Ordinary Heroes

It's 130am and I am not sleeping, maybe I should share some of the fun stuffs I've been doing tonight.

In the background is playing Everything I do, I do it for you by Brian Adams, Youtube is playing random songs and for now it's been just the good songs of the internet, so far so good. Now it's Bon Jovi, and time is flying...


What happens when heroes, become regular people?
After a well deserved slumber, resting to heal all the battle injuries, boredom starts creeping in their minds, the regularity of life suddenly remind them how it feel to be mortal.

Would Thor become a peeping tom, looking at his neighbours through his window?


Could Wolverine keep an office job for longer than a day?

Ed_Privat_The_wolverine_from_marvel_comics_working_in_an_office_3f603512-98eb-40a7-93db-eb4030b220a3 (1).png

Until he rips off his tie and start going crazy at the reception? "I quit", slicing in half the reception desk. Nice!

It's cannon...

So that was the sort of artistic, internal conversation I was having. Deconstructing our modern day heroes with mundane tasks, making them humans.



Walter White would have lasted 5 minutes as a Wine "Sommelier" in a chic restaurant...

Before shouting "Do you know who I am?"

Wonderwoman wouldn't mind serving you a hot mocca while listening to customers complaints. Right now she is listening to a conversation happening in a different room.

It's Hulk's conversation...

Could Hulk get a mortgage for his house?

"Sorry sir, motion denied"

(Hulk smashes)


There's something really funny, about turning the world upside down. It feels good to realize as Hulk has a calling, so do you. It becomes apparent when you put "these heroes" in ordinary situations, though if we could see ourselves a little bit more like them, maybe we would realize our true value?


Barry Allen would probably be employee of the month at your local fastfood. Some things never change...He's been promoted to manager last week.


Natasha would have a rough transition after Ultron's war, you would think that she put some money on the side from all her contracts.
But her gambling addiction...Got the best of her savings.


"At least it's not Staburck's" she thought.


Saitama might be a class C hero, he enjoys his job at the local video game store.


One kid even recognized him once.

"Are you Caped Baldy?"

"huh huh" (nodding)


"It's you on the wall, right?"

"huh huh"


I tried to make Tony Stark as a garbage man, but the AI did not like this one at all 🙂, it's probably because of Jarvis.

Tony be like: "No kid, I ain't touching this"

So instead, Tony became an ordinary man, roaming through the streets, looking like a shell of himself...

Piccolo found a job at one petrol station on route 66. It's in the middle of nowhere, but he doesn't care. He doesn't like people, and it's better this way.
The place is always empty.


SheHulk is doing her directorial debut, she is currently working on a Series that will be called "SHe Hulk, Attorney At Law". Grueling hours of editing, as you can see it's a non stop effort. Let's give her some space...


Bulma took Vegeta's betrayal personnally, and relocated in the US after Trunk's birth. She lives happily with cats, and a dragonball that she kept as a souvenir.



Captain Marvel is a traffic enforcement Agent. She found her true calling...

And...It's 3am now...

Thanks for reading, all the art has been generated with Midjourney.

Stay tuned for more ^^


Tony Stark as a garbage man is funny. He would surly hate that.

Yeah dude! I just did Antman as a construction worker the size of a crane, and it makes sense!


That totally makes sense. It's actually quite genius






I love the whole concept about this! Well done.

I am so fascinated by AI art. I see you use midjourney? Do you have the paid version to do it?

Yeah I am using the paid version of midjourney, you got a zar300 per month version and the one above is zar600.

I do use it for merchs, and constantly monetize it so it makes sense to use pro version for me.

You could always try it for free and see if you like it. You will find many other software online like nightcafe studio, wonderapp, stablediffusion and many more!

I also find it fascinating, and for me just a great way to express my abundant creativity.

Thanks, man! I will check it out. It looks really fascinating and scary at the same time. Our minds are capable of so much, with the power of AI it is just infinitely crazy. I do not know if you are into stuff like that or if you even have the time, but there is a YouTube video about how crazy these things can get. Nexpo, the YouTuber, covered a case. I'll link it below if you have time.