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I write today's post under rather uncomfortable circumstances. Last night, right before I wanted to sit down to write yesterday's post, I had a small accident; I somehow tripped, fell over and hit my head on the ground. I must have hit my head quite hard, as the next thing I became aware of, was my son waking me up, asking if I was alright...


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My son said that he rushed up to check if I was alright because he heard a loud "thump"; that, and the fact that I was bleeding from a cut above my left eye, as well as from a cut under my nose, is why I'm sure the impact was rather severe. When I was awakened, my son said that I must have fallen over, but I answered "no, I just wanted to lay down for a minute"; at that moment I was truly oblivious as to what had happened in the preceding minutes or seconds, and I guess my answer was motivated by an innate urge to not want to worry my son. But then I felt the bleeding and a terrible headache, and I knew he was right. He said that it took him a handful of seconds to reach me after he heard the thump, maybe slightly more, and because I didn't hear him come up and didn't remember actually laying down, I'm now sure that not only did I fall down, I also lost consciousness for a few seconds. After reassuring my son that I regained my senses, he went back to bed, I took a quick cold shower and subsequently started yesterday's post; it ended up being short and, reading it back today, incoherent in places. Now you know why...

Today the headache is gone completely, and I have no other bruises besides the two small cuts on my face, but my neck still hurts like hell, especially when I turn my head sideways; nodding is fine, but shaking my sideways is torture. So today's post, and maybe some more in the near future, will be short as well. And because I just experienced this shock to my personal system, I thought it would be fitting to try to shock you today as well, dear readers, and for that shock to be related to fundamentally upsetting the system that rules all our lifes. The below linked video will be shocking to many of you, maybe even most of you. The video's creator is aware of this; I assume that's why the comments are turned off on this one. It will be all too easy to, after watching it, contribute the radical content to an angry black man who tries to incite violence in order to further a personal goal that's grounded in an urge to take revenge on all white people who have suppressed him and his kin for the past four to five centuries. Black Red Guard will be reading some of the work of another black man who's seen as a radical, Malcolm X, and explain how the populous uprisings of the past have always been co-opted and neutralized in order to extinguish the flame of an angry and violent uprising that would lead to a real revolution. I would add to his examples -that are mainly concentrated around the many cases of blacks trying to rise up to the white patriarchy- the example of FDR's New Deal; FDR conceded to the strong socialist and communist organizations of that time, precisely because the choice was between reform and revolution, and FDR opted for reform of course. That's why it's legit to claim that FDR saved capitalism in America, which in turn opened up the opportunity to deconstruct all the reforms after FDR died and the end result we have now; back where we started, nothing has changed.

So, when you watch this video, keep in mind that throughout our shared human history, real and fundamental change has almost always come about under violence, or at least the threat of violence. Ask yourself this: would there now be a discussion within American politics about defunding the police if the protests all went smoothly and peacefully? Would the big multinational corporations openly support Black Lives Matter, even if it's just for their own nefarious reasons, if the uprising wasn't as violent on both sides? Would the upper class and their puppet-politicians feel the need to even virtue signal their support without the people showing their willingness to cross over certain socially accepted boundaries? Watch it with those questions in mind, and maybe the shock won't be as bad ;-)

Malcolm X on How The State, Revisionists and Liberals Destroy People's Rebellion

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Your description of events and symptoms may indicate that you experienced a concussion.

I've had a few or more of them in my lifetime...symptoms vary according to severity of course and effects may linger over time.

A visit to a Medical Facility may be wise, in order to be checked for a possible brain bleed which could be life threatening.

I wish you well...


Indeed, I wanted to write the same, you should ASAP visit a hospital to have it ruled out. General advice is that after every loss of consciousness a doctor needs to be visited, just to be on the safe side!

Thank you, @stayoutoftherz for your concern :-) My doctor doesn't seem to be in such a rush though; I have a hospital appointment for Thursday.

Thanks so much for the well wishes @hive-168088 :-) I did see my doctor earlier today; he did a quick check-up, he asked me a couple of questions and it seems that I'm alright. He did however make an appointment for me to also visit the hospital the day after tomorrow, just to make sure.

What a great hook for your previous post. I'm going to have to go check that out now.

Lol! It's not really a hook though, and I'd rather you don't... ;-) Ah well, the video is still okay I guess, but the post didn't come out as I intended...

"...didn't come out as I intended..."

Does anything ever really turn out as we intend though?

I'd contend that the world is unknowably wild, invincibly mysterious, and that the future will always defy anything we could imagine.

I wish you a speedy recovery and a lack of lasting damage.

god bless ya!

Thanks so much @trayan! You stay blessed as well :-)

thank you!