The Fractal Reality Control Matrix

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One of the most interesting ideas about how this reality that we share is actually made up is the idea of fractals. For those not familiar, fractals refers to an idea that larger systems are identical to smaller systems. This is especially true visually as you can easily find pictures of fractal art online, where if you zoom in on a particular area of the design it will create a duplicate image:

Fractal Artwork

Can this idea be extrapolated out into how our reality works, and the way that we are manipulated and influenced by higher entities?

Take for instance the metaverse that FBIbook recently changed their name to. The whole idea is very simple, a virtual reality world where you can create an avatar in the computer-generated space in order to explore this secondary world (the virtual world). But what happens when you create a virtual reality within that virtual reality? A second-tier virtual world?

Theoretically if someone was immersed in these types of virtual worlds they could eventually forget that they were actually in a simulation. They would be *trapped in the simulation while their "real" self continues to exist in the "higher" version of reality.

By default these worlds-within-worlds have to be of lower frequency. Just look at computers themselves. We've all played video games and experienced glitches. No matter how good the technology seems and the graphics may seem so real, its a cheaper version than the actual reality that we believe we live in.

So with that being said it is perfectly possible that we are also existing as a higher self and this world that we view as real is actually the simulation. It could actually be that we are already several layers deep in fake realities and that multiple dimensions could exist simultaneously all around us.

The reason that any of this is important at all is that we are in a spiritual war with very strange and demonic entities attempting to drag us into the matrix which is something that I have written extensively about (see the link).

The further that we move into these lower dimensional realms, the more we forget who we really are and the more spiritually bankrupt and corrupt the simulation becomes. This happens because we are being led away from nature, religion and any other sort of natural environment where we can explore larger ideas and also become aware of our supernatural powers. In short, we are being trained to believe, and many already do believe, that we are weak and sick creatures that need continual external interventions (vaccines, drugs, therapies, screens, injections, etc).

This is exactly the opposite of what I try to help people understand and this is why people like me and others are censored and ostracized. The worst thing for the powers that be is for people to realize what is actually going on and "waking up"...a term becoming more cliché by the day.

Most of the writers on here are pretty much based on the idea that there are groups that seek to create global governments and reduce the individual down to a mere cog in a giant network. Here is a simple excerpt from the Wikipedia of the World Economic Forum:

The Forum suggests that a globalised world is best managed by a self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments and civil society organizations (CSOs),[5][6] which it expresses through initiatives like the "Great Reset"[7] and the "Global Redesign".[8][9] It sees periods of global instability – such as the financial crisis of 2007–2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic – as windows of opportunity to intensify its programmatic efforts.[10]

Many of these goals, again, revolve around making people feel like victims and dividing us from each other. Each division in itself creates its own fractal in the greater scheme of total control.

They created the reality through the use of the television programming of the last several decades, going all the way back to black and white television and the first "programs".

They stepped this up by creating life-like video games that give a false sense of achievement by manipulating dopamine effects from real-world activities...the video game addictions lead someone into a fractal of its own.

The SMART phone and the metaverse are the next step. Covid was used to normalize things like virtual meetings and other "socially distanced" activities to replace natural and real events like meeting people and hugging them and having interactions of electromagnetic energy fields that we all constantly interact with.

This is all in direct defiance to natural law and even "God" itself, whatever you may feel that to be. Instead of experiencing this reality in a freeflowing manner and learning and interacting with other people, animals and nature, we are being programmed slowly to fall into a low-vibrational hypnosis using fear as the primary mover. Fear that other people are out to get you. Fear that they are diseased and might "get you sick" when the exact is the truth. Its an inverted fractal reality, artificially created by lower-vibrational and satanic energies that actually are jealous that we can have higher experiences. They cannot and that is the whole point of their fake-existence in this world is to drag us into positions where they can feed off of us in the lower vibrational states and provide them sustenance. We have to fight this at all costs and strive to act out of the higher frequencies.