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How did it all go so terribly wrong? How did we, the people, lose control over our own governments? When did we lose interest in politics and policies, the very activities associated with the governance of the countries we live in? I can't, and I won't answer all these questions; I'll just describe what I observe happening, and try to give some actual advice, something I normally don't do...


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If we were to distill out any negativity, anxiousness and pessimism, we could say that we're living through a very interesting juncture in time. Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin experiment right after it once again became clear that we, the people, are being ripped of by the financial and political elite by way of their banks and other financial institutions. Still the majority of us haven't yet embraced the idea of cutting out the fraudulent "middle man", and to return to transacting on a peer-to-peer basis. As things stand now, we're headed on a course that'll end in a full frontal collision with the moneyless society the rich and powerful so eagerly prepare for us. Why isn't Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies) mega-popular right now? Sure, some of it has to do with most people not being technically savvy enough or lacking the will or courage to get over that initial horde that comes with taking full responsibility of one's own finances; delegating that trust to a bank sure is convenient...

But, and I've written about this a while ago, we now may have come to a point where even those people will have to be converted, as we're now possibly facing an economical downturn not before seen in our lifetimes. Everything is coming together now, like in a perfect storm; we have the pandemic causing countless people to lose their livelihoods, we've recently had the news that more than 60% of the small businesses in America that closed because of the pandemic are now permanent closures, almost all of the affected people lost their healthcare, financial aide from the government isn't forthcoming and all the aide that did come was for banks and multinational corporations, not regular citizens, and I could go on and on... Then there's the fact that Americans face an election from which they'll come out losing, no matter who they choose; both candidates will ensure that the redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich, the foreign wars, the class-justice, the status quo in short, will continue unobstructed. How did we get here?

Like I said, I don't know for sure, but I'll share with you an observation I'm sure most of you experienced, one that may explain something. Have you ever been in a bar, a club, a party, where there's a TV showing some sporting event like football, soccer, baseball, basketball or whatever is the most popular sport in your country, province, state, city or neighborhood? When something happens during the match everybody's casually watching, someone score a goal, or a referee makes a call, or some player's injured by another player, suddenly the room is full of experts, and it's amazing how many thoughtful analyses are brought to the table; many seem to know the rule-book by heart, are knowledgeable of the sport's history, can give examples of previous comparable cases and thereby give a well reasoned defense of their perspective on what happened, why the judge is right or wrong, how the player could have acted differently of why his or her action was brilliant and exactly the right thing to do. These people aren't dumb. On the contrary, they display remarkable analytical and reasoning abilities. But when you ask these same people something about politics or politicians, they'll throw their hands in the air and say something like they're not interested, or that they already know all they'll ever want to know about that boring subject...

Maybe, just maybe this is why America now has a president who has the mindset of an emotionally unstable 9 year old. Someone who makes fun of the height (or lack thereof) of a senator, or during the Republican primaries makes fun of the looks of the wife one of his political adversaries (Ted Cruz), and when given the opportunity to apologize for that childish behavior simply says: "but he started it!" That's the kind of behavior one expects on the playground between 9 year olds, not from the POTUS. And this man now presides over all the misery coming down upon us, and is the cause of much of that misery. With this man at the helm, or even with mr. criminal justice reform, Joe Biden at the helm, the upcoming and worsening crises will not be in good hands, which is why we, the people, must take our fate in our own hands as best we can, and much of that begins with taking control over our own money; I wish it were different, but that's exactly where we stand now. So if you care about your fellow men and women, starting with your family, friends and colleagues, take them by the hand if you must, and inform them, educate them about crypto-currencies and their vital importance right now. And when you're done with that, take them by the hand again and educate them about the importance of politics, because besides owning our own money, we MUST own our own governments, or we might as well go back to living under the King instead of in a democracy...

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We have a world-wide religion and we have a king.


LINK TO VIDEO - Skip to 4623 seconds,

Thanks for linking this video: I recommend everyone watch this! I personally already know all of Adam Curtis' documentaries; my personal favorite is "The Century of the Self":

The point of lies and propaganda is not to convince you of the truth of those lies, it is to attack your critical sensibilities, it's an attack on truth itself, to get you to the point where you no longer know what's true or necessarily care about truth. (paraphrasing Garry Kasparov)

Nice. I'll check it out.

To examine yourself is to examine the greater society you find yourself enmeshed in, and we can't have any of that.

There was no "American Consumer", there was only the "American Worker".

Knowledge and information won't change the dynamic. Strong rich walking all over whom ever they can.
As long as this is the capital state of mind I don't see crypto changes this. Only maby lets in more people to the game.

We have a world-wide religion and we have a king.


LINK TO VIDEO - Skip to 4623 seconds,

Democracy? Yeah, what the fuck is a republic anyway, we want Mob Rule by whatever majority decided to vote, Brilliant.