Forced Introversion Attempts By The Covid Cult

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In the age of the religion, or better yet the cult of Covid, society is splitting down the seams and the polarities of each side are reaching further and further away from each other. More and more we see articles like this being normalized through the use of blatant propaganda which is trickling down from overlords behind the plandemic.

Robin Argenti cannot yet envision a future in which she doesn’t wear a mask. “We don’t know if it is going to ever be over,” the 57-year-old resident of upstate New York said of the pandemic. She’s in poor health, and concerned that with the emergence of new variants and the “millions of people who refuse to get vaccinated,” the country will never actually overcome the coronavirus. “I will be masked up for many, many years,” she said. “There are too many unknowns.”>

The use of steady propaganda is a staple in the creation of a cult, only now we are attempting the attempt at the creation of the greatest cult ever to be known: A global cult encompassing every conceivable inch of earth.

Normally cults are created in smaller towns that are somewhat isolated from the rest of society by physical distance, combined with a general "tight-knit" unity of the community (Imagine tiny towns where everyone basically knowns everyone in town by name).

The Rajneesh cult in Oregon in the 80's was a prime example as an Indian guru, well trained in Eastern traditions, used his mental powers for evil in the creation of a "commune" which ended up being dismantled due to murders and a shake-down from police.

This type of cult is small and once discovered and outed publicly is easily dispersed by sheer numbers of "authorities". There are obviously going to be rifts even in a small community such as this with personalities ranging from weak-minded individuals that quickly buy the propaganda to those that reject the cult with hostility and even choose to vacate the area...for obvious reasons.

Right now we have a cult that is being attempted globally and the same rules are applying on an unbelievable massive scale. Like Oregon, we have a spectrum of compliance, with astounding numbers of those buying the propaganda outright from day one, and a smaller contingent of those (I consider myself one) that have smelled a rat from day one and have only strengthened in resolve to reject the mind control.

So we now know that massive and repeated propagandist rhetoric is a clear sign of a cult. Signs saying "wear a mask" and "responsible social distancing" displayed literally everywhere are only one aspect. The mainstream media is obviously another. The weak-minded zombie cultists attempting to police their fellow man is another one.

In truth, it is a frightening level of propaganda even to the most die-hard of conspiracy realists that can see through the obvious fraud. It is understandable that many succumb to this type of social programming, since it has been bred into most of society through 12 + years of government indoctrination camps known as "public education". Most people do not have an individual thought in their head and have been literally programmed like a drone.

But I want to talk about another key aspect of the global cult which is the promotion and even physical forcing of introversion.

I consider myself an introvert by nature. I have no problem being alone or spending long periods by myself, such as when I travel around the U.S. for work and stay at hotels. I'm usually dining alone and pretty much doing my own thing. But, I am a trained extrovert through previous work endeavors such as my nutrition business where I talked to and continue to talk to thousand of random people across the country.

This is a key distinction to what is being done here. It is one thing to be a flexible introvert that can still participate successfully in society. It is another completely to be introverted through coercion with nefarious underpinnings. This type of introversion is essentially programmed through fear and amounts to voluntary isolation which is an absolutely critical axiom and a gift from God to the cult leaders.

Here's an article that will make your hair stand up by a cookie-cutter propaganda outlet (The Washington Compost), and a few quotes from there-in:

“I love wearing a mask. I want to do this forever. It has helped my social anxiety so much.”

“I like not catching colds, not wearing makeup and not being noticed,” Bauer said. “So even vaccinated and with herd immunity, I’m still going to be hiding behind it.”

And from one poor child, most likely brought up in a broken household:

He’s a polite and well-spoken kid when he has to be, but I didn’t consider that social graces aren’t easy for him.

“I want to keep wearing a mask after this is over,” he told me. “I can just go and do my thing, and I don’t have to interact with people. It’s liberating.”

Now, I'm well aware that these might not even be real quotes it could literally be a propaganda psy-op concocted by the cultists and the promulgated through the cult mouthpiece media, but I'm sure there are in fact an astounding number of people like this milling around the planet aimlessly.

Here's my psychological analysis of this type of forced introversion which usually is better known as "slavery". Mental slavery.

All of the systems of the cult have been carefully put in place for decades if not longer, essentially sleeper cells that were meant to be triggered, sort of like an MK-Ultra mind controlled person is "activated" with a certain word, phrase or symbol. These systems are the pillars of control in our country, all of which are corrupt, immoral and inherently evil. They include the medical / industrial complex, public education system, corporate and technocratic media and social media, and the police / military.

Many people, even many masked semi-cultists, know that fear sells in the media. Every single mainstream outlet, day in and day out, is constantly shilling out conflict, war, famine and other doomsday prophecies. This creates fear in those that consume it regularly if they are not careful and mindful. Fear is very similar to anxiety. Many people are very anxious about life in general. This is compounded by the relentless distractions and extortions that keep people in perpetual fear about money, safety and other pillars of living a balanced life.

The medical complex, otherwise known as Rockefeller medicine, specializes in creating victims and placing labels on people. The massive fraud of psychiatry is one tentacle, telling many people that they "have anxiety" as if its some sort of inborn trait that is only treatable by, you guessed it, copious amounts of mind-numbing drugs.

The drugs themselves are invaluable to the indoctrination of the cult of Covid and I plan on doing an entire article or even series on the repercussions of all of these psychotropic drugs and their value to the cult.

Once many people are subconsciously made anxious and afraid, and it becomes chronic in nature, it is then "normalized". That person then views this constant feeling of anxiety as themselves and they self-identify with these neuroses. They absorb the label, the drugs, the numbed feelings and more into themselves, and they become prime candidates for cult indoctrination. This was the setup that has been used now for sometime.

The breakdown of identity is crucial for indoctrination and nothing is clearer now than the fact that masks fit the bill perfectly. It is clear as day to anyone who has studied all of of the subjects mentioned in this article.

The forced introversion right now, the crux of the article, is on full display every where you look. There are gentle proddings as well as outright hostile dictates and even forced coercion from cult thugs (police). The subtle forms are, again, the propagandistic signs everywhere. Its all about the language here. On a side note the dumbing down and virtual illiteracy of the masses is another crucial point that ties into this but I digress.

"Responsible social distancing" implies that you are of course irresponsible if you go near people.

"Do your part: wear a mask" blatant communist propaganda doublespeak.

"We're all in this together"

Do you see how these things are subtly meant to break down individual identities? A constant reminder that the whole is more important than the individual. Again; blatant communist rhetoric and a central tenet of the cult of Covid.

The media's constant pandering to emotionally weak people. Acting as if Zoom meetings and virtual dates and wearing a mask while staring at a screen, of course, alone by yourself while you do it, is the "new normal", all the while with their grotesque and grins as they pipe propaganda straight through the television into the subconsciousness of the sheeple a.k.a. the potential cult recruits.

The carrot on a stick approach is also being employed to further break down the psyche of the masses using the vaccination propaganda machine now to further split up society...again, forced introversion and isolation through mental coercion. I say forced introversion here because they don't even have to use physical force only the fear that resides in the individual themselves in order to coax them into doing the bidding of their invisible masters who are feeding off of this entire charade with bloodlust.

Here's a recent article telling people about who they can hang out with based on genetic manipulation (excuse me, vaccination) status:

When can I visit a friend's house when I'm fully vaccinated?

Further splitting smaller and smaller groups apart. First, during the plandemic, was a massive split right down the middle between the devout cult recruits that had been primed and weren't even aware of it since their birth, and the "conspiracy theorists" a.k.a. the awake people that were rolling their eyes from day one.

Increasingly smaller groups are split the way a log is split into tiny pieces with an axe. You start with cutting it in half, then in quarters, then eighths, and eventually your down to individual splinters.

Now, the cult is focusing on the smallest group: families and friends. They're using the most outlandish terms such as "pods" but when people are fully drinking the kool aid even the weirdest verbiage is consumed like the gospel. All critical thinking goes out the window and I've seen it out in public increasingly in Denver, which is a cultist epicenter.

This type of splicing up the populace will naturally lead to both sides of the belief system being more isolated. The cultists will be afraid of being around the "unclean" unvaccinated people, and the smarter (I hate to say it) people will be edged away from their indoctrinated friends and family. I even have a neighbor that won't allow her own children to come over to her place because they haven't "taken the jab"! That's the level of programming that much of society has succumbed to!

There are many other factors that are contributing to the isolation that are going to create artificial introverts. Many people that were forced to work from home are now accepting it. This isn't bad in and of itself, much labor could be done from home and is useless in general especially computer related jobs. But it will exert a small toll on the psychological and social aspects of these people's lives; they won't be conversing or interacting with coworkers and friends.

Virtual concerts and events are another and simply make my head hurt in their stupidity. Its one thing to sit on the couch and watch a football game. But concerts? Most of the fun is the energy of the crowd (and the destruction of such social energy is another huge key in the quest to understand the goals of the Covid cult; positive energy in numbers is a critical weapon that they fear in the quest for control). How fun would a live concert be if you were the only one there?

But, by far the greatest tool and the saddest of all is the indoctrination of the most vulnerable: children.

Younger generations, through the distractions and constant checking of social media and other shiny objects, have already been made essentially antisocial. Now, with the diabolical restrictions that are being foisted upon them in the indoctrination centers as well as increasingly at home, the destruction of crucial social skills will soon be complete. And this will be somewhat hardwired and extremely difficult to reverse in the if it wasn't already hard enough. It is compounded by the fact that their parents may already be braindead cultists that have forgotten that they even have a soul and are disconnected from nature and Source itself. These kids will grow up to be perfectly programmed machines that won't even need to be told how to be a slave. They grow up wearing ritualistic slave muzzles; they don't know any other way. They grow up fearing going within arms reach of other people.

I don't see why these kids will be anything but inbred with fear and subordination, except for a select few "chosen ones" that somehow intuitively sense that all of this is horribly wrong and not at all what life on this planet is supposed to be like.

Who knows? Maybe (hopefully) I'll be dead wrong and the intuition and lack of programming of small children, the clean slate, will allow them in large groups to rebel against the cultists. Maybe the blatant overreach of the cult will become more apparent to the younger generation and they can communicate through the internet (while its still allowed) quickly with each other.

Moving forward it is sometimes distressing to look at the complete oblivion in public of what is coming down the pipeline with the Covid scamdemic, the cult recruitment process and the insidious creatures at the helm.

The whole point in my eyes is the destruction of spirituality and a movement into the transhumanist, or even more accurately posthumanist society. In short: complete enslavement by plugging everyone into the mainframe, where they quite possibly could be trapped forever. There will be no spiritual enlightenment, no purpose and no growth. There is even speculation already from another cult, the cult of science, of ways to greatly increase the lifespan of humans. But what is the point of living 100, 300, 500, 1000 years? A million, even a billion years? What is the point if you're nothing more than livestock with an extended lifespan which yields neverending supplies of energy to the vampiric overlords who are behind all of this, possibly even interdimensional beings?

Forced fear is great food for these entities. They feed off of it, just like psychopaths do. Human beings ideally should be both introverted and extroverted, not simply polarized askance in one direction or another. People should be able to be happy and content in their own company, but we're also supposed to express gifts to other people and help others. And the best way to do that is through physical contact and conversation, not through a "virtual meeting" or a text message or, God help us, through a plexiglass bubble or ritualistic slave mask.



Very good. Thank you. You touched some points here.

Yes, this splitting up into smaller and smaller units worries me a lot. The individual, completely isolated from the other, is basically not viable in the long run. I wonder if this absoluteness is not its own death...? People cannot live like this, only survive. But survival, one can do that for a very long time, while the spirit breaks down under it and the soul loses itself.

The most important thing about working has always been the personal encounter, the short chat in the hallway or in the kitchen, the meeting in reality. We are physical beings, those who seek to deny this deny their humanity and their deepest needs. The tortured and abused are the first to disregard their most basic needs because they learned early on not to listen to themselves. I am one of those who have not believed the propaganda since day one. I have studied my family history for a long time and tried to make sense of it. What struck me as weird and inconsistent about my parents was the broken part of them, the part that was damaged by the propaganda. Other things had remained intact, and I could do something with them.

How was it with you? Did you also learn about your family history and connected the dots to what was and is currently happening?

I have not really, I'm not sure what you mean. I know the relative history as in what countries our ancestors lived in...

Oh, I am just curious. Let me ask differently: How did you notice right at the beginning that the current Corona phenomenon is a hoax? What events or knowledge did you draw on for this? (what smelled bad?)

The history of the medical system and propaganda networks. Once you understand the psychology and the terminology as well as the resilience of the human body it is clear as day. The numbers don't add up either, to this day. The science actually doesn't match the rhetoric. The whole thing stinks and the people behind it mainly the World Economic Forum and The Gates' is the icing on the cake...its been this way for at least a hundred years at this point.

Great post, Zydane. I thought it was interesting to read and found so many points I could address. Osho, for example, that whole cult incident was unfortunate, but some of his writings were very profound and intelligent. Then you spoke to voluntary vs. involuntary isolation; that's something I haven't put too much thought into but should. I've been voluntarily living an isolationist lifestyle for some time now. But the effect of the constant COVID-19 gaslighting even has my flight/fight response trigger permanently activated with either fear or anxiety. LOL, and now you've got me wondering if some inter-dimensional entities are feeding off me presently. Some pretty wild stuff man, how do you suppose the cult initiation will play out?

Yeah the Osho stuff is weird. I really like him on Youtube its hard to believe he was behind that whole cult...must be more to the story than I've heard. When I found out they were the same person I found myself wondering why he's not in prison lol.

I'm a big David Icke fan and he has been talking about all of this stuff for so long, and is continually proven right. I think, but will never really be able to prove and don't care to spend my life trying to do so, at the top of this pyramid of power, above all the politicians and secret societies, lies the real cause of all of this suffering and those are the interdimensional creatures...I'd advise reading Perception Deception by Icke...its pretty overwhelming though. But it goes into how all sorts of cultures all over the world point to these same "gods" and entities...literally all over the world the same thing from thousands of years ago. They've been around a long long time.

I sense that this is the Apocalypse spoken of in the Bible, although the true meaning "lifting of the veil"...we're collectively being ripped in real time through a massive transformation. But I also sense a sense of urgency from these controlling powers, they're trying to do too many things at once, force it through so to speak. It sort of wreaks of desperation and fear on their part, like they feel they have to do it now or else they're done for.

I sort of find it all interesting now. Annoying, yes. But like you I'm a introvert by nature and now is the time to do the inner work and prepare for the next few years which are going to be rough.

As for the cult recruitment we can't really control what other people choose to do. Many will willingly join (I have a few family members in that group) and I don't want to say they're a lost cause because that's sort of egotistical on my part, but we can help "wake up" other people.

The true goal for me is empowering other people, which leads to good things happening to me as well. And information, as weird or scary as it is, is a useful tool in this weird spiritual battle we find ourselves in.

Thanks for the response!