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The apple tree wasn't yours to begin with. "Private ownership" is where it all goes awry, it's a legal construction, nothing more, a figment of our collective imagination, a figment that keeps intact the cronyism you're so fiercely criticizing.


Then you should let people eat you. When I come to your house, you CANNOT tell me to stop hurting you or eating you. I can take your computer because it is not yours. So, when I find your house, I will take your stuff because it is not your stuff. It is not theft if we cannot or should not own stuff. You WILL tell me how stupid this is. You WILL tell me that all of this that I am writing is retarded and you are right because private property is founded in natural law which is universal since the dawn of time. Either you can renounce ownership rights and let me take your things or you can align with having things. You are insane. Totally insane. You will likely say that my argument is stupid. That will in turn prove my point. That is my point. My argument is stupid because not having private property is stupid. But you believe in communism and people in Vietnam agree with you. So, please move to Vietnam and live with your fellow comrades. They will love you and have sex with you and take your not things. Because you have nothing. So, it doesn't matter when people take your nothing. Because you cannot have things. You cannot have anything. So, you have no right to eat the apple. Because it is not yours. If an apple belongs to everybody, then it belongs to nobody.

If an apple belongs to everybody, then it belongs to nobody.

I meet very few people who are unable to at least understand things on a conceptual level; you're one of those few. Try to turn it around and think like this: if nobody owns an apple, the apple belongs to everybody. If no one rules the land, everybody rules the land. Dare imagine that everybody isn't equally poor, but equally rich. Again you simply devolve into ad hominem arguments, the last resort of people who can not form a sound argument on their own. It's the racist who tells people to go back to their own country, which is what you do here by saying that if I don't like capitalism, I should just move to a communist country. This betrays the fact that you do not even understand what communism is; it doesn't exist in real life, even Stalin said that what they had was state capitalism. You read that right: Russia has never been communist, and neither is Cuba, Korea or China, they're all different flavors of good old capitalism.

I wish you luck with your love of power; it's something you'll never have because capitalism won't let you. Another piece of advice: don't threaten people online, that IS retarded, especially when you lack the power to make good on your word.

I am coming to your house as it is not your house. It is my house too. I am going to use your shower. You cannot debate me. You believe in sharing. That cannot work and has not worked. Stefan Molyneux would love to debate you. He would tell you that you are full of crap. Full of oatmeal crap. You threaten me and then lie and deflect and reflect to say that I am doing it to you like NPC SJW bots do. That is what they do. They get so angry at everything. But you cannot even own yourself. So, you must be a Buddhist. Nothing matters, basically. So, you should not write as you do not own what you are writing. Either you own it or you don't own it. If you were honest, you would admit to perhaps owning some things. And there are some things you would say people do not own or cannot own or should not own or whatever. So, if you were honest, you would make a distinction and draw a line between what you would say you owned and did not own. In other words, you may say that you own your thoughts. It is possible that you could say that you do not own your own thoughts. Perhaps, I could get my brain phone or Elon Musk or Bill Gates chip to go into your brain to copyright your thoughts and to share them with the world as you should not own your thoughts perhaps. But if you were to say that you do own your thoughts, then your next job would be to try to explain why you would not own other things. By the way, I am very retarded. And you seem to have problems with certain words. I do not care so much about certain words, either way. It is not like you own your own emotions. So, if I made your feelings hurt, who cares as we all own the emotions you might say. You might be a cult leader. You are trying to rewrite history. You are either blind or you are doing this on purpose. So, if you are not retarded like OATMEAL JOEY ARNOLD IS RETARDED, then you might be very very evil like Rothschild as you are purposely trying to misguide people like CNN. I am not sure which you might be, perhaps a combination of both. China and Russia were infected with communism. Also, communism has been infecting the United States as well. Also, fascism was infecting America in the 1930's like I said. Also, communism and fascism and other things can be very similar in some ways according to The Killing of Uncle Sam. Long story short, what matters is the people behind the curtain pulling the strings to cronyism, fascism, communism, technocracy, plutocracy, etc, as they are of authoritarianism, globalism, transnationalism, tyranny, etc.