They're attempting to drag us eternally into The Matrix.

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Most of the posts in this thread revolve around the scientific (or lack thereof) debauchery that is the Covid-19 plandemic news cycle.


We are beyond a point where this can be blamed on widespread negligence and a lack of evidence at hand. We have massive think tanks like the WHO and the CDC that seemingly have infinite budgets and teams of professionals of every ilk that should be able to come up with definitive ideas and solutions to all manner of health problems.

But again and again, this does not happen.

Understanding the scamdemic involves thinking beyond the three-dimensional plane of existence and the "normal" humans residing here. We're dealing collectively with psychopaths and essentially demonically controlled entities that whether they know it or not bow to the laws of sub-human interdimensional entities that seek to make this world like their own. This is reminiscent of The Demiurge from the Gnostic teachings, the "false god" that in essence created the earth Matrix.

If it all sounds too strange to be true then you may be under the spell of the largest propaganda operation in the history of man, which encompasses major concepts related to human consciousness.

Look around at what is going on here. The masks, the mandates, the thuggish police criminals and politicians...globally. This isn't some isolated incident where one bureaucrat is going off the handle. This is a global coalition with a global, common goal of total control and in many ways chaos and agony.

One key tenant of the global control grid that is hard for normies to understand is why they would do it and this is a topic that creates mental road blocks for most people because they attempt to relate to these cretons in power as if they are humans, which they are not, at least not in a conscious way.

The ultimate controllers envy humans because we are highly functional and conscious beings. We're divine by nature. The lower-level creatures that are trying to undermine global civilization are the antithesis to nature. They hate nature and anything natural and thrive off of low-level energies like fear and hate which is why they try to create the world that we see portrayed on television which is a false reality.

There are many references to so-called "energy vampires" and even normies will talk about and recognize these types of people. The energy just seems to sink whenever they are around, they drag everyone's mood and vibration down and they continually emit negativity and seek to force others to live in their world.

The love control. They seek control constantly, and no matter how much power and control they get its never, ever enough, which is why we cannot give one inch of freedoms up in a perfect world to such tyranny as we see today. They will never be "given back" to us and should never be "given away" in the first place. So in an odd way it is us to blame for all the problems because collectively we give up our natural rights and freedoms to other people out of fear of sticking out in public.

Inversion of everything that we know internally and intuitively to be true is a hallmark of the controlling elite. Take a look at what sort of ideas these creatures attempt to regurgitate into the public "for their own health", as if we ever asked these travesties of biology for help in the first place:

  • Social distancing, because being around other humans and touching them will make you sick
  • Wearing a mask because the mere presence of your face insults them and will make other people sick
  • Constantly washing and lathering hands like a true cultist germaphobe

But more importantly, and the main point of this ranting article, is that they prefer a robotic and emotionless / heartless existence which is where they already reside (hence their psychopathic and absurd behaviors) and want to create the world in that image.

So on top of the preposterous unhealthy cult behaviors being promoted, behind the Covid plandemic smokescreen is the great agenda which is meant to slowly indoctrinate people into moving further into lower states of consciousness. One of the main ideas here is Big Tech and innovations like the Metaverse via Facebook, effectively the beginnings of the V.R. artificial reality that more and more people are falling into every passing day.

It started with the smart phones that people now cannot operate without and will even develop mental disorders if they are separated. That was just the beginning. T.V. was the predecessor and is still in major use today. These screens cause the brain to fall into alpha waves that resemble a "zombie" state where the mind can be influenced and subtly controlled. This is where most people reside currently, at least 90% of the time. This is where the propaganda works its magic and the brainwashing occurs.

As video games become more realistic more and more people are creating avatars and becoming addicted to consoles and computer games. While they can be fun and even beneficial in small doses, these screen habits and constantly escaping reality through technology eventually suck people into a totally docile and subconscious reality. Here, even if they don't outright admit it, people are in a constant state of fear (news, war, Covid, food shortages, "climate change",ect) and so the energetic low frequency beings that we call world leaders feed off of them like a fine cuisine.

You will notice that these groups and entities despise freedom and love, though they pay lip service to the world to maintain their cover.

If you protest the tyrannical lockdowns then you're a bad person. If you don't wear a mask you're a bad person. If you, god forbid, travel to see your family for Christmas without taking the cult-standard injectable graphene oxide nanotech, you're a bad person. If you speak ill of the government you're "radicalized".

If you promote natural cures to ailments that are easily treatable you are a quack. If you don't condone pharmaceutical and other mechanical interventions in place of natural remedies that are in harmony with the earth and the human body's electromagnetic frequencies then you are a bad person.

So everything is therefore inverted and the sooner people realize this the sooner they can shift their reality 180 degrees and start to realize what the controllers fear most: that we are very intelligent and powerful beings that are vastly superior to the controlling elite and have all of the aspects of humanity that they lack. It is their ultimate goal to persuade humanity otherwise.

Why meet in person when you can have a zoom meeting from the comfort of your own living-pod? Why eat natural foods and take herbal remedies that cure everything in the book when you can take a drug everyday that controls your mood and tricks your body into thinking its happy? Why not just eat ground up insects because it is more "economical"?

Why go out for a bike ride in nature when you can sit on your Pelaton bike in your living-pod, while you eat bugs and put on V.R. headsets to live in your pretend world? Don't you know that being around other people is dangerous and that the earth is constantly developing ways to kill you?

Its all about sucking people into the thought matrix of control. A human that doesn't know what they are capable of and isn't capable of critical thought is a perfect human for the controlling elite. They will not teach you how to be one with nature because they don't want that and they hate nature because they are anti-life and anti-nature at their fundamental core. They won't teach you how to breathe properly and how to meditate and elevate your consciousness because that takes you away from their world.

People are waking up like crazy right now, whether the television says it or not. But we're not connected physically except in limited places. They want us to feel isolated...this is a soul war on the deepest level. This is a huge test to see if we have what it takes and we all do have what it takes, we just have to seize it and understand this. If the whole world woke up instantly (excluding the parasitic government entities which are incapable of waking up) all of these problems would be gone instantly and we would move into absolute eutopia.

Even though that is a theoretical pipedream it is worth fighting for in my book, and even if I ended up being wrong about everything then I would still have lived a life where I wasn't constantly scared of nature and everything that is holy in this world. There is simply no legitimate reason to acquiesce to the world that these controllers are trying to steer us into.


im only commenting because.. well how darn frustrating must it be to write so much truth.. and no one comments!

this is actually one reason why today i decided to stop trying to force feed it to people.. i feel so much better letting go and just doing the inner work instead..

anyways, thanks for sharing.. and hopefully you dont feel too frustrated that most people dont really cares or know whats really going on in the world..

fortunately . i believe in the divine being the ultimate power.. so finally, one day.., i believe we will pull through this and finally, one day, reach the golden age!

much love x

Thanks Alex. No matter what I still enjoy just getting ideas out on paper...this wasn't really a "reasearch" oriented post so its not quite appropriate for this thread per se, but its crucial information! Even if it just helps one person its worth it in the long run!

i believe in the divine being the ultimate power.. so finally, one day.., i believe we will pull through this and finally, one day, reach the golden age!

This is really motivating..