Homeschooling in times of cholera - part 1

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For a parent, providing quality education is just like providing good quality food, clean drinking water and other conditions for a healthy development of their children.
while in many countries homeschooling is no longer permitted, in some, there are still ways to legally go about it.
in this 2 part article I will tell a little about our own experience homeschooling as a father and possibilities for doing so where we live.

my son is now 7 and this is our first year homeschooling. we live on a farm which is based on Permaculture principles which is an idle environment for promoting the natural curiosities, observation of nature and safe and laid back learning.
I do not force anything upon him. all that is being investigated comes from him asking about issues that get his attention in conversations, through work and processes he sees around him.
he finds Math everywhere and in everything and adores the numbers. also an endless thirst for books and the endless universes he finds contained in them.
we do Thematic investigations, going deeper when a subject really interest him.
and he gets a fair amount of time working at his working bench with tools from his tool box, a box that was a carpentry project we built together.
at least three times a week he is out and about socializing and he is a very social young man. one day is outdoor activities on a near by farm with many other local kids. twice a week, his martial arts practice, with yet other friends.
there is also family stuff he participates in. preparing the list for shopping and helping shopping, once in a while we sell on local markets which he helps prepare for and enjoy yet another social day out.
work on the farm never end as the seasons pass, picking and pruning the Olive trees, planting trees and veggies, weeding the garden etc.
he is always happy to lend a helping hand and his knowledge and experience.
he recognizes pretty easily by name most of the plants on the farm both native and the introduced and is a great forager.
at this point he is my little adviser for one I have an idea for a new project and I need his perspective on how to technically go about it.

homeschooling can also get challenging for many reasons. you can get a rainy week that leaves you indoors and limited for movement, or I sometimes need time to get other work done and find none, sometimes interest is gone very soon after starting a certain project and more.
I enjoy homeschooling very much and am grateful to be able to do this the way we do. the amazing thing is that I myself learn so much...!
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Your effort and dedication are remarkable. Your little boy sounds lovely, so curious and energetic. I think that in your circumstance, you are doing a very good job of educating your child, but I hear you, it’s hard. Keep up the good work.❤️💕🤗


Thank you !

 2 months ago  

He is such an intelligent boy and I love that he always ask questions wherever he is curious about a thing and for the fact that he lends helping hand, he is such a good boy who would learn faster as he grows.

Thank you !

If you open a Hive account for him and post a question each time he is asking something, at 18, he will have enough money to start his own business.

 2 months ago  

I love that and most students were under homeschooling until recently. But most students that were used to going to school regularly were feeling as if they were missing something seriously. Nice one!

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