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RE: Free Julian Assange | Pardon Julian Assange #Unity4j

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I can't believe that in supposed "democracy"they have him in a glass cage in the back of the courtroom as if he's a serial killer!

Julian's defense and the defense witnesses have been wiping the floor with Mr. Lewis the chief prosecutor day in and day out. However, it won't matter as the judge has already decided the outcome before the trial.
I am heartened to see that more and more people are FINALLY starting to talk about Assange and what his case means for all journalists, free speech and human rights. Glad to see Snowden and Rogan discuss it... Julian's only hope is if the public can rally behind him and create an outcry that officials are forced to intervene.

Thanks for covering this once again my friend!
This is vitally important!

Act now, speak truth to power.



yeah, they have him in that glass cage, like he is something from a movie, the entire thing just makes me angry every time I hear or see anything on it these days - they are so fake, they talk about "free speech /journalism" then they do what they are doing to Julian Assange - don't worry, next year they will go on about the "need for free journalism" as they do every year - one thing is, as the days go by, people are seeing what is happening and realize what a fake kafka/twilight zone courtroom it is over there - this was the litmus test for being able to speak truth to power - meanwhile, all the "protesters" are arguing about what gender everyone is or the "harm" is misgendering everyone - its all just like that 80s movie V - its like everyone has been taken over by Aliens or something. Thanks man, and thanks for that great song and always sticking up for world - you are one of the good guys, I know that! Cheers!

And bump this in your ride!

Great song and great work you guys did on it!!