The AI very useful and i sometimes feel like useful is an understatement because it can be used for so many things in our everyday lives.
The only thing that will be bad about it is if we depend too much on it

I think it is like a tool and although I am sure there are many in the film business worrying about the future today, if they are creative enough they will still find their niche to continue their career,

AI is pretty cool, with many cool things that can be done with it, but yep now "pics or it didn't happen" will no longer be a thing and nobody will ever use it for propaganda or trying to brainwash convince everyone that complete and utter bullshit is somehow the truth because they made some glossy professional videos about it at all ever because they're much too ethical to that and have to have our best interests at heart surely because believing in aqnything else would mean we would actually have to be attentive and do something about it and ain't nobody got time for that.

And in that vein the cynical side of me feels that "Open AI" is just a naming stupidity to make people who are too lazy or don't know how to check that kind of thing feel that it's open source to try and jump on the belief that open source is good (which seems to be a trend lately as it's been quite a while since I've heard open source being associated with unreliable though I'm sure that's still around somewhere).

I haven't figured out where/if I want it in my workflow yet.

And I should probably watch the video at some stage but things are playing silly buggers (I blame Youtube, apparently Google have been deliberately slowing it down for other browsers to pretend that their spyware is somehow better) so maybe later if I remember x_x

I don't believe anything I see anymore unless it is tangible/ touchable and I worry for our children that they may not have the tools to navigate this future of blurred reality. Fintan is only 8 but I am trying my best to make him understand these technologies and make him into the most cynical and critical little boy I can. ( While still having fun)

I have played around a bit with image generators and such but they still leave me cold. I like my art, warts and all. And as someone who likes to create, I don't let the computer take that away from me. No matter if it is better.

Open AI started as open open-source but when they saw how much money was to be made quickly closed it. I am still trying to change my workflow to open source and although it has a lot of rough edges I know that I am safer in investing my time in learning programs that can't be taken away from me.

Blender has come a long way in the last few years mainly because of the 'You will own nothing and be happy' model the larger software makers are going towards.

Think my kids are pretty cynical thanks to me, though I do have one with worse oppositional defiance than me who basically just wants to go against literally everything we're saying and doing purely because we're saying and doing it, and the compulsion to do that is overwhelming even though he actually agrees with us/wants to do whatever it is we suggested/are encouraging.

The generators look like they would at least be great for photobashing iff you could get them to quickly generate a decent base for you (they're probably better now but last I saw the stuff the compositions they came up with were pretty bland).

I'm finding it hilarious that people used to bag out digital artists telling them they weren't real artists because the computer does it all for you, but now that the computer can actually do it all for you they quickly want to pretend that they're somehow real artists.

they're actually probably not the same people as there would be a decent age gap but it wouldn't surprise me if they were similar personality types

All my main workflows are completely or mostly freeware/open source now. I kind of have a blog post half-written about it but not sure if it's the kind of thing anyone would care about, and also not like there isn't a lot of information out there already if one really wanted to look.

With Fintan, I sometimes have to tell him to do the exact opposite to get him to do the thing I want. It's fun raising children as you feel you have more cunning than a diplomat trying to stop a war.

Like the camera or the calculator, these technologies will remove certain jobs but open so many gates to new ones. I don't fear it. Most of what is done so far with it is quite bland but with creativity, it could bring artists work to new heights.

Regarding your post about open source. I would love that as I think many would. I am often surprised that there are people would don't even know these programs exist and the more that do the more the development will increase.

Can't do that with youngest anymore XD Now what I have to do is get someone else to say the same thing or just put something out there like I'm literally just putting it out there as an idea and I don't care if he does it or not and if it's something he does actually want to do he grumbles and pretends like FINE he'll try it out.

It is a level of ridiculous XD

This is terrifying. Not just for jobs, but for the creativity of humankind