Mind Blowing AI Upscale Work from 5,7MP to 365 Mega Pixels in under 1 Hour!



Jobs done - Step by Step

  • Starting Vision of Chaos (@deadeagle63)
  • Run the "Bring old photos back to life" (@deadeagle63)
  • Run the Colorization (@deadeagle63)
  • Run the Image with GFPGAN (Generative Facial Prior Generative Adversarial Network) to bring back the face details. (@deadeagle63)
  • First Upscale with SwinIR x4 (@deadeagle63)


Python 3.9.0
Imports ...
Parsing arguments ...
Using device: cuda:0
Loading model ...
Upscaling x2 ...
Saving output ...

Finished in 29m48s

And thats the time, my computer comes in to play.

He gave me the Result Image from his SwinIR Upscale because his Computer stucked and ran out of Memory.

Now my Part:

  • Try to Upscale the whole Image with SwinIR x4 but i ran out of memory aswell.
  • Tried to Upscale one more time with ruDALL-E Real-ESRGAN x2 and works fine after 2 Minutes and 40 seconds.

The Result of the Upscale was Amazing at this tims - But we want more! Damn more Pixels!

We tried the last upscaled version to upscale it 2 more times. This took us round about a half hour and a lot of hoping the GPU will not crash and the computer stays cool and not burn.

After the half hour upscale work, all was fine and i put the results together in photoshop. Picture on top of this post. As u can see, AI currently doing a very very great Job in Upscaling and this by a commercial GPU.

Final Image - Scaled down to 10% of Original!!!

Sadly, Photoshop wont let me save the Big Image properly


Some Numbers!

  • From 5,7MP to 365 Mega Pixels in under 1 Hour!
  • The biggest Image contains 64 times the original image size.
  • Biggest Image File Size: 9,40 MegaByte

It was realy fun to test this things out. Sitting in the Voice Chat and having a nice evening, exploring AI things try new stuff. Big Shout out to my Friends @deadeagle63 + @datsir which both users are new to Hive - Say Hello! @rivalzzz helps us aswell. Lets See what those two guys come up the next days in theme of AI Art and Work.

U can find the Original Image on Unsplash here to check out the earlier quality of the image:

Sailor Image by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Whats your thoughts on this kind of mind blowing work in AI? Did u ever tried an upscaling in this sizes?

Lets discuss in the comments below.


It was super interesting and fun to do this. It's mental what AI can do nowadays; taking an old photograph and transforming it into something usable is just mind-blowing!

awesome what can be done nowadays with new technology, to get an better emotion/feeling of how somebody did look like it is mindblowing, but black/white pictures still remind us of something in the past, or better said, remind us, it has been long time ago, whatever, something great of what can be done today

Oh wow great, i could bring some old pics of y grandparents back to good quality.

Yeah definitely! As long as those photos were scanned/photographed at atleast 512x512 it does some amazing work :o

I haven't tried will I'm interested in this what you've done, well I'll learn from your post and google thank you very much for this blurb I wish you a nice day @louis88

wow, that would be something for my collection of old travel pics