Squid Game is Netflix's most watched series ever. Its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, based the series on his own economic struggles early in life, as well as the economic disparity in South Korea and in Capitalism.

Dear @zyx066. I admire your European philosophical critique of Squid Game.
However, the miserable reality of the world I live in is too far from your philosophical idealism.
From point of my view, Squid Game is nothing more than a chicken game where one person kills everyone else and takes possession of the fortune.

That's why I call Squid Game a game of crazy people. 😆
Squid Game is a work that expresses the people who are crazy about Mammon. This world is like that.

seconded ;) yeah I mostly just lurk but when stuff jumps, I watch but I have no use to drain what I have in Axey's little piggy bank O.o Maybe I start my own game called "Stab in the Back" to watch how big of an A-hole A LOT are on here who think that doing nothing and "lulzing" makes them relevant at all, in fact this post touched me and am reblogging it


My rule, after seeing even family do it is...
"Any human will throw you under the bus, if the profit is worth more than the damage"..
I try to always keep this in mind...🤔😲🙁
You have an Amazing Friday!