Great songs as always man and great art. I like the color scheme and how everything flows together.
For songs I really like the "power of love" and "one night stand."
Well done 👍

Thanks my friend ^^

I also like Power of Love, it's a simple song yet it's my favorite of the album. Funny enough, when I play it live it's the one people respond the less to, probably because it's really chilled and drags on for a while. I guess it's a matter of taste!

In a near future I would live to rerecord this album. One more thing on that "to do list" 🤣.

This is brilliant. never heard of AI artwork before.

Hey @blanchy! Yeah it's taking the art world by storm, it also raises some really interesting ethical and philosophical questions about the nature of art itself. Cheers!

The words and the art touches deeply, and I find the images to be filled with so many emotions.
Amazing stuff!
I listened to some of the tunes too... AWESOME 👏

Helooo! Good to see you here! I was being on the lookout for a new post after the coffee one!

Thanks for the comment, I truly appreciate :) you even just taking the time!


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That's a good thing! Thank you so much!

You're welcome @edprivat! Have a nice day 😊👍

What a beautiful words 🥰