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Warning: You may feel some things are surrealistic, improbable, or absurd but all is true. Remember, Cuba is under the control of a totalitarian state with the only objective of keeping the power at any cost. This report will show you the actual situation in Cuba, that one that the state propaganda tries to deny.

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The G77+China summit has left more intentions than results. Beyond the usual statements of the allied countries that cared little or nothing about the Cuban people and a lot about the cheap services or resources that they could contract with Cuba and the political support of the island, there was no landmark agreement. It could be described as another vacation summit.

On the other hand, the designated Cuban ruler, Miguel Díaz-Canel, landed in New York on Sunday on his second visit to the United States to participate in several events during the high-level week of the United Nations General Assembly.
During this stay, he took advantage of all possible spaces on that international forum to condemn the embargo against Cuba and attack the United States. But he says little or nothing in references to the Russian imperialist war in Ukraine, the participation of Cubans in it as mercenaries, or the more than 1000 political prisoners on the island.

An image that perhaps we can see in the next few days (if somebody leaks them) is that of his wife Lis Cuesta shopping in luxury stores in New York with public funds.


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The value of 1 dollar is 250 Cuban pesos (CUP). Now the Cuba minimum pension is around 6.04 USD, the minimum wage is 8.4 USD, and the average salary is 16.8 dollars; all amounts are on a monthly basis.


Due to poor nutrition and problems in replenishing the poultry mass due to a lack of resources, egg production in Cuba has decreased considerably. Even the indices indicate that Cuban chickens produce 25% more eggs than the international average.

This has caused a considerable increase in the price of this product in the informal market of up to 3,000 pesos for a carton of 30 units. However, high prices can also be found in government "approved" online stores. For example, in retail chains such as Supermarket, four dozen chicken eggs can cost 27.40 USD not including shipping costs.

The Cuban Embassy in France has reported that the shipment of one thousand inseminated French cows of the Montbelliarde breed, large milk producers, will be sent to Cuba. If they manage to guarantee them food (one of the main shortcomings of livestock farming in Cuba) and avoid theft and slaughter (one of their main problems), this collaboration project that brings together 155 French companies from Club 33 could result in relief for the distribution of milk in some parts of the country.


The Interfax agency revealed an agreement that postpones until 2040 the definitive repayment of the credit of 1.2 billion euros (1.296 million dollars), which in 2015 was granted for the installation of 800 megawatts of power in the Mariel and Santa Cruz del Norte thermoelectric plants. Although nothing of those megawatts has been installed, it is not known what the credit has been used for.


Lack of medicines, high cost of food, and political repression are the constant in Cuba. When this fact changes I will report it.



So far this year, at least 59 victims of known femicides have already been counted in Cuba in 2023. The Cuban authorities do not recognize this term and are lukewarm in their prevention actions. In many of these cases, women have filed complaints of harassment and violence with the police or prosecutor's office, who dismiss them or do not take sufficient preventive measures or sanctions.

Once the feminicide has been committed, the sanctions are severe, although if they had acted when they filed the first complaints, many of these women would be alive today.


The authorities threaten a Cuban sailor for insisting on his right to compensation for a work accident after appropriating 80% of his salary in dollars for 18 years. Alexander Morales signed up as a sailor on the merchant ship Jolbos, of the Greek company Northsouth Maritime. At the Chinese shipyard in Shanghai, where the ship was being repaired, they ordered it to move some very heavy iron to the deck. In this exercise, the effort fractured two vertebrae and damaged his spinal cord.

To this day, the Greek company and Selecmar – the Cuban state company that mediated his hiring – continue to deny him the $60,000 they owe him as compensation according to the contract. Neither the union, nor the prosecutor's office, nor the Supreme Court have paid attention to his case.

After demonstrating with a sign in front of the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana demanding his rights, the affected person alleges that several State Security agents came to warn him to forget about the matter or they could put him in prison.
Get more details about this case in this news report -


Camagüey journalist Henry Constantín Ferreiro (director of the magazine La Hora de Cuba) continues to be detained by the Cuban authorities after being arrested by State Security in Havana, on September 15, 2023.

The reasons for his arrest are the unfounded accusation that he went to Havana within the framework of an important event for the country (G77 + China summit) to carry out illicit activities (independent journalism).
This is the second time in a month that the regime arrested Constantín Ferreiro. On September 4, he was detained in Camaguey along with another independent journalist while they were trying to cover the trial against activist Lenelis Delgado Cue.

In this sense, the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) has condemned the arbitrary detention and has demanded the immediate release of Constantín. It also demands that freedom of the press be respected and unrestricted journalistic exercise be guaranteed in Cuba.

Final notes

This is all for today Cuba: Inside View, thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check the other reports here:

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