Class War, Road War

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I've been writing about the class war since I started blogging daily three years ago, but of course there are still a lot of people who don't see this eternal struggle as a real war. But it is; this war is as real as it gets and has defined much of our history.


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I think we all know the adage "history is written by the victors". It's usually attributed to Winston Churchill, one of history's greatest victors, but actually its origins are unknown. We do know, however, that variations of this saying are many, that they've been used long before Churchill was even born, and that it was actually very popular among history's losers, not the winners. For more on that, read this article: The History of “History Is Written by the Victors”. In all this history, the saying is used to describe the way wars between nations or within nations are described in history, not the class war that is half the subject of this post. However, I believe that the adage is perfect to describe the class war; one of the more detailed iterations of it is from 1891 by Missouri Sen. George Graham Vest who said: "history is written by the victors and framed according to the prejudices and bias existing on their side."

Now, if we apply this to the class war, in which the poor and working class are constantly misinformed through the propaganda from those who fare well in the status quo of the stratified society, I think there's no question that throughout all of history events are written by the victorious class. And, as a bonus for the upper classes, this skewed history serves as propaganda to prepare the gullible masses for the next phase in this extremely one-sided war. Taking all of human history into account, this is not a fight, it's a massacre. Sure, titles might change from emperors to kings to CEOs, individual faces might change, but on the whole we seem caught in a destructive and violent vicious cycle dictated from the top, one we've only occasionally and briefly been able to break out of...

This war between the social classes has never been as heated in modern history as currently in the United States of America. As the headquarters of the current neoliberal world empire, the recent events in America seem to indicate the end of the neoliberal world order; the question is if we'll again see only a brief interruption of that eternal world order with a few at the top with the rest existing only to benefit them. Some say that cryptocurrencies might extend the period of more equality, due to their trustless, immutable and decentralized nature; I'm not that optimistic though, because those characteristics in themselves change nothing about the nature of capitalism and the accompanying capitalist mindset defined by greed and selfishness. That's just my opinion though, what's irrefutable is that the age old class war has reached new heights in America, and the below linked video explains how it's being waged by Trump and his administration.

One last paragraph about the "road war" I mentioned in yesterday's post and in which I explained how happy I was for Nico Hülkenberg to get another chance to finally secure a podium place, or at the very least a strong result in today's Formula 1 Grand Prix race Britain's Silverstone circuit. Well, it seems that Nico Hülkenberg was again denied even the slightest bit of luck. The saying "if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have none at all" seems to have been invented for him specifically; he's always been a talented and good driver, and an extremely gentle and nice person to boot, but he just can't seem to get a break... Today he didn't even get to start the race because of technical problems with the Racing Point Force India F1 car. Once again a bad result, a DNS (Did Not Start) behind his name, and once again not his fault but just bad luck. Well, with any luck (finally) he'll have another chance next week; my fingers are still crossed...

Trump Wages Brutal Class War Like Never Seen Before (w/ Richard Wolff)

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It fact about life,Class war is common but we human don't count it as big and brutal,to me class war is most brutal war,cause that's where every single war is generated,or called it foundation to war

Thanks for stopping by and responding @adedayoolumide :-) I really appreciate that!