"Longing for freedom"

Alright, since no one else has dared get this community going, here's my first submission.

Let's go with this image I found that may be quite easy to edit and leave a lot of room for imagination.


Possible source to the image:

Alright, so a quick rundown on the rules of the community:

Edit the image however you want, add a title if you like and post it in the comment section of this post.
When this post pays out, 90% of the post rewards will be sent to the comment section depending on how many votes you received but also objective curation from the author and others in the community once more mods & curators are added.

If you want to post an image for others to edit, remember to set 90% of beneficiaries to @manipulationstat and a % to a Hive user if the image belongs to them.


I have titled this: It is not cheese, but it is yellow! I added some images from the web, which I then edited.

gold mouse.jpg

I've never seen such a blinged out mouse lol! This is a good one.

lol he found the oldschool bitcoin!

And much more. Seeing the comment section, this mouse is very quickly turned into a meme. And many of his/her memes are funny.

the rat looks more like he is auditioning for stranger things 11 role


Attracted to food


Other source used chef
Humans believe our kind is attracted to food although not false,. I hope they can allow us just enjoy the aroma rather than chase us away.
Mr Rat

This reminds me of Ratatouille :D

yes!! the first though that came to mind as soon as i saw it

Haha yep me too!! 😁

He is back! and he got the cheese
Wait I'll catch you

As the bearish period kicks in, most traders have slept off while their PCs have gone on sleep mood.
Is it not contagious?
Be that as it may be, we will survive i.
To some, it's like a deja Vu.

@acidyo! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ddn688. (6/20)

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When you Invest in $BTC and it keeps dipping.


Dreaming of Green Day’s.


I imagined this as a Tom and Jerry episode. Haha.

With the markets being what they have been lately, I figured this would be fitting. I call it: "green days exist!"


I downloaded photoshop and logged in on @hiddenblade's account to create this, I even spent some time adding in the reflection on the screen a bit. :p

Other source used.

Hehe 😁my version of Green Day’s is different

Amazing! :D

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It's only a matter of time.
I see it coming.
Yeah! Have you invested some of your money in cryptos?!
Well, this is how I'll be getting the returns soon.


Money stops all nonsense.
Yeah, make some money 🤑 and all your enemies, including biological enemies would bow before you.


“I Ain’t Got 20 Bucks!”


🤣 🤣 🤣

LOL!!! I debated explaining the context but figured, those who would know…would know :)


(yes I know that's not what he says here, but couldn't resist...lol)

Opinions vary!

I love it when you call me Señor


Other source used

Here is one, @merit.ahama

This is very funny 🤣🤣


Thank you

Wow this is nice, rats and cheese though 😅
You're doing well friend 😊

Thank you, @merit.ahama


A simple touch



Sounds like fun. Get to the Choppa!

LMAO. Fun! xD


Lol I like the new angle of the rat. Didn’t even cross my mind


Indecisive, is it the flower pot or boots?

Lool it’s the boot for me

How can I get this food




Hmm doesn't seem like the full image is loading but I like the idea :D

The title is: Hitchhike to the moon!
Working title: Buy now and hodl!😉

just a few more I did:


Photo 'borrowed' from www.orbcfamily.org I'm sure god won't mind ;-)

Beauty And The Rat ❤️👌
Romantic Rat


NoNamesLeftToUse - He Can Smell a Rat.png

Title: He Can Smell a Rat



Utilize la aplicación canva para editar la imagen

Look unto God

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Cute photos

@graffitidude have fun creating something fantastic.

Sadly, I won't be participating this time, but all this surely looks interesting.
I'll have to gather some of those old school memes and edits of mine lol.

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Wow, hive is filled with talented folks. All of them are fantastic additions. I wish you all the best of luck in this competition.

Jag vet inte exakt vad du menar med community och vilken, @acidyo, men det finns redan en community för memes.🤔

hjärtliga hälsningar

med !LUV och !invest_vote

Det är inte riktigt memes, mera som r/photoshopbattles subreddit.

Åh trevligt, då skiljer det sig också från projektet med collage.

Jag ser fram emot det.😉

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But there's already a meme contest by fibra something too. I think you can do a collaboration.

I mentioned this in the other post, it's not really memes, more like r/photoshopbattles. Out of all the 15 music communities, sports communities, etc, I think this one is unique enough to stand on its own legs.

Ah I see. Ok then. 👍

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