The Totalitarian Tiptoe Explained

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Few authors and speakers have made strides as massive as David Icke. Regardless of what people may think of the man, much of which is most likely based off of lies and spin from mainstream media sources who's sole objective is to lie, divide and deceive the masses, he's done Yeoman's work in regard to exposing the global tyranny beast system that is being rolled out full force across the planet.

As anyone who is paying attention can attest, if there is a single place, a prototype if you will, where we can examine just how psychological operations and what Icke terms the "totalitarian tiptoe" in action.

Australian people who are not vaccinated are now plainly being told by their "leaders" that they will be permanently locked out of society and their brothers and sisters are going along with it...all because of the totalitarian tiptoe.


Icke has over a dozen books out (the exact number escapes me) and each one is a tome of knowledge and information on the global control matrix. And despite the opposition including the lemmings running around scared, masked and endlessly injected, each book contains a hundred or so pages of bibliography and citations.

One eye opener that I recommend is The Perception Deception which is admittedly the only one of Icke's books that I've read cover to cover and taken detailed notes on.


The Totalitarian Tiptoe is not a new subject only generational knowledge rebranded. It is the lockstep operation of two steps forward and one step back in order to slowly punch through totalitarian and tyrannical agendas.

So in Australia they have been stringing along the sheeple for two years now, imposing harsh and innately criminal lockdowns and measures that clearly only a dictatorship would attempt, and then slightly easing up and giving the herd a little bit of breathing room...before promptly bringing the propaganda hammer down harder and harder until any semblance of rational behavior is gone, replaced with a matrix control program not unlike how an operating system is installed and upgraded over time.

If you want to see the face of one of the worst excuses for humanity that ever existed look no further than this creton:


One day in the future, if there are any sane and healthy (unvaccinated) people left in this realm of reality, it will be faces like this that are placed on billboards with #neveragain plastered across them.

The totalitarian tiptoe once understood forms a sort of key for the lock of deciphering what most people see as a maze of unorganized and unrelated events that spans the planet. You can gain foresight into the minds and plans of the ruling elite and then implement this knowledge to educate other people that are still asleep as well as take action in the real world to side-step and foil their plans.

And, despite what the sheeple still insist upon, these plans include lots of pain, lots of suffering, lots of death and even worse and I mean that last statement completely and not hyperbolically. This is because, in my humble opinion based off of massive research and intuition, as well as watching what is happening in the real world to people, the end goal is a term I've heard called "soul scalping" or the destruction of people's souls. Literally, the scalping of the soul the way redskins was coined for the scalping of Native Americans.

They see it as a sort of trophy. Your soul, sucked out of your body for all of eternity, stuck in the matrix, or hell you could call it. All because humanity is basked in a cloak of ignorance that seemingly so many cannot see much less throw off.

This ignorance is a choice and the totalitarian tiptoe is the means that they actively show humanity what they are doing in plain sight using organizations such as the Rockefeller Institute, Imperial College of London, Council on Foreign Relations, The World Health Organization, The World Economic Forum, The Club of Rome, The Council of 300, and on, and on, and on.

They clearly articulate their plans to the public, but then gently dissuade (but not force) people to simply ignore their dictates and manifestos. Then, when they reach any particular endgame (now its eternal lockdowns and face masks for the peasantry, endless poisonous injections, propaganda and lies and eventually a good 'ol fashioned soul scraping) they can come out and say:

"See? What are you so confused about? We TOLD you decades ago, with detailed documents, right in front of your very face, literally minutes of research away. Its YOUR ignorance and lack of original thought and curiosity that YOU let this happen. We just rolled out EXACTLY what we said we would do, and, because you are sheep, and we understand how to control your every emotional response, you did exactly what we wanted and now you get exactly what you deserve."

The totalitarian tiptoe is quite simple. It involves a lie, followed by a knee-jerk response from the sheeple, which is foreseen, and this is followed by a Hegalian Dialectic problem / reaction / solution predetermined response.

  • Two weeks to "flatten the curve" is now over two years, vaccine mandates, masks everywhere, massive destruction of all aspects of life and liberty planetwide, all in lockstep across the planet regardless of the "type of government" or whatever façade we are spoonfed by the corrupt media.

  • 9/11 false flag operation blamed on CIA operative and type II diabetic Tim Osmond aka "Osama Bin Laden" and a hodgepodge group of "terrorists" with box cutters. Public laps it up like dogs with a water bowl. Now you can't go through an airport without taking off half your clothes, being blasted with radiation and xrays multiple times, frisked by low-IQ TSA employees on a power trip. All of your items handled and logged. The Patriot Act is enacted, effectively making you the terrorist until proven otherwise.

The plan is very, very clear and very simple. Global enslavement. Total, unbridled tyranny, which humanity has likely never seen before.

It may all be doom and gloom, and there is certainly a need for inner happiness and enjoyment in life. But we're at a crossroads now where what is seen as normal will be nothing short of slavery, except your cage will be physically larger than a prison cell (but only as large as THEY allow it to be, which will be smaller and smaller over time). It will also be a mental prison.

Imagine freedom and then just look at what is being planned. Pull the wool from your eyes and just imagine this scenario because it is coming to a town near you and the only person we'll have to blame will be the person staring back from a mirror. Which coincidentally will probably be the only person you're allowed to see anyway since one of the objectives of the tyranny is social isolation which will eventually drive people insane and enable soul scraping.

Everywhere you go, you will have to show your digital ID and vaccination status. Exactly like a dog, you will have to prove that you have your shots. You'll still have to cover your disgusting peasant face with a mask. And get your temperature checked and logged.

You will be treated like a diseased terrorist until every single place that you go you have to prove otherwise. Eventually, most people will come to accept this and even prefer it, and the Stockholm Syndrome will be complete. There will be no more need for a totalitarian tiptoe because the system will be in place. Then the veil will truly be taken away, and the plan laid bare. But by then it will be too late. And people like me, locked into the same system, will only be able to point and say "We tried to tell you. We tried to warn you. But you didn't listen. And now, you get exactly what you deserve. Slavery."