Hilarity and doublespeak of the Orwellian immunity passport schemes

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Recently the failing American Airlines (soon to be bailed out again by the government so as to achieve the appearance that it is isn't completely bankrupt due to stupidity and subordination) released a statement about how it was striving to make travel easy and convenient by adding a QR code or wallet sized card to prove that you've had your mRNA genetically modifying vaccine.

This will add to the other features of flight that make things very "easy and convenient" such as:

  • Mandating a ritualistic slave muzzle throughout your entire journey
  • Treating you like a criminal who is guilty before proven innocent by searching through all your private belongings, x-raying them, radiating you in a biometric scanner, patting you down, making you take off your shoes and belt (very dangerous items), and possibly having a dog sniff you
  • Requiring multiple ID checks whether its at the ticket center or customs
  • Requiring you to throw away your liquids and creams (again very dangerous items that could possibly be thrown at unruly uber-liberals on flight screeching about your lack of said face muzzle

So now, not only are you a terrorist until proven otherwise, but you are also a diseased bag of viruses masquerading as a human being until also proven otherwise.

Of course, logic is out the window now. This is known to people on Hive I'm sure. Data means nothing. Fake viruses means nothing. Only profits for corporations and demoralization of the public through various means to ensure compliance and slavery.

Keep in mind that is before you encounter this spectacle on-board your flying greyhound shit-hole bus:

ElectrostaticSpraying3.jpg image courtesy of http://news.aa.com/multimedia/images/

This way, after you've been through the public humiliation that is modern day travel, possibly molestation by room-temperature IQ TSA employees that probably couldn't even tell you what a virus is (or isn't).

So now you might just need that useless petri dish on your face, as you struggle not to inhale toxic sanitizing agents in a closed-air facility for what could be hours at a time, slowly destroying your immune system in myriad ways.

And of course that's before you land at your destination and are bombarded with useless PCR tests depending on your country of arrival. In this case it would be the USSA, the hub (no pun intended) of insanity in the world second only to Australia and Canada it seems.

Mandatory vaccinations by those that make tons of money off mandatory vaccinations

Its really nothing new here that the levels of retardation and irrational paranoia have reached new heights since the inception of the plandemic / scamdemic / hoax of covid-19.

I guess one thing that has been unearthed through all of this is the sheer ignorance of the average person in terms of...well anything that has to do with personal responsibility and freedom.

I really thought when this whole scam was kicked off last year that most people would at least be semi-conscious to how ridiculous the entire charade really is.

Boy, have me and my friends been utterly disappointed to say the least.

Droves of zombies will march not only to get the vaccine but will welcome their immunity passports. Of course, like most things having to do with health, news, or world events, or even having some sort of foresight into the future, they are and will continue to be completely oblivious to the fact that there is no end in sight for how far they will be required to go.

They they that a vaccine will open society...peasants. Nine out of ten people I've queried in pubic don't even know who the World Economic Forum is or the great reset. They know Bill Gates in name only, having no clue to the devastation to third world countries by his never-ending vaccine agenda.

"But, you know, muh Snopes and other fact checkers 'n stuff" seems to be the only mumbled response after a laughable Google search on the topic.

It really doesn't take a genius to understand that of course, a pharmaceutical giant with nazi ties such as Merck would love for compulsory vaccination of all types, not just the phony vaccine that they previously retracted, viewed as a "major setback" by mainstream media outlets.

Because that's the world we are supposed to be moving into, where vaccinations are the king of all medical interventions. And many will stick whatever into their arm, or eat whatever pill without question because they are subconsciously too god damned lazy to take control of their own health.

The real keys to health have been completely forgotten

General Prevention masks 04.07.20.jpg

Everywhere you see the propaganda. Literally an embarrassment to health on every single level. Everything is inverted these days.

Obviously, any government imposed mandate on health would read the exact opposite of this pathetic flyer:

  • Make frequent contact with other people, especially strangers
  • Never use toxic sanitizers, or make your own naturally with something like vinegar and lemon
  • Touch dirt as much as possible
  • Never under any circumstances, except while painting or in a god-damned dust storm wear a slave muzzle
  • Avoid doctors at all cost, except for emergencies, by taking care of your own health
  • Touch your face and eyes regularly and again supercharge your immune system with various germs, dirt, etc.

The Upside to immunity passports

There is always good news hidden in the weeds of political psy-ops such as covid 19 and other vaccination / sickness scandals (of which there are countless examples spanning at least the last one hundred years).

There is talk about requiring these ridiculous nazi-era cards to get into sporting events and other bread and circus sideshows.

Good, I personally don't need to waste any more time on useless circuses like football games and other sports. If I want I'll watch it at home while I sanitize the joint wink wink.

I feel personally like a growing number of "awake" people that are at least aware that less time should be spent on distractions and more time on building the inner self and improving lives are realizing how ridiculous cheering on other people that you'll never meet is pretty damn pathetic when you think about it.

Sure, I love playing sports but the fact is that people will cheer harder and put more energy into other people than they do on themselves which is intrinsically pathetic on a visceral level. So let the normies scan their QR codes and put on face paint and attend these useless side-shows. The rest of us can improve spiritually, physically and mentally outside of the matrix that we find ourselves continually drawn into.

Music venues? Now that's a bummer but again I'm not getting any vaccination just to watch a band. With these mandatory and ridiculous "health measures" that are guaranteed to make you sick and will never help with your health, there needs to be a zero-tolerance policy. I know I won't be getting the shot, or any other shot or test, and I'd sooner smuggle myself aboard a freighter to get into another country than acquiesce to this totalitarian nightmare.

Already we know that half of Americans don't want the vaccine which seems to shock the pharmaceutical industry funded mainstream media / Gates controlled apparatus so that's at least 100 million Americans, so that's a start.

We'll see how long venues survive when their crowds consist of fluoridated, medicated, vaccinated and otherwise dumbed down zombies that sit there drooling on themselves eating processed hotdogs and growing fatter and more lethargic by the minute. They'll probably going to have to continue faking crowd noises just to get any level of excitement as most of the patrons will be half-unconscious anyway.

Freedom Air has popped up and hopefully won't get railroaded by industry conglomerates who I'm sure won't take kindly to "unvaccinated and walking bags of diseases travelling hither and thither" and stealing their profits while providing "freedom". But we can hope.

Much like gun laws create black / underground markets I'm sure there will be a flourishing opportunity for savvy businesses to cater to the millions of people that don't want this dystopian nightmare / clown world that we're being led into by the sheep.

We already have states like South Dakota and Florida that are refusing the Orwellian lockdowns and mandates, and much as the mainstream media will attempt to demonize and slander such operations, the good news is that people like me (and others) already don't give a shit what they have to say about anything so their heretical gospel spillings will fall on deaf ears.

In this coming age of complete division, where there are those that have zero-tolerance to freedom encroaching "laws" made by idiots, charlatans and other totalitarians, and those that just sleepwalk around like they do with everything else in life, there will be ample opportunity for those that wish to look.


The one sad truth of the matter

Something that I think frustrates many of us that seek to actually empower others in their health is this: You can't change someone's mind you can only influence them through action. This is true in any field. If someone is closed minded and living in fear, which is the order of the day unfortunately, you can only find like-minded individuals and maybe tip a few people that are on the fence.

Much time has been spent, myself included, attempting to pry open dumbed-down people's minds only to be met with resistance and ridicule. It can frustrate you to no end but all it amounts to is a waste of time and energy that could be spent creating a life for yourself and finding your true purpose, which is the whole point of this episode we find ourselves in.

I have called this covid-19 scam a soul test because it literally tests your grit and independence and willingness to fight for what you believe in.

I too was extremely frustrated, even went into the first bout of true depression ever when this crap started. Regardless of thoughts, most will be isolated. I know I am here in Denver, liberal brainwashing epicenter of America it seems.

But its a test. What are you going to do? What is really the most important? Is it the external world of clownery and retardation on a massive scale, or is it what you really have inside of yourself, which is a reflection of your reality anyways.

Again this is a matrix we live in and just like the movie that I always seem to find myself quoting, most people are not ready to be unplugged. So be it...let people move at their own pace. If they want to take the stupid vaccine let them take it. If they like wearing a facial slave muzzle exemplifying their compliance and servitude to their fictional masters then so be it but the true battle is always to go inside of yourself and realize that happiness and gratitude come from within and nothing on the outside really matters and will be gone with time anyway. We'll all fade into dust eventually so why spend so much time trying to wake the dead. Its much easier to create new ideas than to wake the dead.

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