Uber For Evictions

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If there ever was a clear sign of how hellishly evil the capitalist system is, this is it. It's all about capitalism's ability, nay, necessity to commodify everything; everything needs to be able to generate income and profits. This is how people go bankrupt because they got sick, because illness needs to turn over a profit.


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There's this new gig economy start-up called "Civvl". Before I go into what this new company's for, let me shortly mention that it took a while before the "gig economy" was called the gig economy. Like everything else in the big lie that is capitalism, it was previously called something much nicer sounding; it's been called the "sharing economy" and the "collaborative economy". These are terms that invoke a picture of the exact opposite of what it really is, namely an economy in which each job is akin to an individual "gig", a slang word, typically used by musicians and other artists and performers, for a job that lasts a specified period of time, and comes with no benefits at all; no health care of any other worker protections if you're a gig worker...

Now, here's what the new gig startup "Civvl" (again, note how this name invokes the exact opposite of the reality) is all about, as stated in one of their own advertisements: "During a time of great economic and general hardship, Civvl aims to be, essentially, Uber, but for evicting people. Seizing on a pandemic-driven nosedive in employment and huge uptick in number-of-people-who-can't-pay-their-rent, Civvl aims to make it easy for landlords to hire process servers and eviction agents as gig workers." There's Civvl's uncivilized mission-statement; hire economically struggling people to kick out of their homes other economically struggling people. It literally says on their website: "Too many people stopped paying rent and mortgages thinking they would not be evicted." Stupid people, thinking they won't be evicted; we'll get them!!

It's just because we're in this extraordinary situation with the pandemic and its consequent economical crisis (only for regular citizens of course) why this is so obvious and on the nose, but this is how capitalism always operates; it's always been a regular job to make more miserable the lives of people who have other regular jobs. This is how capitalism always pits us against each other and always keeps us punching down instead of raising our fists at our real enemies. Civvl isn't the first and certainly won't be the last way in which our extraordinary economic hardship will be exploited by those who have money and power. You can bet your ass that the economical powerhouses of the world have already stocked up the money needed to buy up all those empty homes, for pennies on the dollar, during and after this eviction-wave; that's what they did in 2008 and it's what they'll do this time around.

One thing isn't mentioned in the below linked video on this satanically evil topic. It shows a poor man from Mexican roots who is crying while his job forces him to evict an elderly lady. He's crying because he feels sorry for that lady, but also because, as he says himself, today it's her, but tomorrow it could be him or one of his loved ones. This will change due to Civvl; eventually they will hire people who LIKE kicking people out of their homes. And they will be right-wingers who'll have an attitude of "I'll show these leeching bastards what happens if you don't pull yourself up by your bootstraps", they'll genuinely enjoy doing the capitalists' dirty work and stay oblivious of the fact that these capitalists are making fun of him as well as of the poor people he'll be kicking out of their homes.

Krystal Ball: New 'Uber For Evictions' Startup Previews Our HELLISH Future

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Jesus fucking Christ. I would say I didn't think things would get worse but honestly; I've never believed that; and rather I've been squeezing the hell out of my dog prepping for the end of it all.

This shit's fucked. I hadn't heard of this company before. Damn.

It's gonna get worse, no doubt... Still, don't kill the dog! Also don't just prepare for the end, but for the possible rebirth as well :-) All I hope is that this fucked up situation is fucked up enough to wake enough people up...

Hang in there!

And thanks so much for reading and responding!

Capitalism is a wonderful thing!!


It's not a "FREE-MARKET" if you can hire people for peanuts (to perform horrifying acts) because they're afraid for their very lives.