Dublin and Ireland are burning

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Following the stabbing of five persons by an immigrant with Irish citizenship, Dublin saw a night of rioting, looting, and arrests. There are three youngsters among the injured, one of them is very ill.

After the assailant was apprehended, there were protests that resulted in altercations and police cars being set on fire. A total of 34 demonstrators were taken into custody.

Based on the information provided by the police, the assailant is a 40-year-old who has spent almost 20 years living in Ireland. Judging on what makes it through, he is Algerian.

At around 1:30 pm, the guy attacked a nursery in Parnell Square, a neighborhood in north Dublin. The assailant was ultimately stopped by other individuals when they struck him with their bicycles and helmets, as well as a worker at a nursery school.

He is currently in the hospital, and the victims of his attack—a 5-year-old child who was struck in the neck and is currently undergoing emergency surgery—are hospitalized in critical condition. A teacher intervened to protect the youngster. A dad and two other kids were hurt, although not badly.

The attacker's connection to the school is likewise ruled out by the authorities, as is a terrorist motive. According to preliminary assessments, the attacker may have had psychiatric issues.

Following the incident, protesters started setting busses and police cars on fire. There were apparently fights with the police as well as damage and looting at certain stores.

The authorities claim that a far-right group that yelled anti-immigration chants was the source of the demonstrations. Presently, 34 persons have been detained and are scheduled to appear in court; however, more actions and demonstrations are not completely ruled out. Leo Varadkar, the leader of government, expressed his dismay at the events that transpired.