Rise of The Balloons

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UFOs that were weather balloons
Weather balloons that were UFOs

And everything the newscasters said was shtupid!
If you wanted any of that data they said the balloon collected, just park a van nearby.

Worse, everything she said, the NSA is already doing.

My best guess is these are satellites that are no longer staying up near the firmament.
And if that is so, then we are about to see a lot of satellites fall out of the sky, and much of our communication fails.

If the balloons aren't that, then we have a false flag.
or worse

Whatever the case, it looks to all be part of the plan.

Has to be, nobody waits until the "thing" flies all the way across America to shoot it down over the ocean... unless it is part of the plan

Balloons, people believe China is using balloons to spy on us - because the lying enemedia tells them to. China has all manner of satellites, and thousands of it's citizens on the ground here, one of whom was Diane Feinstein's driver for 20 years. And then let's discuss the Bidens... NM. Any intel China wanted it was handed on a platter by sharing the office with Hunter the 'Big Guy's' classified documents were found in. That's if you don't assume both of them just told China everything it wanted to know, which I do.

So, the balloon story is actually about the lying enemedia, and the utter cattle that pay it any mind at all.

Don't. End of story.