysis of this terribly frustrating situation.

Here’s, my commentary, in verse:


How convenient for the accused and cohorts that the Third Precinct burned, destroying all 'in-house' files/records, relating to officers involved...


Chauvin might go to prison; in the front door, and out the back, with a new identity and relocated...

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

I don't disagree with this statement, I just wish that the non-violent protests could have been put to use with great numbers first.
Obviously, it's near impossible to control especially in this current political and economic climate.

American citizens @v4vapid are experiencing what lies beneath the strata of society but never allowed it to be seen: poverty, the lack of an adequate public health system, unemployment.

They were all symptoms of other societies: Latin American, some European, some Asian. Never from the USA.

The coronavirus pandemic is nothing more than a trigger for an explosive that had been placed long ago. COVID-19 has been the wick or the detonator.

There has always been much hypocrisy and lies in the famous American "status quo". And racism has never disappeared. It has simply changed shape.

Like the chameleon.

Thanks for this! I'm passing along the link to my neighbors. They know something is not right with what they are seeing on the news but talking to them about it is sort of a struggle. Maybe they'll read what you've said here and go, Ah HA!

To be fair, one dude tried to go the symbolic route by kneeling during the national anthem. People lost their minds...
It's not like they never tried other means of alerting the public to the dire situation - while being killed left and right.

Isn't it so ridiculous that he got shit for that? But a lot of the controversy starts with the way the media spins it

We live in a culture where optics is everything. I once heard it said that what happens is less important than what it can be made to look like happened. If this is the result of self-righteous anger, what troubles me is, where was this anger over the lockdowns, the closing of essential businesses (any business that provides employment), the churches, ad infinitum?

Most of my FB social network is reacting emotionally and posting/reposting memes that justify the riots. "We built this country for free, we have the right to tear it down." None of them consider the downstream effects. The people who have the power to end the systemic police brutality (upon both black and white) are the very people who can write off a few billion dollars of property damage: raise taxes again or (when all else fails) print more money. Who benefits from all of this?

They are all Reichstag fires....

Very sad to see such acts of violence. Long term effects of such behaviour rarely made room for genuine justice. If all of this will end up only in a slap on the wrist.... It will make the riots appear useless. Justice is something people crave for, but the way to get to it can't be done only through utter violence

very good

Nice sum up of what is going on. It is sadly funny how this is all playing out as a pre-written script that will inevitable lead to more oppression.
For me, this is about class structure and racism is a low hanging fruit that is easy to get people worked up about.
I only wish that the protestors would realise that they are playing right into the hands of their oppressors.

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery. The amount of racism is simply sick, I don't have the stomach to watch any of the videos. And these are only the ones I heard of in the past month, who knows how many many many more victims there are and have been.
I seriously hope things get better.
Black lives Matter.

No worries.

Reading your post inspired me to write mine. Put a little fire in me.

İsyanları çok yakından takip etmiştim. Bu olay beni derinden sarsmıştı. Öfkeliydi. hala geçmedi. Hepimiz George Floyd'uz....

"Technologies used for 'contact tracing' approved for COVID-19 tracking will be repurposed to hunt down and silence voices of dissent."

Nonsense. In case you aren't aware of it the government already has a robust system of ankle monitoring for criminals. Apps on your phone don't control you and covid contact tracing is a valuable asset to fighting the disease.

The tinfoil set has been claiming FEMA camps are coming forever. Two weeks from now all the curfews will be lifted and you won't have lost a single freedom. You give too much credit to the powers that be, they are the government, and as such are incapable of pulling off these vast conspiracies.

No protests will not be banned, and this is not the start of some totalitarian shit. A bunch of property is going to get burned down, people are going to die, and looting will be bad, but in a month it will all be business as usual.

but in a month it will all be business as usual.

Utter nonsense.

Two weeks from now all the curfews will be lifted and you won't have lost a single freedom.

more nonsense.
America just spent 2 months on lockdown.
40 million filed for unemployment, to date.
The criminals in government have looted the treasury of trillions.

Trump and the Pentagon's chief Mark Esper (formerly Raytheon) just authorized the deployment of the US military across the country to "dominate the streets".

Stay tuned.