"Next Normal" Plandemic Plan Introduced In U.S. Congress / Worldwide

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First of all let's look at the etymology of "Congress" which clearly is the opposite of "Progress". Pros and cons, progress and congress. So that should lead us astray from the nuisance that is the U.S. Congressional system based in Washington D.C. aka Washington's Distric of Criminals.

A brilliant article has surfaced from Dr. Mercola (www.mercola.com) going over the next stages of tyranny being planned by the worldwide criminal cabal. You can read the original article here but I will give an outline as well as some other thoughts on what is coming in the next stage of world government devolution which is the biomedical security state.

The World Health Organization, funded into conception by none other than the Rockefeller Foundation in 1948. Curiously this is about the same exact year that Israel was bombed into being after the conclusion of World War II.

The current psychopath at the helm of the WHO is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus or as the dumbed down mainstream media knows him, simply Tedros.


As I have reported on in the past Tedros comes from Ethiopia and is the first director of the WHO that is not a physician. He is well known among researchers for his corruption not only with the CCP but also with the cholera scandal. A brief research project into Tedros shows that he is just another garden variety NWO shill projected into place without any real knowledge of health, wellness or anything associated with those terms.

Anyone in the #deepdives community is well aware of the various arms of NGO's and unelected "think tanks" around the world that that are attempting to destroy the autonomy of every human on earth. These people tend to be psychopathic, satanic, pedophiles, trannies, or other forms of degenerates and I have said in the past that I view their ilk as non-human entities because their every thought and action seems to be aimed at controlling, harming or outright killing every living person on the planet who isn't in their sick and degenerate cult.

Two such proposals for "comprehensive global health" include the WHO's own "Pandemic Preparedness Plan" and the new covid roadmap Here is an infographic of the WHO's proposal:


No where in this document, or anything else that the WHO has ever attempted to punch through for that matter, has there been any mention at all about nutrition and holistic health. They have absolutely no intentions on teaching anyone how to be healthy. All they do, day in and day out, is promote vaccinations, drugs and therapeutics. This organization, the WHO, is corrupt to the point that no one who truly understands health (there are very few of us) would ever listen to anything they say with any sincerity. In fact I outright reject the WHO and any recommendations they give and advise anyone out there who is waking up to do the exact opposite that they or any governmental agency says to do in terms of health. They say get the vaccine, don't get the vaccine. They don't talk about health and nutrition, then you should learn about health and nutrition. They don't talk about physical fitness, breathing, how to avoid chemicals, and how to take control of your mental health. You should do all of these things.

What it ultimately comes down to with regards to the WHO is that people are being groomed internationally to outsource their health to, again, psychopaths, idiots, pedophiles, satanists and, if it is possible, even worse.

The "Covid Roadmap" (link above) is presented as a way to transition to the "next normal" which eerily echoes the "New Normal" that Klaus Schwab and friends at the WEF have been ranting about for the last half decade.

This "roadmap" plainly states that there will be a never ending pandemic because of the common cold, excuse me, coronavirus. We will have to learn to live with the common cold, excuse me, I can't stop getting it wrong, coronavirus. Obviously we have never been asked to live with the common cold before as it never existed before the globalist cult launched it into the front of the news, which they own by and large, recently.

And, like the WHO, who's largest funder annually is the one and only Bill Gates, this roadmap says nothing about health. It does however say that we need "more surveillance and home testing" as well as vaccines, therapeutics, blah blah blah etcetera etcetera. The usual pharmaceutical industrial complex banter that omits anything having to do with health and also makes the billions of dollars, and more every year, all paid for by the very sheep that they target.

I would advise reading the entire document when you get the time. It is 136 pages long, so it should take about the same time it takes someone to watch their favorite propaganda television program or sportsball game. Except instead of being brainwashed and subliminally bombarded with propaganda and useless dopamine-inducing short-term entertainment, you could have a rich knowledge of what is being planned for you, your family and the next generation of humanity worldwide.

The main bullet points of what is being planned for the U.S. and even globally are as follows:

  • We are transitioning into a new era of surveillance and control that has never before been seen in humanity, the age of of the biomedical superstate which includes a one world shadow government and "health agencies" like the WHO superseding federal and state laws, effectively nullifying any personal choice of the individua.

  • Humans in general will be treated by governments like diseased terrorists until proven otherwise through the digital I.D. and vaccine passport system where you will have to prove your slavery to travel internationally, and even domestically in some places.

  • Emergency powers of governments will be expanded permanently, giving them unopposed authority to transcend any law or constitution of any country that is in the network. Under national emergencies the government will not need to ask for your permission (not that they ever cared anyway) and will not need to your vote, only executive orders and rule by defacto dictatorships.

  • Health will be redefined by how compliant individuals are with pharmaceutical and chemical cartels. You will only be considered healthy if you have taken all of the vaccinations, which will compile to greater numbers each passing year. It will not matter if you are physically fit and healthy with no symptoms, you will not be healthy and actually could be considered a public health threat if you do not take the shots, drugs, chemicals, etc.

  • Eventually, if not fought vigorously by those of humanity that still have braincells left to think, anyone who does not comply with these measures will be taken by force into quarantine camps, even if they are completely healthy, in order to "ensure public health".

  • You will have no rights unless you take them.

It is indeed a bleak outlook and there are positive strategies that thinking and awake humans can take to avoid this hellscape that I just mentioned. But that is only if we reject the system and all of its components personally, and help to create a parallel society that returns humanity to what we are meant to be which is free, healthy, vibrant, conscious and in congruity with nature. Rejection of the system is not easy, and it was not meant to be easy. That is why this globalist cabal seeks to demoralize and destroy the will of the people. They can do this in many ways including by destroying your physical and mental health, by stoking never ending fears through fabricated pandemics. They want us all to be afraid of nature and to view other people as disease-carrying bags of shit.