Texas prosecutor accuses Pfizer of lying about the vaccine

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Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas has filed a lawsuit against the global corporation Pfizer, alleging that the latter fraudulently misrepresented the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccination and made an effort to stifle public discourse over the product. The lawsuit was filed a few months after the same prosecutor began looking into Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson, the three companies that make anti-Covid vaccinations that are supplied in the US. As a result, it is expected that further quotations will be submitted in the coming days.

The vaccine's 95% efficacy against the infection, as advertised by the pharmaceutical company, was a highly deceptive representation. This statistic was derived from the so-called relative risk reduction for vaccinated individuals in the preliminary findings of Pfizer's two-month clinical trials.

A subterfuge that those who had read the Pfizer study have been denouncing for years.

But in addition to underlining how Pfizer provided a false representation regarding the effectiveness of its products, the prosecutor accuses the pharmaceutical giant of having silenced and censored those who attempted to highlight its contradictions.

COVID-19 cases have increased following widespread vaccine administration, and some areas have seen a higher percentage of COVID-19 deaths among the vaccinated population compared to the unvaccinated. When the failure of its product became apparent, Pfizer then set out to silence those who were telling the truth.
Pfizer classified as criminals anyone who disseminated information about the vaccine. Claiming they were disseminating false information, he compelled social media companies to mute prominent verifiers.

Tyrannical vaccination laws have compelled a lot of people to consume a faulty product that was marketed with false information.

It goes without saying that a successful resolution of the case would have historical significance and be able to dismantle the pharmaceutical firms' years of propaganda together with the unsettling cooperation of the media, governmental institutions, and medical establishments.


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